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I want to thank everyone for the thumbs up. It's not so important to me as I appreciate the support you give to Kristen, gays, and tolerance. After reading so many attacking her and semi-attacking gays "coming out" so to speak, it's comforting to know that there is a silent majority present here. Personally, it really saddens me to read some of the negative comments here. But maybe your thumbs up will help gays know that they are not alone.

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart says coming out is worthwhile if she can help others See in context

I don't go around telling people I am heterosexual!

But you do. Every time you introduce your girlfriend, or wife, or talk about how pretty that girl is, you are announcing yourself as heterosexual. The thing is, and I think you are missing the point, is that she is not "going around announcing to the world that she is gay." She has been repeatedly asked and she is finally being honest and open about it.

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I see a lot of heterosexual people feeling uncomfortable here. Is there really anything wrong with being open with who you are? You may think that gayness is welcomed in this day and age. And in some parts of the world it is. But unfortunately, there are many places where it isn't, and gay people are bullied and abused. You all are too smart not to know this.

I don't see any need for her to keep her life private. It's really her choice. And I don't see anything "sexual" about being openly gay. She isn't implying about anything that "happens in the bedroom" as @sensei258 immediately brought into this conversation. So what's wrong with you all attacking her as a publicity stunt? Honestly, give credit to her. Take her at her word when she says, "I always wanted to keep what was mine in private, mine. And then I thought like you know, you open it up a little bit and you can help one or two people, it’s absolutely worth it!"

Sounds like a very selfless act to me. And I hope she reaches the hearts of those one or two people before some of your words do.

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart says coming out is worthwhile if she can help others See in context

Power to her. If her actions help someone feel more comfortable with who they are, it's a good thing!

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@Tokyo-Engr Good for you! I, however, do support Schultz. I'm sure that the majority of those they employ are, in fact, citizens of the countries they operate in. But it sure is nice that they seek to give a helping hand to refugees, who have likely lost everything they have. Helping those in need is a good thing!

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Honestly, I find the Trump supporters to be silly. The promise of jobs is to countries where it does business. It does not specifically say America.

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Some of you "show a little respect for the flag and country" need to get over yourselves. Whether standing or kneeling, players are still showing "respect." They aren't turning their backs. They aren't walking off the field. There is nothing wrong with showing respect while protesting at the same time.

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Posted in: Republicans unveil plan to repeal, replace Obamacare See in context keep saying flawed system and that you have done research...and yet you provide nothing specific. That is why you are getting down votes.

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Sad that Trump supporters can't call a lie a lie.

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I'd support it. Though this isn't about smoking, one of the reasons that finally helped me quit was the cost of smoking. I know the uproar would be tremendous, unlike it was for smoking. But if the goal is to make the population more healthy and lower health care costs, it is a viable option.

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I've always been surprised at how you can easily buy those air guns. Twenty-five years ago, my friends and I used to have battles at the school dormitory with those. They would leave big red whelps on your body for days. And after cracking one guy's eyeglasses, we stopped playing with them. We were young and dumb. And thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. Some things should be a bit more difficult to purchase.

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I will never support Trump in spirit. I cannot have faith in someone who rode on a platform of hate. And until now, I have seen little sensitivity from his supporters towards Americans of different races, religions and ethnic backgrounds, even on JT. So no. I will not support. And no. I will not get over it.

It's a shame the electoral failed in its duty. They and his supporters chose a unfit man who doesn't have the experience or respect for all Americans, is heavily influenced by a foreign country (Russia), has had and continues to have shady business dealings (and still hasn't release his tax reforms I might add), and behaves like a demagogue by suppressing media, bullying, and threatening people.

Yes. Democrats failed to provide a better choice. But you, Republicans stood by quietly while allowing such a man to become your leader. Well...he isn't mine. And he never will be till you and he show that you will respect and protect the rights of all.

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He needs rehab, real rehab, the kind Japan doesn't have .. because Japan doesn't devote the resources to helping these people.

As people continue to give you thumbs up, I need to ask on what personal or factual basis do you have to make such a statement? There aren't "rehabs" as you would envision in other countries. But there are treatment programs for addiction which exist in mental institutions. I know the thought of going to a mental institution sounds scary. It sure did for me many, many years ago. But the one I stayed in for a month had an entire floor dedicated to helping addicts from alcoholism to drugs and others. Both health insurance and unemployment insurance help cover the costs, too. So there are both resources and places being devoted to helping addiction.

@Educator60 is about the only one who has provided factual information. And thank you for that.

