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Posted in: Pakistani, in Japan for 31 years, files lawsuit seeking special permission to remain See in context

The amazing thing is that the Pakistani has been in Japan illegally for most of the last 31 years and claims he has the right to stay. Perhaps he should go live in his wife's country with her.

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Posted in: Hanged killer still provoking human rights debate 22 years after execution See in context

I sympathize with Nagayama for his unhappy childhood but being born dirt poor doesn’t mean you can kill people and get away with it. There are thousands of people with a similar background who are good citizens and living productive lives.

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Posted in: China instructs fishermen to stay clear of Senkakus See in context

Be careful when China smiles.

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Posted in: Caught in the trade war: Resurgent yen poses risk for Japan Inc See in context

The rising yen increases export prices but at the same time it decreases import prices. A boon to a country like Japan that depends so much on imported oil and raw materials. So what are you making a fuss about?

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Posted in: Nagasaki observes 74th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

An epitaph at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial says, “Please rest in peace. We will not repeat the same mistake again .” This shows Japanese people’s determination that though they have the right to retaliate against the US for the genocide at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they will not make the same mistake by nuking the US for retaliation.

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Posted in: 'Comfort woman' statue pulled from Aichi exhibit after threats See in context

The organizers of the Aichi exhibition decided to pull the statue out not because of the threatening fax but because Japanese taxpayers did not like the fact that Insulting statue was displayed at the exhibition financed by their tax money.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 death-row inmates; 1st executions this year See in context

Which method of execution is more humane, hanging or lethal injection?

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Posted in: Japan approves growing human organs in animals for first time See in context

That’s good news for kidney dialysis patients who often have to wait for years before they can receive a transplant.

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Posted in: Life expectancy of Japanese women, men continues to rise in 2018 See in context

Life expectancy in Hong King will probably fall when the 50-year-moratorium expires on the former British colony and China regains full control of it.

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Posted in: Firms slow in applying to gov't program to ease tax hike impact See in context

The consumption tax hike in October is going to be a huge mess, and believe me, no one in the government will take any responsibility.

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Posted in: Japan to decide on Aug 2 to remove S Korea from preferential treatment list See in context

There’s a conspiracy theory that goes like removing South Korea from the white list is part of Trump Administration’s bid to contain China. Korea buys hydrofluoric acid from Japan and then resells large quantities of it to Huawei and other Chinese high tech manufacturers. US is trying to cut off supplies of crucial materials to China and, of course, Abe cannot say no to Trump’s request.

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Posted in: Foreign tourists warned not to fly drones during Sumida River Fireworks Festival See in context

A typhoon is coming up north over the weekend. I hope I won’t ruin the fireworks festival.

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Posted in: South Korea detains 6 for illegally entering Japan consulate See in context

Looks like Japan needs to have SDF troops stationed to protect its diplomatic compounds in SK.

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Posted in: Pacifist constitution reform at stake in election See in context

I’d like to know how Abe is going to ‘restart the economy and bolster the defense’ by raising the consumption tax. Another dose of voodoo economy could send consumer spending into a tailspin.

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Posted in: Trump says he is ready to help resolve S Korea-Japan dispute See in context

Japan doesn't need US support to resolve the trade dispute with South Korea. The trouble with the Koreans is that they always have to learn things the hard way. This is going to be a good lesson for them. So please stay out, Mr. Trump

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Posted in: Ghosn sues Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors for breach of contract See in context

A desperate effort by a desperate man.

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Posted in: Russia rejects territorial talks with Japan See in context

Those who support Abe often tout his diplomatic flair but it’s obvious he’s got none. He just sold off the other two of the four islands for nothing. Japan has nothing to lose by not signing a peace treaty with Russia. There’s no need to rush into an agreement.

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Posted in: Japan-South Korea trade dispute threatens global tech market See in context

The point is South Korea violated the UN resolution and shipped those chemicals to North Korea and other rogue nations. The chemicals are not just vital in chipmaking but can also be used for enriching uranium and making nerve gases. It’s a security issue and Japan has a responsibility to keep the chemicals from getting into the wrong hands

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Posted in: Abe's ruling bloc on course to win majority in Japan election See in context

It’s incredible that there are so many people out there who are willing to vote for the party that promises a consumption tax hike in October. The tax hike will only plunge Japan‘s economy into an even worse deflationary spiral and hurt everyone living in Japan, including those who support the LDP.

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Posted in: Got a Tokyo Olympic ticket? Unrivaled demand causes turmoil See in context

The Olympics is something you watch on TV in an air-conditioned room.

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Posted in: Japan curbs technology exports to S Korea See in context

This is a good first move. Finally, Japan is hitting back with retaliatory measures. Just keep up the pressure until the Koreans come to their senses.

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Posted in: TOEIC drops out of Japan's new university entrance exam See in context

It’s not a very good idea to use private-sector English proficiency tests for college entrance exams. It’s unfair because students living in big cities have more access to these tests than those living in rural areas. It’s about time universities dropped English from their entrance requirements.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin make little progress on territorial dispute See in context

Abe has met Putin more than 20 times since becoming PM and yet nothing has been achieved in resolving the territorial issue. It’s obvious Russia has no intention of returning those islands to Japan. Don’t waste time, Mr Abe. They just want Japanese money.

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Posted in: Outlook uncertain for Japan's whaling industry despite commercial restart See in context

Don’t fret. If there isn’t enough demand for whale meat, create it through advertising and marketing.

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Posted in: New law states gov't responsible for teaching Japanese to foreigners See in context

Beneficiaries, businesses that can keep wages low by taking advantage of cheap foreign labor, should foot the bill, not taxpayers.

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Posted in: Japan encourages foreign tourists to buy travel insurance due to surge in unpaid medical bills See in context

Passing out fliers won’t help much. Make it mandatory and refuse entry to uninsured tourists.

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Posted in: Reverence for tradition threatens same-sex marriage in Japan See in context

One thing that often gets forgotten in all the debates about LGBTQ is that married heterosexual couples are the foundation of society. Non heterosexuals should be treated equally in inheritance and tenancy contracts but granting them the same rights as heterosexual marriage could destroy the very foundation of healthy society.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

It’s ridiculous to see cigarettes and Cannabis in the same light, for the latter is a narcotic that can lead users to heavier drugs such as cocaine and heroine. It’s more of a health issue than of a moral one.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

One good thing about high heels: they make women’s legs look beautiful.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to ban fans from posting photos, video of events on their social media accounts See in context

The Olympics are now big business. The organizers are just too keen to protect their profits. I’m not going to see any of the games. I will stay at home, sit back and watch them on television in an air-conditioned room with a can of beer in one hand.

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