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Meiyouwenti comments

Posted in: U.N. rights group says Japan needs to do more to counter human rights abuses See in context

It’s a report issued by a “group working under the U.N. Human Rights Council ,” which is probably some kind of NGO and not necessarily representing the official views of UN . In any case, it’s time for Japan to pull out of this anti-Japanese organization.

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Posted in: N Korean rocket carrying its 2nd spy satellite explodes in mid-air See in context

North Korean schools in Japan are asking Japanese government to give them subsidies, calling it discrimination not to give them money. Ask Kim the Dear Leader for the money. Their home country has enough financial resources to launch one ballistic missile after another.

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Posted in: High-profile opposition figure Renho to run for Tokyo governor See in context

She lied about her dual citizenship, violating the law of the land. She’s not to be trusted.

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Posted in: Older Japanese men making up for lost time by dipping into cosmetics See in context

Humans are the only animal that age so hideously disfigured. Maybe some men need cosmetics to make themselves look nicer.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Koike plans to run for third term: source See in context

In some third world countries, college degree certificates are commodities that can be bought if you pay the right price. And the Tokyo governor would be forever indebted to the government of Egypt.

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Posted in: Ukraine hopes to sign security pact with Japan before July NATO summit See in context

Ukraine’s war against Russia is already lost. There’s zero possibility of Ukraine ever defeating the nuclear-armed, energy and food self-sufficient Russia. Japan should stay away from the war it didn’t start,

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Posted in: Wi-Fi, drones and sharp blades on Japan's whaling mothership See in context

Food security is important for an island nation like Japan to prevent its people from starving in the event of global famine or geopolitical crises. Even people in Britain ate whale meat during WW2 when their shipping lines were disrupted by German U boats.

Conservationists rarely criticize other whaling countries like Norway and Iceland. Maybe cultural or racial bias is at work.

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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

“people who are in death row, no matter guilty or innocent, will only have 11 hours notice to execution.”

Would you rather be informed of your execution a few days or even weeks before? Think of the long agonizing time you’d have till your execution's day.

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Posted in: Man arrested for putting girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in washing machine See in context

Single mothers are often easy prey to psychopathic misfits. They’re lonely and they badly need a male partner. I hope the girl will be OK.

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

Now her true self is showing.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

I thought it was an Osprey.

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Posted in: 500 melons stolen from greenhouse in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

I bet the culprits are not Chinese. Their modus operandi is slightly more sophisticated than stealing tons of melons at night. But where and to whom are they going to sell those melons?

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Posted in: 2 Vietnamese nationals arrested amid spate of burglaries See in context

Not having enough money to go out with dates doesn’t justify breaking into someone’s home, tying them up and robbing them of their money. The Vietnamese men committed a felony. They should be deported immediately so they can go back to Vietnam and work hard and build a better future for the country of their origin.

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Posted in: Around 68,000 elderly die alone in Japan annually: police See in context

You die alone. Even if you’re surrounded at your death bed by your caring spouse, children and grandchildren, they won’t go with you to the next world. You go alone.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce online booking for Mount Fuji trail See in context

A lot of people are forgetting that Mt Fuji is an active volcano. It’s been more than two hundred years since its last eruption and magma has been building up inside the mountain. A little eruption or an earthquake would scare those tourists away.

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Posted in: JAL looks to diversify workplace, businesses under 1st female CEO See in context

All I want to say to JAL is whatever you do please don’t crash.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly having sex with minor at welfare facility where he works See in context

“Also, this is the second article in a day on here where the title includes the word "allegedly", despite the arrested perpetrator admitting that he committed the crime.”

I don’t know where you’re from but in civilized countries, admission alone does not convict a person. You need proof of guilt to convict a man.

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Posted in: Owner of unauthorized MSDF drone video says he knew risks, shared it for fun See in context

Didn’t anyone on board the MSDF ship detect or notice the drone? Incredible lapse of security.

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Posted in: Kishida plans to attend Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland in June See in context

Is Russia one of the ‘more than 160 delegations” invited to the Swiss summit? If not, this peace conference will be utterly meaningless.

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Posted in: Japan to start hunting large fin whales See in context

For a resource poor island nation like Japan, whale could be an important source of food in the event of global crop failures or trade disruption caused by geopolitical upheavals. If Australians continue to criticize Japan for whaling, just retaliate by boycotting their beef.

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Posted in: Bill would require U.S. to coordinate Japan AUKUS role with UK and Australia See in context

Stay away from AUKUS. All Japan is expected to do is play the part of an obedient servant in the white man’s club.

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Posted in: Japan saw over 16,000 deaths from COVID-19 in May-Nov 2023 See in context

The problem with many government surveys and media reports is that they often deliberately confuse deaths from Covid infection with deaths from vaccine side effects.

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Posted in: Japan, India reject Biden's comments describing them as xenophobic countries See in context

Being called xenophobic by the leader of one of the most racist countries in the world really hurts. But don’t blame Biden. He was just reading what his speech writer wrote.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for speeding up debate on revising Constitution See in context

There no need to rush revising the constitution now. Even the country’s strict defense equipment transfer rules can be changed without legislation once the government so decides. The government seems to be far more interested in driving an “emergency clause” into the constitution rather than revising the pacifist Article 9.

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Posted in: Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia' See in context

It’s time for the doddering old man to be replaced by another doddering old man in the November election.

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Posted in: Suspect detained over murder of Vietnamese man in Saitama Prefecture See in context

People think deep down but rarely say it loud: Not again. It’s Vietnamese killing Vietnamese. No big deal.

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Posted in: The glitch in Japan's plans to bolster U.S. defense See in context

To become a trusted defense partner of the U.S., Japan should cut back on purchases of American-made weapons and pay good salaries to cyber security experts.

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Posted in: Japan grants special residency permit to Russian man opposing Putin See in context

They seem to have found a new way to get a special residency permit criticizing the dictator back home when your visa expires

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Posted in: Kishida to unveil measures to protect Amazon rainforest during Brazil visit See in context

Plants take in carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis. Protecting rainforests and pursuing the goal of carbon neutrality are mutually exclusive. You can’t have them both.

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 1 See in context

If the allegation of sexual abuse is true, the Tendai sect needs a thorough cleansing to purify itself, much like the way Oda Nobunaga did in 1571 by burning down Enryakuji Temple and killing off all the corrupt Buddhist priests.

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