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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to sing theme song for Japanese release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' See in context

Well if J.J. Abrams picked her then you can't really say anything against it!

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

It's not just in Japan, here in America and around the world there has been a rise in girls and even older women entering the adult business. Some as porn stars, escorts, strippers, even more as webcam models. I'm sure their are a lot of dudes out there that don't even know that their girlfriends or wives is or used to be in the porn business!

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Posted in: China warns of 'further actions' in Japan island dispute See in context

In China they have no human rights, but yet they decide to protest over islands that none of them can live on! Yes I agree what the Japanese did in WW2 was horrific, but that's in the past no way to go back, so wake up China and move on like everyone else!!

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