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Posted in: Tokyo police, rail authorities hope to scare Halloween pranksters See in context

Calm down...some comments here actually do not make sense. Those halloween people do need to know how they should behave themselves in public, that's all! I saw pictures on a site but actually it is terrible.

As long as some people act like that in public, they will be criticized (anywhere in this world, I believe).

People here shouldn't criticize each other finding faults which do not relate to the topic. That's meaningless.

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Posted in: Tokyo police, rail authorities hope to scare Halloween pranksters See in context

This is GREAT.

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Posted in: Pole dancing See in context

JT, what are you gonna expect us to say about the picture???

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Posted in: X Japan announces world tour schedule See in context

Good for French fans that they finally get a chance to see their performance. Hope Yoshiki gets better. The other day I saw the pictures of an event by French X fans and it was pretty impressive!

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Posted in: Poodle See in context

Zen Zen Kawaii Desu Ne!

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Posted in: American singer Jero to appear in TV ad See in context

The other day, I watched a show which he was on...I was impressed by his politeness very much! Maybe he is the greatest and most talented gaitare (gaikokujin talent) in Japan now. I hope he sings lots of good enka songs.

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Posted in: Platinum See in context

SushiSake3 Mori's grandmother is a famous fashion designer. She is one of those who are mixed-race models (her mother is Italian American). I think she is cute.

Kurara Chibana is always attractive.

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Posted in: Memorial concerts for X Japan guitarist hide to be held See in context

I wish I could go...:-(

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Posted in: OLs licking their lips at young fresh-faced new hires See in context

How come Japan Today uses Shukan Taishu as a source? For those who don't know about the magazine, its articles have the lowest can find better ones on Friday...or Playboy!

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Posted in: X JAPAN to perform at Madison Square Garden See in context

So happy to hear the news as a big fan of them. But who will be a new guitarist if they really take on? Some fans say they hope it's Taiji, a former bassist of X who is also able to play guitar better than hide (hide said that!), but I am not sure. The person might be Sugizo (from Luna Sea) or Miyavi, they said.

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