I agree with you @naturalclown123 that Aska needs help. But there is help available both at the treatment programs in mental institutions and even in groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. I was asked not to divert the discussion into alcohol. And I will respect that. But addictions are not separate in their recovery. Nearly every reputable "rehab" and "anonymous" group use the same steps to recovery. And just my personal experience / opinion, if Aska really wants to recover, he will do much better seeking help from those who meet weekly, apart from what the government can provide - Real addicts who have lived a lifetime in recovery themselves.

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Great thing for the world, the election of Donald Trump. All the student protesters just have to accept there was an election and the people chose Trump. So just accept it and go back to school, the fun is over.

Actually, the people didn't choose Trump. The electoral system did.

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Gonna miss Obama. He did a great job, despite the unwillingness of Republicans to work with him. Wish I could be more like him. But I don't think I am capable of supporting this new presidency.

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Dems shoulda gone with Bernie from the start. The majority of voters wanted him, but the super delegates gave it to her.

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Posted in: Obama disputes Trump on rigged election, tells him to 'stop whining' See in context

lol. Look at all the thumbs up and thumbs down. I think this article link has been copied to a Trump supporter's website. Cause it definitely doesn't reflect the usual opinion of JT posters. It's almost like how the online polls were manipulated in saying that Trump won the debates.

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Posted in: Roman coins ID'd in Okinawan ruins, but how they got there remains mystery See in context

Looks like a penny to me.

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I almost feel like Trump is trying to see how much he can say and do...and still have his supporters blindly follow him. It's almost comical, and yet not funny at all. I'm really starting to believe that when he said "I could shoot someone and my supporters would still support me" that he was telling the truth.

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lol. Funny add. Pence looks so smug. But what a liar!

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All you have to do is look to the rally today in Florida. Maybe 12,000 in the arena, another 12,000 outside and over 25,000 watching live streaming coverage. And their enthusiasm is electric.

As enthusiastic as them watching pro wrestling. It's entertainment, whether it's real or not.

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How did we get to the point that Hillary even got in this race to begin with, after 8 years of having been through the ringer with one of the worst presidents,

Personally, I think Obama and his wife have been the best we've seen. It's the first time I've wished that a president could serve longer than 8 years. I would love for Michelle to come back as president some day, though I'm not sure she's interested.

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The democrats about to feel the burn......................Trump for president.

The world is about to be burned if Trump becomes president. It's actually a bit scary.

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I had this Japanese student who wrote an essay about how foreigners should behave in Japan. She supposedly won an award for it. And I was really interested in reading it until she was telling me, a teacher, to be more energetic and clown-like at the Open Campus for my school. Of course I am always friendly and full of smiles for new prospective students. I'm actually that way with all of my students. But there's a borderline between being naturally excited and crazy excited. And unfortunately many Japanese have a stereotyped idea of this "crazy" foreigner image.

I really understand what Micaela says about people trying to “give me a personality that is not mine”. Good on you, Micaela.

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I bought my own free weights, bench, and pull up bar. They fit nicely in the tatami mat room that nobody uses. haha. I thought about joining a gym, but I have found it much easier to just work out when I get home. It's easy to take a shower immediately after, too.

For me, the hardest thing was balancing a work out time between family and regular work. So having my own weights was also a way to be near my family. Now my wife is working out with them, too. I also started biking to work three days a week about a year ago. I bike on Mon, Wed, Fri, and change into work clothes when I get there. Tues/Thurs is by car to bring extra work clothes for biking. And Tues/Thurs is for weights when I get home. Sat/Sun is weights on one of those days.

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Trump has no clear policies. Has presented no real solutions. And is quick to say one thing one day, and then the complete opposite the next day. And even when this is pointed out, his supporters still defend him. They defend him not by clarifying what he would do, but rather by attacking his opponent. There is a reason for this. It's because they cannot answer what he would do. It's because they have no real answers. But just watch one of them is going to respond to my attacking his opponent and not giving any answers.

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Has the doomsday clock been adjusted?

Don't know. But if Trump wins and people who make comments like this:

The RNC has one goal, re-weaponizing America. --And Thank God for that, it's long overdue!

Then we just might see another world war.

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True. And the Dems are going to repeat the exact same mistake next week. Sad day, sad week, sad next four years no matter who wins in November.

No argument here. What does it mean when 58% of the voters are unhappy with both candidates?

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What a sad day in America.

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There is absolutely no reason a civilian should have access to assault weapons. As for handguns, though I am against them, I am willing to accept that as a part of American culture. However, stricter laws, perhaps background checks and longer waiting periods, should be implemented. I understand that making guns more difficult to own and purchase will not curb gun violence completely. But it will help. And the majority of Americans would support steps like these.

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