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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. committee's call on 'comfort women' See in context

You know it was sad that this happened. However it happened over 50 years ago. Don't you think it's time to move on? If you keep bringing this up, it only becomes a constant reminder to any victims - they cant move on with their lives then. Also I think the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva has some major problems. THIS HAPPENED 50 YEARS AGO. WHY ARE THEY GOING AFTER JAPAN WHEN IT IS HAPPENING NOW IN NIGERIA. AND WHAT ABOUT THE GAZA ISSUES. The United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva needs to learn to prioritize.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

This is stupid. Her fans probably hope she can have a 'normal' life- date and fall in love. Im on Minami Minegishi's side. Screw AK-whatever it is. Minami- don't let the 'band rules' make you let go of someone who makes you happy!

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Posted in: Body of naked man with genitals sliced off found in apartment See in context

And why are people talking about statistics! A guy was castrated, stabbed until he died, his nuts thrown under the bed with the knife while he bled out. Somehow, I don't think you'll find any statistics on this. Sure there are some ‘statistics’ for who would castrate a guy – most likely female- but he was also brutally murdered. To stab a person deep enough to kill them, it takes a lot of strength- most likely male. PERHAPS THERE WERE EVEN TWO PEOPLE!!!

(Oh, I know this stuff because I took forensic science classes in college and have a few friends who are CSI’s.)

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Posted in: Body of naked man with genitals sliced off found in apartment See in context

It could have been a woman, who caught her husband/boyfriend cheating. Perhaps he was abusive towards her. Perhaps he slept with a Yakuza’s daughter or girlfriend. Perhaps he attacked and raped a woman and either the woman or one her family members sought revenge on her attacker. Or perhaps like namabiru4me thought- maybe he had a cooking accident!

Ok, obviously it was an ‘unnatural death’ (real geniuses they are there!), but it isn't necessarily a woman. Also whoever cut of his nuts, probably killed him to- or their accomplice did. A little hard to stab yourself several times in the chest and stomach- if he was going to commit suicide as Wolfpack suggested- he would of cut his throat, his wrist, hung himself- all easier ways to kill yourself then stabbing yourself several times. And seppuku is where you slice open your stomach, not stab yourself.

And I agree with MeanRingo. If he was a serial rapist or a murder, he got what was coming. I hope he was a criminal, because I rather a bad criminal to be killed like that then an innocent man.

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Posted in: British police probe murder of woman found on queen's estate See in context

Colombo is American. H Poirot is Belgian. Gotta have Miss Jane Marple.

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