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Sounds like Nazi Germany all over again and xi-j the new Hitler.

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We all know that when workers and manufacturers have a level playing field, they can compete against anyone.

But when bad actors like China refuse to play by international trade rules, all economies lose.

After China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, Chinese competition cost the United States alone 2.4 million manufacturing jobs between 2001 and 2008.

This year, the United States Trade Representative found that Chinese companies, often sponsored by the Chinese government, steal up to $600 billion in valuable intellectual property from U.S. companies alone.

It’s time to take a stand against bad actors like China who harm our economic interests and use unfair trade actions that disadvantage workers all around the World.

*“The Chinese government has subsidized plywood dumped by Chinese companies in American markets. Last year, the U.S. took action and assessed anti-dumping duties, which allowed Columbia Forest Products to re-hire workers in Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, and West Virginia. Unfortunately, China is circumventing the duties, threatening to undo our progress. we need to crack down on trade cheating from China.” *Gary Gillespie, Executive Vice President of Columbia Forest Products, USA.

Maybe we need to start posting the names and pictures and where these geezers actually live that are in control of Communist China!

We don't need any more Tibets!

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The geezers that rule Communist China are still in the beginning stages of development on the World stage.

Much like a egocentric child on steroids asserting itself not caring about others but only itself.

It has much maturing and growing to accomplish.

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In the course of the evolution of Communist China their identity is still very basic.

The ruling have total lack of ecological wisdom, are defined by agressive ways and egocentric patterns -not realizing that there is a price to be paid for every step.

Hopefully they will break out of their narrow and limited approach to the rest of civilization into a new and better paradigm without destroying the world.

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The Chinese I know (family) living in U.S.A. have NO TRUST in Communist China.

Look at their track record with Tibet...death and destruction!

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn See in context

Well we can look at how the geezers from Communist China treat the TIBETANS and the country of Tibet....with morally upstanding respect of course?

Even companies doing business in Communist China dare not mention Tibet as a separate entity or suffer sever punishment.

Bulldozing Washington DC and other places of Western power to the ground would give these geezers immense satisfaction.

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Posted in: Trump vows to 'get involved' if Justice Dep't, FBI don't do their job See in context

I can see Trump's smoke and mirrors is truly effective. Only a handful of people know what he is really up to! And they are scrambling to stay out of jail.

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