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Posted in: Japan plans to release refugee status seekers from detention See in context

Wrong way go back.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted rape of teenage girl suspect in similar crimes See in context

This guy needs to be bricked.

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Posted in: Japan calls off active search for missing cattle ship crew See in context


It was a single engine ship that had a history of engine failure and propulsion problems.

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Posted in: Search for missing livestock ship crew off Japan resumes See in context

Engine stopped and tried for an hour to start but a big hit wave hit broardside and capsized it. This boat had a history of engine failure and propulsion problems.

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Posted in: Japanese social activist’s anti-groping poster proposal met with overwhelming praise online See in context

A man in Greece did it to my wife and slapped him across his bald head and left a red handprint. He yelped and snuck off into the crowd.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state records another day of high coronavirus infections See in context


Must be a Brit no pints in in Australia.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 131 new coronavirus infections on Saturday See in context


Yes it's a flu and causes blood clots.

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Posted in: Australia considering safe haven offer to Hong Kong residents See in context

@ Do the hustle

About 5.6 percent of population identify as themselves as Chinese or of Chinese origin. Hardly a large percentage.

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

I get asked why I am so tall and people recoil in horror when I say I have a degenerative, terminal, genetic condition. Serves them right.

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Posted in: Australian state extends state of emergency as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Recent cases have been from returning citizens and permanent residents and some community infections of fools congregating in large groups.

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Posted in: Air New Zealand to resume flights from Auckland to Shanghai, Narita next week See in context

Can anyone buy travel insurance that doesn't exclude pandemics.

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 48 new coronavirus infections See in context

@Do the hustle I am writing from my beachfront mansion overlooking the Coral Sea on the coast in Queensland and the border is CLOSED.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO says he will supply 300 mil masks per month to Japan See in context

No marcelito Property developers and an ex general from the Chinese army. Not daigou shoppers. BS

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO says he will supply 300 mil masks per month to Japan See in context

European countries bought millions of masks from China which were found to be defective. In Australia CCP operatives secretly shipped back tons of medical equipment on private jets and left the local population with shortages.

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Posted in: No emergency See in context


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Posted in: Honda back to work in China's Wuhan with temperature checks and masks See in context

Yes a good question nakakandamanda will they be able to sell these cars given the predictions of a worse recession than the GFC.

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Posted in: Ninja Castle in Tokyo has heartwarming message for foreign tourists in midst of coronavirus See in context

Saw a group of Japanese this morning in a cafe on The Barrier Reef coast in Australia escaping the weather and the virus, said they we happy to be here.

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Posted in: Transportation, tourism sectors hit hard by virus outbreak See in context

I was about to arrive in Japan next week for a month but cancelled.

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Posted in: New Harajuku station building unveiled ahead of March opening See in context

It looks like every other concrete box in Japan.

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Posted in: More larcenous foreign visitors vexing their Japanese hosts See in context

Bolt everything down with lock nuts.

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Posted in: Job jitters mount as China's factories sputter ahead of Lunar New Year See in context

All that intellectual property theft doesn’t seem to be doing them any good.

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Posted in: Record 16.6 mil foreigners visited Japan in 1st half of 2019 See in context

Too many tourists in some places a bit like Venice, better in remote areas,

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Posted in: Kyoto mayor posts letter to Kim Kardashian on Facebook,explaining what kimono really is See in context

American trash culture.

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Posted in: Sweet lemon bars with 'biwa' (Japanese apricot) See in context

Not anything like an apricot, bland and pithy.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

Yes it’s cheap but haven’t been inconvenienced yet after 10 years flying. Lucky!

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl falls to her death from 9th-floor apartment See in context

What a loss

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Posted in: After 91 years, Ford's Australian car production line ends See in context

Not much left out there

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Posted in: Anti-migrant force builds in Europe, hurting Merkel's quest See in context


The fence may be part of the solution and allow border controls to filter out the genuine refugees from Syria to give them temporary asylum or preferably support them in the Middle East until the conflict ceases. It might just be the "final solution" (no historical reference implied) to the paralysis that has engulfed the EU. As for the Daily Mail, a rag, but it tackles politically incorrect issues and if it is only 10% right then it provides some diversity of opinion from the Guardian/BBC group think.

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