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Posted in: Boy fatally stabbed by 12-year-old at playground See in context

As we all have access to literally hundreds, if not thousands, of TV, newspaper and internet-based news aggregator web sites, there is no compelling reason for this particular story to be posted on Japan Today, no matter how shocking. Children are being killed all over the world under heinous circumstances even as I type this - we're on this site for Japan-based news. Topic focus is a worthy and valuable mission to help us all cut through the "noise". "Japan" is certainly a wide enough category to fill numerous pages without grabbing random sensational headlines.

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Posted in: Woman robbed of underwear while walking home See in context

As a resident of Meguro with a wife, I will check where this happened.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd to release first album in 20 years See in context

The subtitle is "Of Your Money". The Endless River: Of Your Money...

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Posted in: Japan tops the list of countries that are the most accepting of alcohol See in context

And that is one reason living here is great. The US (from where I originate) is sooooo backwards with the 21 yr old minimum and all the bans against open liquor, not to mention the strange sales restrictions that vary hugely with each state and even county.

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Posted in: Frozen testicle tissue yields healthy baby mice See in context


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I met and worked a bit with Mr. Baker in '87 in Venice while he was Pres. Reagan's Chief of Staff during the G7 Summit and even had breakfast with him. So many years later meeting him again here in Tokyo, he graciously pretended to remember me; extremely personable gentleman, RIP.

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Posted in: Even if a smoking room is set up, smoke can leak when people open and close the door. I think the central government has to work on achieving a complete smoking ban. See in context

There are myriad reasons for not setting up a smoking room/area in a company or building. If I was a company offering building insurance, I'd love to be certain that there is zero smoking allowed in the building we were offering coverage - less fire risk. Additionally, as for company management, I'd be thinking it would reduce illness and increase productivity if less people smoked. Whenever I see them I just can't help thinking how absolutely PATHETIC the addicts look standing around getting their fix.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand urge Japan to respect anti-whaling ban See in context

Stay with coastal whaling and tell the world to get lost. Factory ships in Antarctic waters is a farce guaranteed to waste both money and good will.

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Posted in: Tokyo rated No. 1 city in the world in Trip Advisor survey See in context

It has improved over the years but if you have a stroller or wheel chair you may need a lot of patience to get around the city for a few days.

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Posted in: American arrested at Narita airport after entering prohibited area See in context

Strange. Combination of alcohol and sleep deprivation perhaps. Was he transit passenger? A resident of Japan? A repeated apology about being "lost" might've worked if he hadn't struck the officer.

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Posted in: SoftBank enters robotics with emotional humanoid See in context

Perhaps an idea before its time, like the Furby. Yes, French company, French founder, now majority-owned by Softbank. The wheels are a nice touch - except that not too many Japanese houses are completely flat and only one floor (mine is but...). This thing is an iPad with a face guaranteed to startle obachans during their 3AM toilet breaks. I'll save my ¥200,000 for something a bit more useful. Lonely? Get a pet.

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Posted in: Should you put your child on a leash? Japanese mothers weigh in See in context

I am raising two extremely genki boys here in Tokyo and did not use a harness. If there was a "dangerous situation" I held their hand or picked them up - pretty simple. My family raised raised pure bred German Shepards for show and that may be an underlying reason I can't put a leash on my kid. I do feel for the parents that do it and understand it to some extent. The problem is, what happens when you stop using it?

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Posted in: Racist in the West, cool in Japan See in context

Are the Japanese a separate race now? (I'm sure many think they are.)

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Posted in: Prisoner swap raises questions in U.S. and Afghanistan See in context

It may be worth noting that Israel does prisoner exchanges all the time.

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Posted in: Work begins on underground ice wall around Fukushima plant See in context

And who will man the wall? Men of the Night's Watch, that's who.

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Posted in: Nihombashi Revitalisation Plan aims to revive former hub of Tokyo See in context

Are they calling it the "Nihombashi Bridge"? Then we can go to "Mt. Fuji-san", too.

