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Posted in: Women threaten sex boycott for any man who votes for Masuzoe See in context

Japan already has a declining birth rate, Now, no sex for any guy who votes for this old windbag "jiji". Don't worry Kaori Georges of what the world is going to think if he gets elected. We all know that Japan is run by career public servants, and that these old "Jiji" politicians who get elected don't mean a darn thing.

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Posted in: Rodman says he 'loves' N Korea's Kim Jong-Un See in context

I hope Rodney tells his "all star" team to let the North Korean's win the game. If they don't, Kim Jong Un won't be Rodney's friend anymore.

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Posted in: Japan to supply ammo to South Korean troops in South Sudan See in context

To chucky3176: The South Korean troops may be engineers and medics but believe this: They are military first, and have all gone through basic training which teaches combat tactics. If things get nasty they will defend themselves. As far as being under UN "protection", do you recall how much protection the UN gave during the Bosnian civil war.

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Posted in: Asylum-seeker dies after collapsing at detention center while doctor at lunch See in context

The headline should have read something to the effect: "Asylum seeker dies in detention center because center staff refused to call a doctor". Lets put the blame where it belongs.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to offer more than Y1.4 tril in corporate tax cuts See in context

Screw the masses with a hike in the sales tax, and give the corporations who's upper management is in bed with the government a tax break.

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Posted in: Darvish downed again as A's beat Rangers See in context

Darvish is in the same boat that Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners is in. Low run production whenever he pitches.

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Posted in: Searchers look for bodies of 2,500 still missing since tsunami See in context

Its understandable that the families of the individuals who's bodies have not been found want closure. Those of you who complain about the cost to the taxpayer for searching wouldn't be singing this tune if it was your family member.

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Posted in: Dogfight over Tokyo: JAL, ANA vie for 20 landing slots at Haneda See in context

JAL is part of the "good old boy network" in Japan and they always get what they want.

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Posted in: New wiring defect found in ANA Dreamliner See in context

I agree with smithinjapan. Outsourcing can cause problems, especially with something as technical as an airplane. Way too many parts have to integrate for the whole thing to work. When these parts come from sources all over the world it is difficult to trace problems when they arise.

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Posted in: Nearly 40,000 hospitalized for heatstroke so far this summer See in context

You have got to stay hydrated during this hot weather. Not taking in enough fluids will contribute to heat stroke.

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Posted in: 10 workers exposed to radiation at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Its not in their nature for the Japanese government to ask for outside help. They would lose "face"

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Posted in: Obama nominates Caroline Kennedy as ambassador to Japan See in context

Caroline will have career diplomats that will run the day to day affairs of the US Embassy. As far as her being the first women appointed to the position of US Ambassador to Japan; there has to be a first for everything.

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Posted in: Few candidates savvy enough to take advantage of Internet campaigning See in context

All habits are hard to break in this country, especially for the older generation.

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Posted in: Widow of famed painter Hirayama concealed assets to avoid tax bill See in context

Death and taxes; the two things in life that we are sure of.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this. As far as I know, if you are paying for a cable subscription, part of that fee is already going to NHK.

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Posted in: Two Japanese youths arrested for placing exploding bag of dog poop in police box See in context

Those of you that said the police should have made the culprits clean up the mess should look at the time line. Incident occurred on May 6th. They weren't arrested until June 11. There punishment should be having to clean up the Koban everyday for the next six months.

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Posted in: 9 celebrity identity thieves arrested for conning consumers out of Y11.6 bil See in context

It's amazing the scams people fall for.

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Posted in: ANA to conduct up to 200 Boeing 787 test flights See in context

I wonder how many of you posting comments have ever flown on the 787. I have. Let me tell you, it was a very comfortable flight and I was sitting in Economy. I hope the testing works out and ANA starts flying them again.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens U.S. bases in Japan, Guam See in context

Tony Ew: You seem to have it all figured out, so why don't you volunteer to go to NK to smooth things over.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens U.S. bases in Japan, Guam See in context

I say close all the Pachinko joints in Japan and cut off the money supply that they produce for NK.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect says signals in his body told him to attack people See in context

He was either high on something, or aliens have taken over his body.

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Posted in: Japanese travelers abroad lack street smarts See in context

The headline of this article doesn't quite fit what the author wrote in the contents. The Algerian hostage crisis, the ballon disaster in Egypt as well as the incident in Guam have nothing to do with the lack of "street smarts". Other than not being in those particular countries at the time, "street smarts" would have not prevented nothing what happen.

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Posted in: A salute to ramen See in context

Ramen = soul food.

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Posted in: Japan shocked by IOC decision to body slam wrestling See in context

The Olympic games are no longer about tradition and sportsmanship. Politics and economics have caused the IOC to make these decisions as to what sports to drop and which ones to keep. Welcome to the real world.

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested in Okinawa for causing accident while driving drunk See in context

Ooooopppps! "On my way to work" "I don't think I should have said that"

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Posted in: ANA to seek damages from Boeing for 787 troubles See in context

I flew the 787 on ANA from Seattle to Narita and it was the most comfortable airplane that I have ever flown on. The atmospheric pressure inside the cabin is such that the effect of "Jet Lag" was greatly reduced. Its the most technologically advanced passenger airplane ever developed. But they need to mitigated these nagging problems before they become major. Boeing outsourced the manufacturing of various parts of this aircraft to companies all over the world. That to me is the biggest mistake they made.

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Posted in: Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syria war tourism See in context

This guy must have a death wish. Snipers don't give a hoot who you are when you are in their gun sites. He definitely has my nomination for a Darwin award. He best get back to Japan and try to put a dent in Japan's declining population.

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth held for abusing 2-week-old son See in context

This guy is 17. Still a child himself. But when two people of their age have sexual intercourse and the result is a baby they don't have the maturity to handle it yet. Plain and simple.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

To Twinans and all you other posters who think this marine needs to be treated like a mass murderer. He got drunk, harmed no one, and now he's going to be dealt with by the military in a way that most of you can't fathom because you have never been in the military.

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Posted in: 2 boys sent to prosecutors over Shiga student's suicide See in context

They need to be put behind bars. Teach these little b**s a lesson and send a message to all the other bullies out there.

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