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Hey, careful now. Saying 'go back to Kindergarten' is an insult to my Kindergarteners, who would never do anything this baby-ish.

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No one is denying that there are areas of Fukushima that are very polluted with nuclear activity. The areas closest to the reactor have visible measured radioactivity at below acceptable and healthy levels, and those parts are uninhabitable. However, and this is the part we like to stress, and part of the reason that this film needs to be made: That is a very small area of Fukushima. It's basically a sliver of land mass in the grand scheme of things. And pardon, but I fail to see how media is 'downplaying' the issue when I read sensationalist nonsense on a daily basis. If anything, there's a lack of transparency in what the government and TEPCO are doing, and the media is crying wolf in incredibly harmful ways in address to that.

I was in Tokyo a few weeks ago having drinks with some friends. One of my friends, a well-educated bilingual lawyer, was talking about riding his bike north, to the tip of the Tohoku region. He said he wasn't going to do it, because "he didn't want to risk cancer from Fukushima." He didn't want to ride through an area like Aizu, or Inawashiro, or anywhere else in the region that has less radioactivity than the city he comes from (Tokyo) because of what the media has done in its reporting. It's irresponsible journalism, and it's hardly being swept under. I google Fukushima every day. I read the reports every day. I see what scientists report, and I see what the media does with those figures. I see it every day, and every day it breaks my heart, because it's hopelessly irresponsible journalism. Every day.

I am an environmentalist, anti-nuclear activist and one of the harshest skeptics you'll ever meet, so please believe me when I say the following: I have known Cameron for most of my life. He is honest, talented, and wanting to give a thorough idea of what the prefecture is like. Exclusion and dangerous evacuated zones, and the other 99 percent of land that we call home. If you ask me, the wrong stories are getting swept under the rug.

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Posted in: One filmmaker’s mission to show the world the real Fukushima, and how you can help See in context

You know who's more concerned than anyone else about the nuclear status of Fukushima? People who live in Fukushima. You know who spend more time researching, interviewing, and making first-hand accounts of the reality of the situation in Fukushima? People who live in Fukushima. However, the second the people of Fukushima make any claim to how things actually are over here from both scientific and personal levels, the automatic reply is that we're hopeless and brainwashed TEPCO robots in denial.

Look, we all pull what we can from internet resources, and it's natural to jump on board with sensationalism (because it's satisfying to rally around a cause, especially when it uses words like 'apocalypse' and 'electric ocean mutant starfish monster cancer'), but to come down on a guy who wants to share his story? And our story? The story of people who ACTUALLY live here, breathe the air and drink the water, and measure them on a daily basis? To me, that says that you don't really want some real perspective.

Now that's denial. That's Orwellian.

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