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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

A Mohican style would have looked nicer on them.

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on COVID-19 test certificates for travelers See in context

In countries like China, fake virus test certificates are readily available, so tightening the entry rules won’t help much as long as Japan accepts foreigners with “special exceptional circumstances.”

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Posted in: Japan's proposed immigration law revisions deal fresh blow to refugees See in context

The Indian asylum seeker could have gone to another country to apply for a refugee status rather than wasting 13 years in Japan. The new legislation is designed to deport illegal aliens trying to stay in Japan by pretending to be refugees.

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Posted in: Aso repeats claim that treated Fukushima water is good to drink See in context

Releasing diluted tritium water into the ocean is standard practice throughout the world. I’m afraid many of the posters here seem to lack science literacy,

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

Kind words from the world’s biggest polluter. China has been dumping radioactive waste into the ocean for year, as well as plastics and all kinds of industrial waste.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

Military cooperation with a country that has invested a vast amount of money in China and is also one of the biggest trading partners of the communist regime. Will it work?

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend to settle financial dispute with mom's ex-fiance See in context

If only Princess Mako would wake up and realize that she has responsibilities as a member of the imperial family before pursuing her personal happiness.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones See in context

Slightly better than those perverts who steal women’s underwear.

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Posted in: 'Izakaya' bankruptcies hit record high See in context

“the economy emerges from the shock of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Really? Can you please show us some data or figures to prove that.

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Posted in: COVID-19 patient in Japan receives world's first lung transplant from living donors See in context

I hope she will get well soon and resume her normal, though she’ll probably have to take tons of anti-tissue rejection pills every day for the rest of her life.

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

Good riddance.

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Posted in: Suga willing to establish 'children's agency' See in context

Suga is completely out of touch. Establishing a children’s agency in the midst of the global pandemic? There are more urgent matters to attend to like full compensation for lost sales to help struggling small businesses.

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Posted in: LDP executive says extra budget may be needed to combat COVID-19 pain See in context

Japan obviously needs a couple more doses of supplementary budgets just to keep its economy alive. Increased government spending eventually turns into increased income in the private sector. And it’ll all be financed by issuing government bonds. Not a penny of your tax money will be used.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

If I had a child, I wouldn’t send him or her to a nursery school where boys are dressed in girl’s clothing. Couldn’t the boy’s parents have had their son dressed as a boy when he is at the school? That would have taught the child a valuable lesson that there are things in life that you just have to put up with.

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Posted in: Saitama officially forbids walking up and down escalators See in context

The new rule is not going to work. Most train stations have elevators for people with disabilities and mothers pushing baby carriages. Mr Kawase might consider using one in his daily commute.

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Posted in: 13 lawmakers dine at PM's office building amid pandemic See in context

There’s no need to limit the number of diners to four as long as each diner is shielded from each other’s droplets by plastic sheets and acrylic panels. The mere fact that the LDP lawmakers dined together is hardly newsworthy.

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Posted in: Japanese karate champion testifies she was bullied by official See in context

She’s a karate champion. But She should have kicked him in the groin to stop him from bullying her.

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Posted in: 23 health ministry employees party until midnight despite virus restrictions See in context

It’s not the number of diners that matters but how well they are protected from droplets by plastic shields or transparent acrylic panels. Personally I feel sorry for the Health Ministry officials. They just succumbed to peer pressure,

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Posted in: From April, all price tags in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included See in context

Consumption tax is a penalty against consumption and has to be immediately abolished when businesses are having a hard time due to the pandemic that’s been going on for over a year now.

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Posted in: Japan gov't long-term debt to top ¥1,000 trillion See in context

No country has ever paid back the government debt denominated in its own currency. They just keep carrying over government bonds till the end of time.

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Posted in: 47 anaphylaxis cases reported in Japan after 580,000 Pfizer vaccine shots See in context

Would you say that the chances of getting anaphylaxis is 47 out of 58,0000 cases (0.008103%) so the vaccination is reasonably safe? Statistically, yes. But you wouldn’t want to be one of the 47, would you?

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Posted in: Gov't tightens regulations on land purchases by foreign entities See in context

The legislation is long overdue. At present, Chinese nationals can own property in Japan but Japanese are not allowed to buy land in China. It’s against reciprocity

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Posted in: Indictment dropped against 17-year-old boy whose suicide leap killed woman See in context

I didn’t know that the prosecutors can indict a dead man.

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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context

The “East Sea” is situated to the west of Japan so it’s not a neutral term.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 420 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,917 See in context

Don’t forget that testing positive doesn’t mean you’ve got the virus.

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

Jenny and Narumi, it’s too early to celebrate. The constitution of Japan defines marriage as between two sexes and should be maintained by husband and wife. A court ruling doesn’t change the supreme law.

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Posted in: Prosecutors charge 2 Americans with helping Ghosn flee, jump bail See in context

Japanese prosecutors boast of their 99 percent conviction rate because they only indict cases where they are certain of winning conviction. They just drop weaker cases.

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Posted in: No overseas spectators at Tokyo Olympics mirrors Suga's weak standing See in context

The government made the right decision by barring foreign spectators from the Olympics. Allowing them in at this stage of the pandemic is out of the question. But no foreign inspectors means there’ll be plenty of unsold tickets available at discount prices. I wouldn’t mind buying one or two.

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Posted in: Large Chinese destroyer spotted in waters near Japan See in context

Decades of tight fiscal policy and misplaced belief in balanced budget have rendered Japan lagging far behind China in defense capabilities. The ruling LDP politicians should realize that “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

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Posted in: Coe urges Tokyo not to rush decision on fans for Olympic events See in context

If public health and safety are top priority, the only sensible decision will be cancel the Olympics.

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