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Posted in: Time running out for former Korean sex slaves See in context

Here is their compensation....bring them to Japan, let them live on pension. She was not killed, and survived this long, let her become Japanese citizen!

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Posted in: 8 U.S. sailors sue Japanese gov't, TEPCO for lying about radiation See in context

This is the problem with mercenaries...they are just that. They don't care about Japan. That's the same thing will happen with all those Okinawa forces....sue Japan for a fight, if they have to face one.

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Posted in: Nationalist jailed for hate campaign against firm that used S Korean actress in ads See in context

I think, all K people (K Pop, K Star basically all the Kim) that earns from Japan should clarify what their stance is about the islands. If they are "active" supporters of Korea and cursing Japan when they are there, lets stop paying them! Why give money for people who has no respect for Japan! Same goes for all similar Chinese people....including the Jacky Chan.

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Posted in: Activists convert ex-Tokyo gov't vessel for anti-whaling campaign See in context

So what if you wake up in a whale less morning tomorrow. How will your life change?

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Posted in: Activists convert ex-Tokyo gov't vessel for anti-whaling campaign See in context

Why do we even bother about this anymore?

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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

Have fun!


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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni with non-partisan group; S Korea, China protest See in context

Well...Chinese and Koreans need to go to island but we can piss them off just the same by just visiting a temple!!

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Posted in: German activist arrested for vandalism in Taiji See in context

What a twat!!

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Posted in: Japan 'stole' our islands, Chinese foreign minister tells U.N. See in context

...Japan tricked his country into signing a treaty ceding the islands in 1895.

Hmm...they were baby then?? Sign here and get a free candy?

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Posted in: Japan executes two death-row inmates See in context

Abolish the waiting in death penalty. No need to use tax payer's money to keep the killers alive!

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Posted in: Former PM Abe wins LDP leadership election See in context

The boneless meat....why he wants to lead anything again?

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Posted in: 6 Chinese ships spotted near disputed isles See in context

Time to deploy the American Force in Okinawa...they have been waiting for some action for last 50 years!

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Posted in: Japan hints at economic action in S Korea isle feud See in context

Lets stop importing those Samsung, LG, Hyundai products.

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Posted in: Rising tensions See in context

Ignorance? What makes you say the actions are ignorant....Their is a dispute about the land...both claims it...their is no solution...people get angry at both side...Chinese are braking Japanese products, cars in China, what are we doing? We are still piling up all Chinese and Korean products....that just shows that we are so consumed in consumerism, that we don't have the love of our nation.

There is no "civil" solution to this. It is a land, and disputed. It is either theirs or ours....that's that.

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Posted in: Rising tensions See in context

I am happy to see that large crowd. I wish the commoners in Japan had that much nationalism in them. Those of you who are against these nationalistic demonstrations, you need to realize, it shows the love for their country. And that is lacking in Japan. May be she needs to be burned down to the ground to reborn to her past glory.

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Posted in: Rising tensions See in context

China should attack and conquer Japan now....Remember that dialog from Matrix? Stop trying to hit me and hit me!!

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Posted in: Fukushima caused mutant butterflies, say scientists See in context

One of them bit me! And now I am the butterfly man!

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers plan Yasukuni visit See in context

Who calls them war criminals? Not the Japanese! They were brave leaders of Japan who tried to expand Japan's horizon. US President Truman gave the order to drop an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August 1945. Japan's best friend US will never call him war criminal for it, will they?? Besides, People go to the temple, not to any particular grave. So Hwangs and Lees....get a grip.

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers plan Yasukuni visit See in context

Yes...Enraging China/Korea by visiting a temple....if they want to poke us by going to the disputed island, we can do the same by just taking a taxi ride.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

Regardless of the outcome of this election, the majority of people no longer trust the gov't, the atomic safety agencies, the nuclear experts and scientists, the atomic power companies, in fact all those who are part of the nuclear decision making chain.

So when are these "majority of people" adding solar panels to their roofs and disconnecting from TEPCO? Why not do something to proof that they actually believe that there is an alternative!

By the way, if they are really the majority and all of them disconnects from TEPCO, we will not need that many reactors! :)

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear candidate loses Yamaguchi governor election See in context

Just shows that the opinion of the hippies...err...demonstrators without any feasible ideas (both foreign and locals) never count. Waving balloons/banners and banging drum doesn't bring solution to the table.

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Posted in: Nationalist dreams of new patriotic party See in context

Hahahaha....it is so fun to see all the foreigners getting scared of a Pro-Japan party....thinking what Japan can do if stand united! Some are even trying to scare saying China Has Nukes...US will not let Japan do this and that...etc etc. Yes, foreigners will always hate the idea of Japan having a patriotic and nationalist party.

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Posted in: Nationalist dreams of new patriotic party See in context

Excellent! Where do I sign up?

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Posted in: Fund for Batman shooting victims hits $2 mil; gun sales soar in Colorado See in context

Since everyone is against the ban on guns...Don't do it! Just ban the bullets!

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Posted in: New hirees quitting in droves See in context

No money, no honey. Once your pocket is empty and no source of income, you will even work to give chirashi at eki, even if you are Todai Grad. :)

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Posted in: Change of command See in context

@Roughneck: OK fine...I give up. We can not have our own military, because Big Brother US won't let us. So why not get a Quotation? Other countries may do the same "waiting and occupying Okinawa" job for less money! May be Philippines will be cheaper! Many of them already there anyway!!

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Posted in: Change of command See in context

@techall: They are here by treaty....yes...and they won't leave that beautiful island! Geez...how many times people need to show them the door!

@Ms. Alexander: Yeah Yeah....what choice did Japan had that time? It was nothing but desperation. US Military (army, navy, seal, penguin, dorkfish ...what ever!)....is nothing but our highly paid security guard, who does nothing for us. Too bad, we can not make them patrol the disputed islands.

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Posted in: Change of command See in context

@Ms. Alexander: What else I could say? The US army here is nothing but a Vendor who provides so called security service and get paid....in other words, a paid security guard of large scale. I could understand if it was Japanese army who was doing this, at least they would have some patriotism! When the things get worse, a US force personnel can just run away saying "I am not getting paid enough for this!". Do you know why? Because this is not their country!!

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

What difference it makes to his job if he had a fling? May be the wife needed a break after 7 births!

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Posted in: Change of command See in context

Oh new Commander! Please keep us, the poor weak defenseless Japanese, safe! All hail Commander Lt Gen Salvatore A Angelella!!

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