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Posted in: Suntory drinks commemorate 50th anniversary of Rolling Stones See in context

I was referring to the Stones 1971 album 'Sticky Fingers', which was the first to feature the 'Lips and Tongue' logo. The cover shows a guy in jeans with what seems to be a Mars bar in the pocket.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

I can't see any smoke in the picture, so perhaps they are all using those electronic cigarette devices? Are those illegal in no-smoking areas?

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Posted in: IAEA says safety at Japan's nuclear plants up to par See in context

that should have read, '...can no longer be classed...'

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Posted in: IAEA says safety at Japan's nuclear plants up to par See in context

Presumably, this result is based on an understanding that what now remains at Fukushima, can no be longer classed as nuclear power plants since they are not generating any power (that can be harnessed for profit) and are therefore irrelevant to the findings.

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Posted in: Suntory drinks commemorate 50th anniversary of Rolling Stones See in context

Interesting. I wonder if they'll be any commemorative Mars bars in the UK?

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

A few signs I recall:

"Wurzel Cosmetics" - a big sign a top a building in Harajuku. Don't know if it has the same meaning elsewhere but in the UK a wurzel or worzel is a country bumpkin/scarecrow type of character.

"Night with Tortoise" - apparently the name of a bar, though it appeared to have closed down.

A bar named "Loft" located in a basement in Hachioji.

And a little different but a real favorite: When I was English teaching one of the Japanese staff put a note in one of the files to let the teachers know the student was a little hard of hearing. The note read, "She is deft in one ear". Which was correct so long as you didn't inquire as to which one!

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Posted in: Series of quakes rattle Japan, but cause no damage See in context

A lot of speculation one way or another and none of us can say what lies ahead but at least we are all giving it thought and (hopefully) making sensible preparations like having emergency kits and supplies - something I've neglected in the past.

Someone on this board (sorry, I forget who) posted a very good idea a few weeks ago that I've taken on board and acted on. The advice was to determine places where you and family/friends can go to leave messages following a devastating quake and so stand a better chance of meeting up. Certainly, my first priority will be confirming the kids are OK. We've chosen a few places around our neighborhood, such as particular trees, where the kids can leave a note, or if necessary, make a mark by scrapping with a stick or rock.

Regarding the nuclear issues, it's the current condition of spent fuel pools that I worry about and what would happen if one of them topples or collapse as a result of these continual tremblors...

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Posted in: Understanding 'I don’t understand' See in context

After many years contemplation, I'm now able to divine what the "I don't understand" means in any given circumstance. If anyone wants to know the answer, I charge ¥1,000.

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Posted in: Mask carver dedicates exhibition to daughter, 3 grandkids who died in tsunami See in context

Many thanks TSRnow. Ends tomorrow - that's a shame as I will be in that part of town on Monday. Oh well.

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Posted in: Mask carver dedicates exhibition to daughter, 3 grandkids who died in tsunami See in context

That is deeply moving. I should very much like to see these masks. Why does the article not mention the name of the gallery, so that those who might be interested could at least know where they are to be seen?

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Posted in: NTV outlines behavior rules for AKB48, Johnny's Jr cast of TV drama See in context

So no method acting then.

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Posted in: 3.11 - WHAT WERE YOU DOING THAT DAY? See in context

Hachioji, Tokyo

Luckily, my son had had influenza and wasn't allowed to return to school until the following Monday. As he'd been at home all week, my wife and I had taken turns to be off work. Thankfully it was me that day, otherwise I'd have been stranded at my office in Setagaya.

As the shaking escalated, I decided we should evacuate our early 1980's danchi. We got out to the street and into the park out front as the shaking hit it's peak. It seemed all matter was in flux with everything buckling. There was a disturbing mix of fracturing noises and people's voices, though I don't recall any screaming. It was utterly surreal but any feeling of panic only really came afterwards. I then noticed almost no one else had evacuated. I now wonder whether I was doing the right thing in getting my son out of the building. I can remember reaching the entrance after running down from the third floor and thinking this is it - what if something falls now - glass or concrete. But I truly expected the apartment building to come down so we just flew out of there.

Once the shaking had subsided, we went to fetch my daughter from her nursery school and about an hour later we could find my wife. Fortunately, her work place is within walking distance.

Of course compared to what was happening up north, this was nothing, but I've had a great many 'what if' thoughts since 3/11.

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Posted in: Nightmarish scenarios of the coming financial collapse See in context

Fourth is to become adept at English, although other foreign languages, even Chinese, may help.

Using a greater variety of conditional language and more modals, might be an area to focus on. The article expresses a great deal of certainty - it will happen?

Readers are advised to spread their assets...

Thought this was in Playboy. Sounds more like Razzle.

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Posted in: Going up: Company says it could build space elevator See in context

What about the piped muzak?

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Posted in: Emperor enters hospital to prepare for heart bypass surgery See in context

Good luck old fella! We share the same birthday.

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Posted in: 180 students from disaster-hit Tohoku to have homestays in U.S. See in context

@ zichi - Exactly! That was one meaning I had in mind but I hoped to suggest an escape from everything suffocating Japan's future.

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Posted in: 180 students from disaster-hit Tohoku to have homestays in U.S. See in context

This is an excellent idea. No doubt some of those kids will have been through terrible times. I hope it gives them a chance to put a little distance between events back home and so provide an opportunity to look beyond the hurdles they and their communities must face.

I'd like to see this kind of initiative broadened - more kids, more places overseas. The next generation needs more 'fresh air to breathe'.

Never thought I'd say well done Coca-Cola.

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear safety standards flawed, says commission chief See in context

I would love these announcements to be borne of honesty and sincerity, however, the cynical voice inside says that now the failings have been identified, they can set up a new agency to deal with the matter.

A program of renewal will be implemented with "Grand Reopening" event declared. Expect the number of reactors though to drop from 54 to 48 - the magic number!

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Posted in: New reconstruction agency launched with Hirano in charge See in context

responsibility for assisting companies affected by the nuclear crisis.


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Posted in: Gov't aims for 18 million tourists a year by 2016 See in context

among other things

Are they going to capitalize on Japan's mystique to bring the tourists in?

Of course it's important to aim high and never undersell yourself, but I'm curious about how they envisage achieving this. I think the key word is 'draft'.

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Posted in: Kuroki reported pregnant 2 weeks after denying relationship with Akanishi See in context

Miraculous conception then?

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Posted in: Why do Japanese change their attitude when they communicate with foreigners? See in context

I have no complaints with the treatment I get here. I feel I'm 'accepted' to the extent I need to be while not expected to necessarily conform or understand and I appreciate the space that gives me. I have kids and naturally have a concern for how their experiences may be shaped by these things as they go through life, but as others point out above, wherever you might live there will be other people's hang ups to contend with.

On a lighter note, I was intrigued to witness how folks here fell over themselves to 'communicate' with my father when my parents visited some years ago. He was like a magnet drawing young and old alike. Perhaps because he resembled Father Christmas?

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Posted in: Mold found on Daimaru Matsuzakaya Valentine chocolates See in context

Thinking ahead to March 14, will it be renamed White and a Little Furry Day?

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Posted in: Mold found on Daimaru Matsuzakaya Valentine chocolates See in context

Just imagine the response on receiving a box of these...."Hey! Weren't these the ones I gave you last year?"

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Posted in: Off the wall See in context

Surprised that they allow him to touch it.

It's for scientific purposes.

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Posted in: Water temperature rising in No. 2 reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Liar liar pants on fire!!!

suzukakid, shouldn't that be plants on fire?

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