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MeanRingo comments

Posted in: Man on train pushes emergency button after passenger without mask coughs See in context

I think the problem with the Japanese not wearing masks is that they've never been taught to cover their mouths while coughing. The girls can manage it when they laugh, but for some odd reason, nobody ever covers for coughs. At least that has been my experience.

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Posted in: Shop fearing Wuhan virus bans Chinese visitors in Hakone See in context

How can he possibly tell who's Chinese? Their manners?

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Posted in: 2 alleged ringleaders of Thailand-based phone scam arrested in Japan See in context

They were arrested Thursday on suspicion of scamming a woman living in the city of Fukui, central Japan, and two others by alleging in an email sent to them last March that they had failed to pay website subscription fees, and making them purchase electronic gift cards worth a total 780,000 yen.

And they did it? Really? Sounds like they deserve to get scammed.

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Posted in: American Medical Association calls for total ban on all e-cigarette, vaping products See in context

They need to create some sort of nicotine glove, so that smokers/vapers can deliver the drug by slapping their own faces, or punching their foreheads. Make them flavoured for all I care. Stoopid people need to learn that it is the nicotine they crave. It does nothing for you, save make you irritated until you get more.

Thank you Allen Carr, for getting me off that crap. RIP.

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Posted in: Senior Australian minister says China is behaving badly See in context

Jeez, China, North Korea and South Korea are sounding more and more like one another every day. They should just start their own exclusive trade block, a trade block of misery.

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Posted in: Limbless chickens, killer robots: Johnson gives bizarre U.N. speech See in context

Ah, another "very stable genius" at work.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader says China backs her 'all the way' See in context

It will be interesting to see how the Koreans (South) deal with this kind of aggressive police action once they've completed the looming amalgamation with China under Moon's leadership. The Chinese will not take demonstrations lightly, and I know Koreans love to protest things. It'll be interesting to watch.

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Posted in: Abe says S Korea canceling intel deal damages trust See in context

Something is rotten in Korea (no point in dividing it N and S anymore), and it ain't the kimchi.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein abuse claims: report See in context

I'm going with accidental death, as a result of auto-erotic asphyxiation. That is more than believable. @Bass, you and Trump should try this.

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Posted in: Gunman who wounded at least 6 Philadelphia police officers in custody See in context

Silly Americans... with all the gun violence the best you can do is talk about background checks. I think it's time to pry those guns from cold, dead hands already.

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Posted in: Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China See in context

I wonder what will happen when foreign teachers stop coming and their number in country is lower than the demand? I know China has been on the rise, but I doubt very much that Chinese will become the lingua franca anytime soon. Perhaps a large number of those who left HK back in 97 would be willing to go back to live and teach in the mainland. Lol, good luck with that.

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Posted in: Japan OKs first S Korea high-tech export since curbs, but with a warning See in context

My wife works for an airline. Her non-Asian colleagues get to travel a lot, for a good price. After all of their travels, they routinely tell her that Japan is the best country in Asia and that all others fall far lower on the list of places they'd like to visit again, if ever. Also, they comment on how polite and easy going the Japanese are compared to any other Asian travellers. People just love Japan, and I think the other Asian countries realize that and feel inferior to them. I just find it funny.

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Posted in: 'No Japan' banners scrapped in Seoul district after outcry See in context

You can be sure the 20,000 work in the travel and tourism industry.

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Posted in: Johnson plays Brexit hardball from a submarine base; pound tumbles See in context

Does this mean I'll be able to visit Amsterdam without a bunch of drunk hooligans taking up all the seats at the bars and cafes? Hmmmm... perhaps Brexit isn't such bad thing. Not for everyone, at least.

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Posted in: China says it won't rule out using force to reunify Taiwan See in context

President Dump will speed up the process for them by removing themselves from all of these defense partnerships that are so one-sided. But no worries Dump fans, by the time the Chinese take Hawaii and land on the shores of San Francisco, you will be able to say it was some other president's fault. Idjits.

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs Seoul's calls to scrap export curbs See in context

I'm surprised Korean companies would sink so low as to even look to Japan to supply vital components to their prized industries. After all, Japan has been the enemy of Korea since the beginning of time. Why would they even consider going to them for these essential parts? From all I've read, the Japanese are enemies of the state. Koreans have been taught who and why over and over again, from the early days of their schooling. They're taught to scream out against the travesties bestowed upon them at the top of their lungs. Over and over and over and over and over again. On their death bed with their dying breath, good Koreans swear an oath to come back and one day fight their dastardly neighbour across the Japan Sea, or the Sea of Japan, whatever you want to call it. If I ran the Blue House, I'd ban any company from doing business with or in Japan, and allow all Koreans to join ranks with their other neighbours, that would be North Korea, Russia and China. They are the true protectors of civil society and are replete in their moral superiority and general altruism, which is known around the world. Dotards.

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Posted in: Madonna says she feels 'raped' by New York Times profile See in context

@Lamilly, exactly who is avoiding using the term old with Mick Jagger? Dude looks like he's going to break a hip with every wiggle he makes. I'm glad he's still trying to make them though. And to be fair, he was already old when Madonna started, but still...

