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Posted in: Celebrations See in context

Americans celebrated V.E. and V.J. day in the same way.

America and Americans will be making a big mistake if they think this event equals victory. America should be congratulated for getting the job done...but America also needs to keep its ego from clouding reality.

This is a good step...but it is a step.

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A couple of thoughts.

-Congratulations to the US military for getting the job done.

-In the big picture of things, this doesnt change much. The US would be wise to not go overboard with patting themselves on the back.

-On TV a lot of Americans being interviewed on the streets are thanking God for helping to bring this about.........how ironic.

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Posted in: Obama says gov't must reduce staggering debt See in context

Leiberman2012 - Please give a link to the 66% statistic you gave. I doubt a poll (or reliable one at least) would only give two choices of: the country is headed in the right direction, or the country is headed in the wrong direction. Not calling you a liar but I would like a link to that poll so I can scratch a little bit beneath the surface.

The last election is a bit different from a presidential one. A campaign of demonization, opposition and scare tactics without offering any concrete solutions will not carry as much weight for the upcoming presidential election.

"Leadership" is a highly subjective word. People often confuse disagreeing with a politicians policies, and a policitian having bad leadership....they are two different things.

As for a third party that you dismissed, Perot got around 20% of the popular vote not long ago. There seem to be some pretty big gaps in policy between the two current parties. And there seem to be some gaps within the Republicans. Personally, I think a party that is conservative fiscally and liberal socially would resonate quite well in America....but what do I know.

You refered to "we Democrats". Not sure if you were including me, but for the record, Im not a Democrat.

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Posted in: Obama says gov't must reduce staggering debt See in context

He will be one-term, if he even finishes that.

Translation - I dont like Obama, so therefore I hope he is a one-term president.

Typical line of thinking for Americans when it comes to politics.

Here is the real deal: Obama has his work cut out for him on a number of things but overall has done a good job to date. The more glaring issue in the upcoming election is the crumbling of the GOP. They need to put forth a strong candidate to challenge Obama and there just doenst seem to be one....yet. My money would be on an "unknown" that is relatively young/new to politics. The GOP also needs to stop spending so much time opposing and demonizing Obama. They come off as sore losers and that wont work in the long run. They need to spend more time sealing bi-partisan solutions.

And of course the wildcard is a third party. America might just be ready for three parties.

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Posted in: Obama says Republican budget 'wrong for America' See in context

I don't think theres ever been a more corrupt or incompetent President in American History.


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Posted in: Obama to lay out spending plan See in context

Where do you think money comes from?


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Posted in: 7 killed, 15 wounded in Dutch mall shooting See in context

The fact is that strict gun control laws, assuming you have a civil society, would see far fewer gun deaths than those societies which support the policy that anyone who wants a gun can have one.

Civil society? You aren't talking about America are you?

Moderator: Readers, America is not relevant to this discussion.

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Posted in: Last-minute deal reached to avoid U.S. government shutdown See in context

Are you denying that Planned Parenthood prevents FAR more abortions than they fund?

Best comment I've read in a long time.

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Posted in: Obama announces re-election bid in email to 13 mil supporters See in context

Could the majority of Americans possibly be dumb enough to re-elect Barack Obama as president?

In 2012 it's not about America being smart or dumb. It's about the Republicans coming up with a viable candidate that resonates with the American public. They know they are not going to be able to continue the attack campaigns and verbally charged scare and panic tactics. They will have to come up with solutions to the numerous problems facing America. I would put my money on a relatively young, moderate, "new" person to give Obama the best run for his money.

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Posted in: Obama announces re-election bid in email to 13 mil supporters See in context

America might finally be ready for a third party in the not so distant future. I think a party that is fiscally conservative and socially liberal would resonate with a large chunk of the population.

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Posted in: Obama set to launch re-election bid See in context

The Repulicans are going to have to put forth more than just attack and fear campaigns if they want to have a chance at winning.

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Posted in: Cruise missile blasts Gadhafi's compound near tent See in context

I wanna know what Argentina contributed to the attack.

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Posted in: Palin warns of China's rise in visit to India See in context

Palin is an entertainer and celebrity with charisma...which is why she might just make a strong candidate for United States President.

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Posted in: Taking precautions See in context

For the love of god, calm down people. This is just how they do it in Japan. There is no danger in Tokyo at the moment, but they do this to show they have recognised what is happening and to make them look like they are in control.

Like many things in Japan, the image presented is more important than the reality that exists. That's fine for fashion and sumo, but I'm not so sure this is the best way to approach a nuclear crisis.

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Posted in: Divorce means liberation for some, virtual servitude for others See in context

Japanese women (or any woman of any nationality for that matter), need to stop defining themselves by men.

