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Who is saying that they "have" to put up with it?? No one. The thing is, many WILL put up with it because they are dependant on their husbands for money. Who is praising these guys? No one on here. And natural? Perhaps but if I couldn't afford to pay my own way, no way would I be risking my meal ticket. There are studies out there that shoe that women with powerful jobs are more likely to cheat. Why? Because they can and don't have to worry about losing their monetary support. These women are playing with fire not only with the risk of divorce but also with the risk of getting pregnant.'

I don't think the reason most of these japanese women put up with their husband infidelities just for the sake of financal support.It's mostly for cultural reason,divorce is still treated as a taboo here,so there's no way out for these women.I know a japanese woman who had being presssured by her family not to divorce her philandering husband(for the sake of children of course)What else she supposed to do?She certainly have no obligations for him anymore except for raising his children and keep the house clean.

We never know if most of these straying women actually have an income of their own or incapable of finding their own job after divorces but one thing for sure they seemed to be more harshly judged compared to the men at least that's how I read it from most of these comments.

File for divorce? Though then these women would have to actually get a paying job. Too much work for most it seems.

Easier said than done,not talking about finding the job though.After all families and in-laws always has the final say when it comes to decision to end a marriages.

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