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Posted in: Video provides first clear views of WWII aircraft carriers lost in the pivotal Battle of Midway See in context

Of the four Japanese aircraft carriers that went down during the battle of Midway, only Hiryu was sunk directly by the US fire. The other three were sunk by torpedoes launched from Japanese destroyers because they didn’t have strong enough cables to tow the badly damaged ships to Japan.

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Posted in: As China censors homegrown feminism, a feminist scholar from Japan is on its bestseller lists See in context

Chinese women will be disappointed once they know the truth. Professor Ueno had been seeing a man for more than twenty years and secretly got married to him before he died two years ago. She’s been writing books advocating single life and simple existence and yet she lives in a fancy condo and drives a BMW. Some people might call her a hypocrite.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for shoplifting by stashing items in baby stroller See in context

“Theft is a serious crime here.”

Is there anywhere else where it is not?

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Posted in: Gov't considers support for low-income earners in new economic package See in context

“relief measures for low-income households”

The question is how low is low enough to be eligible for relief payments and where to draw the line.

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Posted in: Osaka World Expo organizer to raise construction cost estimate again See in context

It’s not just a matter of money. After three decades of deflation and no growth, the numbers of construction companies and workers have decreased by more than thirty percent. No matter how much money the government might pour into the Expo, there’s simply no supply capacity to meet the April 2025 deadline.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to set up special zones to boost foreign investment See in context

Japan isn’t a third world country. What the government needs to do to stimulate its stagnated economy is pump in more government spending to induce domestic investment and kickstart consumption, which makes up roughly 60 percent of its GDP. Kishida is completely off the point.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is open to meeting N Korean leader See in context

Kishida is so keen on the idea of summit talks with Kim because he’s hoping to boost his record-low approval rating by meeting the Dear Leader. And Kim is trying to raise the ante by not responding.

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Posted in: Kishida, in U.N. speech, vows to spend ¥3 bil to help achieve world without nuclear weapons See in context

Ukraine used to be a nuclear power. If it hadn’t scrapped its nukes, there would have been no Russian invasion and Crimea would still be part of Ukraine. They learned the lesson the hard way.

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Posted in: Japan to build more missile depots under new security strategy See in context

The next thing Japan should acquire is nuclear capabilities but the big brother US will never allow Japan to have them.

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Posted in: One in 10 Japanese are older than 80: gov't data See in context

There’s basically nothing wrong with a society where people can live to a ripe old age. In many developing countries people die younger because of malnutrition and poor hygiene. A growing elderly population could be an economic boon for those who work in the nursery care industry.

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Posted in: All trips for public schools in Tokyo's Minato Ward to take place abroad See in context

Malay, Chinese and Tamil are also spoken in Singapore. If the ward officials want to foster open-minded students with taxpayers’ money, they should send students to different countries, not just to a single destination. A school trip to Vladivostok might be fun.

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Posted in: Japan to accept 2 more wounded soldiers from Ukraine for treatment See in context

In fairness, Japan should accept two wounded Russian soldiers.

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Posted in: 19-year-old gets 24 years in prison for killing parents See in context

A sentence of 24 years in prison for a 19-year old college kid. He still has decades to live and possibly contribute to society. The judge could have shown a little more leniency.

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Posted in: Japan to give $3 mil in emergency aid to quake-hit Morocco See in context

The Japanese government should see to it that the aid money get to the victims, not end up in the pockets of corrupt local politicians.

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Posted in: China checks seawater loaded on cargo ships from Japan See in context

They’ll only find that the Japanese ballast water is far less radioactive than Chinese seawater and they know it. Keep wasting your time, China.

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Posted in: New foreign minister Kamikawa says Japan must engage with China See in context

I’m curious how the newly appointed 70-year old Foreign Minister is going to maintain frank dialogue with the communist dictatorship.

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Posted in: Kishida's new cabinet reflects PM's focus on gender, defense See in context

A desperate effort by the desperate PM to boost his all-time low approval rating. It’s not going to work.

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Posted in: Junior high school principal arrested for possessing obscene images of young girls See in context

” I'm guessing resignation, slap on wrist and full pension.”

The pervert will be fully entitled, at age 65, to a pension based on premiums he’s paid into the system. If given disciplinary dismissal, however, he’ll lose lump-sum retirement benefits. That must hurt.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

Halloween in Japan is a complete commercial exploitation promoted by big ad agencies. I don’t understand why so many people celebrate this heathen festival.

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Posted in: Gov't stresses BOJ's independence after Ueda's remarks sway market See in context

“My pay is the same as it was in 1998.“

If you’re an English teacher, a typical unskilled job, that’s no surprise. You’re in a tough situation: you can’t stay here because the pay is too low but you can’t go back to your country either because there’s no job for an old expat. But don’t despair. You can live off your Japanese wife and her family.

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Posted in: Japan court rejects damages claim by woman over same-sex benefits See in context

The constitution of Japan clearly stipulates that marriage “shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes.” A prefectural government, however progressive its governor may be, cannot create a law, let alone one that overrides the supreme law.

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Posted in: Two men questioned in Lebanon at Turkey's request over 2019 escape of former Nissan tycoon Ghosn See in context

The hair is thinning and graying on Ghosn’s head. Life in exile is apparently costing him his mental and physical health.

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Posted in: N Korea unveils first nuclear-armed submarine to patrol waters between Korean peninsula and Japan See in context

I’m just worried. Will the sub be able to resurface after diving?

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Posted in: Japan basketball 'on the map' after qualifying for Paris Olympics See in context

I didn't know such a thing as residential rules exist. I thought in the Olympics athletes compete representing the country of their nationality. What’s the point of winning a gold by hiring foreign talents?

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Posted in: 'It hurts my heart': Japan's Kanto massacre, 100 years on See in context

“after malicious rumours spread about the community”

You need to hear the other side of the story. They were not just malicious rumors. Some aKoreans actually engaged in rape and robbery during the melee after the earthquake.

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Posted in: Kishida tells fisheries minister to apologize for calling Fukushima wastewater 'contaminated' See in context

The fisheries minister should have been more careful in choosing his words but there no reason for him to resign. In the strictest sense of the word the water being released into the sea is “contaminated” with radioactivity that is far below the acceptable safety level.

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Posted in: All 14 Toyota factories in Japan halt operations due to massive glitch See in context

“Totally illogical. Red means stop. Green means go. Red bad. Green good.”

Are you referring to candlestick charts of stock prices? Red means suspicious in Japan and often used at happy events.

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Posted in: Brick thrown at Japanese embassy in China in Fukushima spat See in context

Immature, infantile and ill mannered. Just like those tourists from that country.

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Posted in: Japan conveys concern to China over harassment following Fukushima water release See in context

Creating an issue outside of their country to divert attention from their own domestic problems is typical of any dictatorship. Something very bad may be happening in China.

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Posted in: South Korean protesters call for government action on Fukushima water See in context

“It's time for South Korea to ban all the imports from Japan.”

I really think they should. And South Korea’s economy will grind to a halt.

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