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Posted in: Wisconsin approves anti-union measure See in context

This story is not as complicated as people want to make it.

Walker is free to do what he wants...he got elected.

The Dems fleeing the state is not an example of good leadership. You dont stop the game and take the ball and run away just because things arent going your way. Elected leaders need to have respect for the process that is government.

If people think the law is unconstitutional, then fight it in the courts.

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Posted in: Kiss cancels Japan tour See in context

Wow, I bet Japanese fans are feeling Betrayed. I remeber seeing Kiss when I was Just A Boy, they had some Killer songs. The way I see it, they've Got Nothin' To Lose by canceling in Japan. Even with the economic Hard Times Kiss could play in Japan for the next 100,000 Years and sell at least some tickets. And for those that Hate them, think they are too old and have hit Rock Bottom, Kiss is laughing All The Way to the bank. Who knows, maybe they were Under The Gun with a busy schedule. Any Way You Slice It they are a pretty decent band but it's probably just best for everyone to Move On.

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Posted in: Wisconsin governor rebuffs Democrats' request for meeting See in context

Walker is free to do what he wants...he got elected. The Dems are acting like children.

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Posted in: Huckabee denies criticizing Portman's pregnancy See in context

Some thoughts....

-I dont know if this is true, but I heard about 1 in 5 American children are in poverty.

-I would rather be a child of a multi-millionaire single parent than a child of parents that make 26,000 a year.

-America has a pathological infatuation with idol worship.

-Just because you are good at your job, doesnt mean you are a good parent.

-Often when politicians talk about important real issues of substance it translates into political suicide because the American public are not capable of dealing with these tough issues. They want feel-good, back patting, emotional, knee-jerk reaction talking points that make them feel good.

-Huckabee is mostly right on this one...but America isnt ready to hear it.

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Posted in: Obama, GOP budget hawks win on fighter jet engine See in context

Wait a minute. Obama AND the GOP agree on the same thing? How can it be? Does....not....compute.

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Posted in: World Bank: Food prices at dangerous levels See in context

Use coupons.

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Posted in: Florida judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul See in context

Not really. It's quite different.


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Posted in: Florida judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul See in context

Yes, but the beneficiary is completely different. Obamacare is forcing you to buy for your consumption.

Beneficiary is the same...as in, the public. Obamacare is forcing you to buy for the same reason. (I already explained in my 1st post...read it again)

It is interesting to note, the Republicans have said it will raise costs long term, if not bankrupt the country. The Dems have said it will pay for itself. Its interesting that the two sides are vastly far apart on how this will play out. Honestly, I dont believe either...the truth will most likely fall somewhere inbetween.

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Posted in: Florida judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul See in context

Liability insurance is to make sure you can pay damages you may cause to other motorists. This example is not similar to the health care bill.

Its similar in that it is mandated to buy a product....insurance.

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Posted in: Florida judge strikes down Obama health care overhaul See in context

A couple of points.

First, if I am not mistaken, I thought some states require drivers to have car insurance. The idea being it would cost the state (and people) less money if everyone purchased it. But I never heard of anyone complaining about that. Why would this be different? I understand not everyone drives, but the vast majority of people do.

Second, both sides from the start said this issue will ultimately be decided in the supreme court. The interesting thing that will happen with that ruling is going to be one side acting like a sore loser. If the supreme court rules it unconstitutional, people will claim some kind of conspiracy...if it is ruled constitutional, people will claim an activist ruling. No matter what happens, the "defeated" side will complain because they didnt get their way. There is no respect for the process of government that is. Not good for Americas future.

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Posted in: Smoking, obesity are why U.S. lifespans lag a bit See in context

Americans are fat...and when they want to lose weight, they want a quick and easy solution.

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Posted in: Obama calls for new era of competitiveness See in context

Obama is right...but I am skeptical that he can implement concrete solutions.

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Posted in: Mosque to be built in Calif city after opponents' appeal denied See in context

I have a feeling many of the people that shout about following the Constitution, are the same people who don't want mosques in America. Can't have it both ways guys.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting suspect pleads not guilty See in context

"Claiming" that he is LEGALLY insane is not the same as "proving" that he is LEGALLY insane. Doesn't matter what the internet decides. If the defense can't prove it to the courts satisfaction, Loughner faces life in prison or possible lethal injection. Multiple murders warrents the death penalty in Arizona.

I think your reading skills are arrestedpaul. I AM talking about what the lawyers are going to try to prove in court. This is just my guess though. Time will tell.

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Posted in: Arizona shooting suspect pleads not guilty See in context

This nut case needs to HANG!

This is the irony. Everyone was and is saying what a nut job he is. My guess is his lawyer will eventually claim he is not guilty by reason of insanity. Thus, he will be spared the death penalty. Can't have it both ways folks.

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