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The only member of the G7 worried about a weak yen is the Americans who worry about their precious car market. Please have a thought for us struggling Japanese product importers that have struggled with a strong yen for 4 years plus!!!!! #hoorayforaweekyen

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Does any of this mean the YEN will be devalued? Here in the UK we have been suffering with over valued Yen for 3 yrs now.

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Just pack up and move to china!!!!!!!!!!! All hope is gone.

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About time too. Still more needs to be done if Japan wants to export more. pre 2008 when yen was 240 to the pound 1,000,000 yen was approx £4,000.00 so today or yesterday! 1,000,000 yen @ 124 £8,000.00 its not hard to see why us importers need this so badly. Come on Japan get jiggy with it and get exporting again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When o when o when will the BOJ start to devalue the YEN. The YEN needs to be devalued now. USA car manufacturers are doing well so dare I mention that they may be paying someone somewhere not to intervene!!!!!!!!!!! The YEN is way over value..............needs to change NOW to help all us importers of Japanese goods.

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