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Posted in: Aeon's non-Japanese employment marks highest ever See in context

I don't think it about cheap labor. This is part of their expansion.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens nuclear retaliation against Japan See in context

duh... They've been threatening everyone since last week. Although I wouldn't really want it to happen, these empty threats are annoying me. All bark and no bite. Even the people in South Korea aren't scared.

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Posted in: Argentine Jorge Bergoglio elected Pope Francis See in context

As a Roman Catholic, I am happy that the Church finally has a new Pope. I will pray that he will do his best to lead his flock of more than 1.2billion. God bless you, Pope Francis I.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

@JoeBigs- Yup, I know. I was just emphasizing some people's stereotypes about us. No need to bring up her past because it doesn't matter. Race, religion don't matter in this situation.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

She should have gone back to the Phils with her children for good. It is much cheaper to raise them there in addition to the comfort of being around your families/relatives. People do stupid things when they're depressed or hard up on cash. I feel sorry for her and the kids. I just want to know why she had to go back to the Phils and spend on airfare when she obviously didn't have that much money. Filipinas go home for a reason- a death in the family or someone being seriously ill.... There has to be a reason

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

This news is heartbreaking especially for me, a Filipina. I would never justify her leaving her children and going back to our country for a couple of weeks. However, some people's stereotypes about us are so uncalled for. This could happen to any woman- Japanese, American or other nationalities. Those 'buy me a drink' days for us Filipinas are over. A lot of us are working as engineers, teachers and other what you may consider 'decent jobs'. Stick to the topic, and don't dig up her past, especially if you know nothing about it. Her fault was leaving her kids unattended, causing a daughter to die. Some 'well-educated, professional' mothers have done the same in the past.

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Posted in: 5 challenges of working for a major English conversation school See in context

I've been working in an eikaiwa for almost 6 years now and I've never had any trouble. My coworkers are nice and helpful and we have free water/coffee/tea. The best thing about our school is the flexible schedule. You can choose the time or day to work, but you have to remember that most students have regular jobs so they can't take lessons during the daytime. If you wanna earn a lot, teach during peak hours (weeknights, weekends/holidays). I did that before and I was happy with what I earned. Now I only work from 10-14:30 or 16:00 because I have a husband and a child to look after. I still earn decently considering that I don't really work long hours. My job isn't stressful because the work is done when the lesson is finished. Perhaps those who will be in trouble are those who are late in the lessons, or get negative evaluations from students/clients.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Spell check, please

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Posted in: 3.11 - WHAT WERE YOU DOING THAT DAY? See in context

I was at home chatting with my friends and when the earthquake happened, I just cried and realized that I could die right there and then. I didn't want to die alone or nobody would know where I was so I posted a shoutout on my facebook account about the huge earthquake. They just said it was usual for Japan to have earthquakes so I shouldn't make a big deal out of it. UNTIL THEY SAW CNN and other news channels. Things that I learned: Live life to the fullest each day and when it's not yet your time to go, something will happen to save you from harm.

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Posted in: Kan resigns; says he did all he could, given difficulties he faced See in context

Given the situation, I really think PM Kan did all that he could. I just wished that he was given more time to resolve the problems hounding the country. He can't make miracles, same as all of the leaders. Changing PM often doesn't paint a good image of Japan, esp to the world; it just shows instability. Japanese leaders shouldn't give in to pressure, every President experiences that, even Pres Obama! Just stick it out 'til the end!

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