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If this were to be researched, people might find that girls that tend to dress like this ( myself in example!) do not do it for men in the slightest, there is a large difference between little girls and grown women that happen to like dresses with cakes on. I find it ridiculous that this is thought of as encouraging pedophiles due to the fact they like actual children, not grown women in feminine dresses. It's far more of a modest style than walking around in hot pants and cropped tops like much of today's youth, so it appears if you dress in cropped tops and shorts etc your encouraging people to rape you and if you dress modestly and youthful, then your encouraging pedophiles. so what is the appropriate way to dress?

i for one like this style, its different and sweet and i dress like it to make myself happy, not to attract men.

and to be honest, children nowadays from a young age are more often seen in skinny jeans than cute dresses, so the idea of it being a child's way to dress will be rapidly decreasing over the coming years.

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