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In Japan its ok to play footsie with the truth. 

Take the izakaya chains that claim 1000 or 1500 yen nomihodai AND THEN charge you a seating charge, otoshi charge, AND INSIST that you order at least 2 dishes per person for the nomihodai to work. So you actually end up paying DOUBLE or more for the nomihodai than its advertised

Faulty advertising should be a crime, BUT it is legal in Japan.

If you think that counts as a crime, business owners in America would be going to jail left and right.

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I don't think it's any more endemic than anywhere else, but they just pretend it's not, and often call it something else, and blame it on others.

A lot of people don't know that paid sex is legal in America if it's filmed, in which case it's protected as a form of art. In Singapore, even with the crackdowns on prostitution, you can still find hookers sitting on the sidewalks of Geylang.

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Sounds interesting. I used to walk home from school back when I lived in the Florida suburbs. It was just a few blocks, and I never had a problem. When I moved to Miami, I always had to look out for traffic, homeless people, and anyone else who was fishy.

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Posted in: Are you planning any trips to or from Japan over the next few months? If yes, do you understand what anti-coronavirus measures you may have to take beforehand? See in context

Not planning trips to any country which hasn't abolished the death penalty yet, thank you.

Guess you won't fly to America then.

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This is a typical example of stereotype. Covid showed the real image of japan and japanese system, rights, x3nophobia and all. I think there lot more thing that needs to get exposed.

Complaining about stereotypes and stereotyping in the same comment. Sad.

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Wow! The second such incident today.

We’d be lucky to have only two back in Florida.

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Amazing how people just can get their heads around the fact that Japan and many other countries have positive thoughts and feelings about America. Amazing.

I don’t have a lot of positive feelings about America. And I’m from Florida.

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Very positive article. I’m surprised this was the top story for a while before the missile one.

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Is anyone else disturbed by how much violent crime goes on here? Every other day there is a story about some horrific event, some of which would even make America revile in disgust. Japan may be spared by the lack of guns and related violence caused by them, but there is no shortage of mental illness, anger, and violence brewing under the surface.

You think a few articles a day in the crime section for the whole country is a lot? We get more than that in just Florida.

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I used to see lots of signs like this back home in Florida.

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