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Posted in: Trump is not isolationist, former U.S. envoy to Japan believes See in context

He isn't isolationist. His priority is his own country as it should be. He rightly called out some NATO members as freeloaders. Now they are scrambling to increase defense spending because of renewed aggressions by Russia.

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Posted in: Many Japanese outside major urban areas do not engage with foreigners: survey See in context

As a foreigner I find this to be true. However, whenever I engage Japanese people there it is always a positive experience. Even with my limited language skills. A smile and a greeting helps

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Posted in: China sees two 'bowls of poison' in Biden and Trump and ponders who is lesser of two evils See in context

Trump rightly called out China for the Wuhan Lab escape of Covid and unfair trade practices

Biden is bought and paid for

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Posted in: ANA Boeing 737-800 domestic flight turns back due to cockpit window crack See in context

Sensationalized article. Completely unrelated event to door issue on the 787. The window is over a cm thick and only a few layer appeared to crack. Not a design or negligence issue...parts wear out and fail at some point. Any given day there are hundreds of precautionary landings around the world

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Posted in: Australia bans Nazi salute and public display of terror group symbols See in context

The Australian government continues on the slippery slope of suppression of free speech. Precisely the reason the bill of rights exists in the US. Protection from an overreaching government

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Posted in: Transcripts of fatal aircraft collision reveal coast guard plane not cleared for take-off See in context

Outstanding job by the crew AND passengers. If such a terrible thing were to happen to me I would want to be with Japanese crew and passengers

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Osprey aircraft in Japan, despite Tokyo's request not to See in context

The far afield Ospreys are returning to their home nests first. Do you want them inspected on a mountain top?

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Posted in: Heavy rain pounds western Japan, halting some bullet train services See in context

Rainy season is almost finished. Then the oppressive heat and humidity.

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Posted in: Germany shifts focus to Indo-Pacific See in context

Sending 240 soldiers is symbolic at best. They have much more pressing concerns in their back yard

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