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Posted in: Japan encourages foreign tourists to buy travel insurance due to surge in unpaid medical bills See in context

Passing out fliers won’t help much. Make it mandatory and refuse entry to uninsured tourists.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

One thing that often gets forgotten in all the debates about LGBTQ is that married heterosexual couples are the foundation of society. Non heterosexuals should be treated equally in inheritance and tenancy contracts but granting them the same rights as heterosexual marriage could destroy the very foundation of healthy society.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

It’s ridiculous to see cigarettes and Cannabis in the same light, for the latter is a narcotic that can lead users to heavier drugs such as cocaine and heroine. It’s more of a health issue than of a moral one.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

One good thing about high heels: they make women’s legs look beautiful.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to ban fans from posting photos, video of events on their social media accounts See in context

The Olympics are now big business. The organizers are just too keen to protect their profits. I’m not going to see any of the games. I will stay at home, sit back and watch them on television in an air-conditioned room with a can of beer in one hand.

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Posted in: Mahathir urges U.S., others to accept China's prowess See in context

A sign of old age and dotage perhaps.

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Posted in: Court rules defunct eugenics law unconstitutional but denies damages See in context

The statute of limitations for damages expires in 20 years after the fact, regardless of whether the law is still in effect or not, though personally I feel that the statute of limitations should not apply for forced sterilization.

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Posted in: Japanese firms resist hiring foreign workers under new immigration law: poll See in context

The first priority of Japanese companies is to hire Japanese, not foreigners. It’s a relief to know that only one out of every four Japanese companies is willing to employ guest workers.

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Posted in: Indonesian man sues after being sent home for lack of Japanese skills See in context

Apparently ‘human rights’ lawyers are behind this Indonesian man, who might have had problems other than his Japanese language skills.

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Posted in: Australian tourist arrested over graffiti around Kamogawa River in Kyoto See in context

It’s in their genes.

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Posted in: Stop it! Anti-groper app becomes smash hit See in context

With the increasing popularity of the anti-groper app, more and more men will be falsely accused of groping on the train. It could be you.

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Posted in: Kono to ask foreign media to switch order of Japanese names See in context

It’s a long overdue change. Reversing the name order just to conform to the Western practice is such a stupid idea. Getting rid of this century old absurdity is a nice way to start the new imperial era.

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Posted in: Japan weighs downgrade of economic outlook, raising doubts on sales tax hike See in context

Greek economy failed because the government there was not allowed to issue its official currency, euro. Only the ECB (European Central Bank) can do this. Whereas Japan can issue as much yen as it needs until demand overly exceeds supply capacity. Japan’s economy cannot fail.

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Posted in: Lawmaker expelled from party over remarks about possible war with Russia See in context

An apology to the Russians? No need for that. Russians are the people who know quite well that lost territories can only be recovered by use of force as they demonstrated in Crimea recently.

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Posted in: S Korea's latest big export: Jobless college graduates See in context

It seems like Korea is engaged in a new type of beggar-thy-neighbor labor policy.

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Posted in: Osaka intends to call 2nd referendum in fall 2020 on metropolis plan See in context

People of Osaka voted against the metropolis plan in the 2015 referendum and the matter was settled once and for all. Holding another referendum just because you don’t like the result of the previous one is a tactic Hitler often used in the pre-World War II Germany.

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Posted in: Japan Atomic Energy Agency studying use of AI for nuclear forensics See in context

They should use AI to come up with measures to prevent nuclear terrorism in the first place.

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Posted in: Japan begins last round of 'research' whaling off Pacific coast See in context

Whale tastes surprisingly good. You should try some. People in Britain, one of the most adamant anti-whaling countries, used to eat whale during World War 2 when their food imports were disrupted by German U-boats.

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Posted in: Two men injured in brawl in Tokyo karaoke bar See in context

“diversity is strength”

Yes. War is peace and freedom is slavery

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Posted in: S Korean visit left as unfinished business for new emperor See in context

With a barrage of insults from South Korea against Japanese Emperor, it is highly unlikely that his majesty will ever visit the country.

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Posted in: Succession will shrink number of Japan's imperial heirs to 2 See in context

There’s no need to worry about imperial succession. If the 12-year-old Prince Hisahito has three children, at least one of them will be a boy with the probability of 87.25%(1-1/2x1/2x1/2). And four children, the chances increase to 93.75%.

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Posted in: No. of travelers to reach record high as 10-day Golden Week holiday begins See in context

What’s the point of paying extra and going to packed places? Just stay at home and take it easy. That’s what I’m gonna do.

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Posted in: Japanese warship visits China for 1st time in more than 7 years See in context

For a navy ship invited to attend a naval review in another country, flying the host country’s national flag from the bridge is international protocol.

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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

Consumer spending hasn’t recorded since it dropped dramatically after the 2014 consumption tax hike . Raising the rate to 10 percent in this economic condition is sheer madness. I hope the government comes to senses and scrap the planned tax hike altogether.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife fears his trial may be unfair See in context

Ghosn will get a fair trial. No doubt about that. Unlike in France where the rich and powerful often get away with wrongdoings, the law applies to everyone in Japan. I just wondered. Did Ghosn get his bail money back?

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Posted in: Travel agents scramble to adjust itinerary of Golden Week tours to Paris after Notre Dame fire See in context

Mont Saint Michel is a nice alternative, though a bit too far from Paris.

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Posted in: Japan ready to support France in rebuilding Notre Dame cathedral See in context

France is a nuclear power with highly developed industries and deep culture. Surely it has enough resources and money to rebuild Notre Dame without outside support?

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Posted in: China says Japan should do more to seek cooperation, not competition See in context

I’m all in favor of Japan’s cooperation with China. But first, China should stop its constant violations of Japanese waters and air space, as well as aggressive military expansion in the South China Sea.

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Posted in: Retiring late: More Japanese opt to prolong employment See in context

At 62, Mr.Furuse is not getting a full pension. He will be entitled to the basic old age pension when he turns 65 in addition to the Kosei-nenkin he is receiving now.

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Posted in: Japan's working population drops further See in context

Shrinking population would have been a problem in the pre-industrial revolution world but not in the 21st century. We can more than make up for a decrease in population by increasing productivity. What’s all the fuss about?

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