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Posted in: Nago mayor takes anti-base case to U.S. See in context

So the Marines have been training for amphibious assaults there with AAVs and recon troops using that bay for decades. I was stationed there in the `80s, so I know first hand. Dove there all the time (over 150 dives) - never heard a peep about dudongs, by the way. Not saying they aren't there but kind of amazing we never saw them. Please take a drive around the non-base parts of Okinawa and tell me it is a big wonderful nature preserve - hardly. For Futenma to close the rotary aircraft MUST be near the troops they train with and transport - it is that simple. They can't be on Guam or at Iwakuni.

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Posted in: Such measures as switching off lights during lunch breaks and pulling out the cords of electric devices that are not in use now became part of daily routine. See in context

Reducing needless overtime and encouraging telecommuting by a decent percentage of staff would do more than this. Plus if they are using LED lights the power consumption during lunchtime is minimal to start with.

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Posted in: Smart T-shirts See in context

Clever, lots of people will try it and of course most will buy something else when in the store to pick up their creation, i.e.: "Expert Hugs - ¥500". "I'm exciting", "I heart TEPCO"

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Posted in: Adult, occult books given government support as part of Tohoku restoration project See in context

I do not want my taxes used for this. Let the publishers digitize - would seem an unavoidable course for the future. They should improve the libraries in Japanese public schools - most are tiny.

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Posted in: Denny’s Japan to serve ‘the most delicious food in the world’ See in context

Wouldn't this be a good time to have Brazilian cuisine? There is that little known event coming up.

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Posted in: U.S. activist barred from Taiji Whale Museum files suit See in context

No case. If it was a hotel, ryokan or minshoku, he'd have a case (if they'd had an empty room). It is legal for a landlord to deny a potential non-Japanese tenant here, so sorry, there is no inherent necessity to gain access to a place of entertainment.

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Posted in: Fair pay sought for fast food workers See in context

How about the svelte young lady in my 7/11 down the street? She deserves a raise, too. Always courteous, looking good, hits those bar codes so clean, remembers I don't need a bag and use a Nanaco card. Give her a living wage.

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Posted in: Japanese World Cup visitors warned about crimes in Brazil See in context

They are absolutely soccer (football) mad, that's why the World Cup is there. I've lived in Brazil and it was amazing. Some of the friendliest people on the planet, great food, nature, awesome beaches. People will literally give you the shirts off their backs. Of course, we lived in a rich area of Sao Paulo and had broken glass on top of the fences, a maid, a gardner and a driver. We definitely stayed situationally aware and used common sense. I'd live there again in a heart beat. Now as a tourist it is different but most people will have an awesome time there.

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Posted in: Tokyo to ban sales of incest comic to minors See in context

There are some awkward things here regarding media and exposure and availability to children. My 5 yr old is finally becoming bored with shouting "BOOBIES" every time we pass the magazine rack in a conbini. The fairly explicit covers are right at his eye level. Hard to explain to him what the office lady or nurse is doing. Take a look today when you pop in to buy that cold beverage and imagine you are 115cm. tall.

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Posted in: Free market America? Yes, but with limits See in context

No country is or will ever be unfettered as there are always vested interests.

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Posted in: Some U.S. restaurants forgo tips See in context

In 20 yrs in Japan I've had plenty of mediocre and even poor service in restaurants, some famous ones, too. Overall, the service here is normally fine if not robotic and I don't miss tipping which is pain in the arse (& wallet) when I visit the US. I worked as a waiter once when I was young in Chicago. Only lasted 2 weeks as I was overwhelmed and my "sempai" was a real schmuck. Ended up painting houses - much more fun. I knew a lot of friends, though, who did really well with tips in restaurants and bars and loved it as it was tax free.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing bento store in Kochi See in context

Better off robbing the pachinko parlor where he works...

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Posted in: Consultant urges 'one-of-a-kind' immigration policy for Japan See in context

Something will be done but I doubt as well-thought out as this. On the other had, Japanese firms will innovate with products and services for older people. Already more adult diapers sold here than baby ones. Whether it is housing, medical products, food, entertainment, travel - everything will be adjusted for the silver haired set.

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