And you know what else? They ARE both old. Why is that such a bad thing to say? Who gives a flying frack? If you're lucky, you get old. If you're very lucky, you grow old and are happy. That's just the way it is. And all artists have a best before date, Mick and Madonna included. That's why they're not burning up the charts. Get over it!

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Posted in: Trump breaks with Abe; says he's not bothered by N Korean missile tests See in context

What is that brown spot on Abe's nose? Did he get a new mole? Doesn't look like it. I'm having a hard time blowing up my screen to get a clear look at it. Surely someone should go and try to wipe it off.

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Posted in: Disney sets dates for next three 'Star Wars' films from 2022 See in context

PS, if you want to see Tosche Station, go and look up the cut footage from the original trilogies. It's pretty grainy, but wow did it send chills down my spine. Like I was a child again.

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Posted in: Disney sets dates for next three 'Star Wars' films from 2022 See in context

Can't stand the first two of the new trilogy. I won't bother watching the third. I've really enjoyed the Star Wars Stories though. Rogue One was great, and Solo wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. It was still much better than the latest trilogy offerings. It was turned into a nice comic book miniseries.

Not sure about anyone else here, but I have mostly enjoyed the novels. When I lived in Japan some Nova teacher started me reading them. Turned from high literature to Sci-fi trash and still love it. Some are quite terrible, but there are hundreds of titles, so it's been enough to keep my love for the universe alive, even when one sucks. But the new extended universe (ie the trilogy)... they botched them right from The Force Awakens. What a POS. I mean, anything that can make the prequels look good has got to be destined for the dumpster fire of movie history.

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Posted in: Iran says it will resume uranium enrichment if world powers do not keep promises See in context

I wonder if military families will continue to support this nutter of a president when their sons and daughters blood gets spilled all over the ME because of this.

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Posted in: North Carolina campus shooting leaves 2 dead, 4 injured; suspect in custody See in context

Pay for the metal detectors with taxes on guns. Like, make them cost $100,000 a piece. Or do as Chris Rock said and charge $5,000 per bullet.

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Posted in: Bolton says Trump wants solo, not multi-party talks with N Korea See in context

Trump is hedging his bets, putting money on N Korea and Iran, so that he can get his wag the dog war and a guaranteed second term. I hope the masses that gathered at his biggest of all time inauguration are the first to volunteer for these wars.

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Posted in: On staff following orders, Trump says: 'Nobody disobeys me' See in context

As an outsider who's able to laugh at the whole Trump presidency (at least so far), I really must say, I can't wait for the day when the Democrats do EXACTLY the same thing. Oh how the Republicans will cry foul, but now that he's blazed the trail, others will surely follow.

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Posted in: Samsung delays launch of folding Galaxy smartphone See in context

Hard to fathom, after the Note 7 debacle, that they wouldn't have found these issues in QA. Or did the nearly 8 years of development time skip that step? Lol. Samsungs are the worst. I hated Android for the longest time because of them, but now I quite like the Pixel. Android ain't bad at all anymore.

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Posted in: Convenience stores want you to be honest and request to pay higher sales tax rate See in context

I'll side with the true Japanese spirit and say "Hmmmm, this is a very difficult situation." and leave it at that.

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Posted in: Right-wing opposition sweeps to power in Canada's oil region, setting up fight with Trudeau See in context

I think that Americans might find that "far right" in Canada, is more like centre, or slightly right of centre in the US. US far right are nutters. Canadians tend to take a more nuanced tact, even those of the "far right".

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Posted in: Black market strong six months after Canada legalized cannabis See in context

I visited my local shop the day it opened (it was the second in Toronto). There was no line-up. I walked in and got my bag searched and my ID scrutinized like I had already done something wrong. WTF? All there was was a couple of strains with exorbitant prices, and a ridiculous amount of boring packaging that resembles a collection of off-label poisonous cleaning products. Even booze can have some fun with the labels. Leave it to the government to ruin pot. Needless to say, I didn't buy anything. I've been to Amsterdam. I know the drill. What's happening in these pot shops is just pure fascism. I didn't buy anything and want no part in the legal distribution model. I'll stick to my friends, or friends of friends, until they bring the fun into pot-shopping.

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Posted in: Dismissal of Smollett case brings backlash, more questions See in context

Obviously, a fake attack was planned, but while waiting for it to happen, a real attack that mirrored the fake plan occurred. Obviously.

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Posted in: The enemy within: Shadow of Japanese colonial rule hangs over S Korea See in context

World history is littered with winners and losers; what can you do about it? Apologize? For the sins of the parent? Not worth it. You can try to agree on the history, but even that has proven futile. I'd love to know all of the nationalities of the commenters on this board and see if they have anything in their histories to atone for. I betcha ya do. So dig deep into your pockets and hand over some cash? Not likely, and to whom?. All one can do is forgive and forget, knowing that at some time in the future, and that future is coming fast, there's going to be a whole lot of injustice. More than enough to go around, I'm positive.

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