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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

Consumer spending hasn’t recorded since it dropped dramatically after the 2014 consumption tax hike . Raising the rate to 10 percent in this economic condition is sheer madness. I hope the government comes to senses and scrap the planned tax hike altogether.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife fears his trial may be unfair See in context

Ghosn will get a fair trial. No doubt about that. Unlike in France where the rich and powerful often get away with wrongdoings, the law applies to everyone in Japan. I just wondered. Did Ghosn get his bail money back?

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Posted in: Travel agents scramble to adjust itinerary of Golden Week tours to Paris after Notre Dame fire See in context

Mont Saint Michel is a nice alternative, though a bit too far from Paris.

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Posted in: Japan ready to support France in rebuilding Notre Dame cathedral See in context

France is a nuclear power with highly developed industries and deep culture. Surely it has enough resources and money to rebuild Notre Dame without outside support?

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Posted in: China says Japan should do more to seek cooperation, not competition See in context

I’m all in favor of Japan’s cooperation with China. But first, China should stop its constant violations of Japanese waters and air space, as well as aggressive military expansion in the South China Sea.

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Posted in: Retiring late: More Japanese opt to prolong employment See in context

At 62, Mr.Furuse is not getting a full pension. He will be entitled to the basic old age pension when he turns 65 in addition to the Kosei-nenkin he is receiving now.

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Posted in: Japan's working population drops further See in context

Shrinking population would have been a problem in the pre-industrial revolution world but not in the 21st century. We can more than make up for a decrease in population by increasing productivity. What’s all the fuss about?

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Posted in: Ghosn, suffering from kidney failure, was arrested illegally: defense document See in context

Eating well for years can cause a variety of ailments. Humble meals served in the detention center should help lower Ghosn’s cholesterol level.

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Posted in: ANA unveils new Boeing 787-10 for international routes See in context

I just hope the new Boeing won’t crash.

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Posted in: Japan curbs on Chinese telecom firms could hurt ties, says China See in context

Mr Gao Feng doesn’t have to worry about “mutual trust in both countries.” China destroyed it completely a long time ago.

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Posted in: 33 women sue Tokyo Medical Univ over rigged entrance exams See in context

Will the plaintiffs be able prove that their scores were good enough to have passed the entrance exams? Good luck, ladies!

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Posted in: Top court orders retrial of ex-nurse aide convicted in 2003 murder See in context

Looks like another case of forced confession and false conviction that ruined an innocent person’s life.

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Posted in: With high-tech glasses, Japanese ALS patient makes the beat go on See in context

I admire Mr Muto’s courage and resourcefulness. But if I get like him, shoot me.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Maki Goto apologizes for extramarital affair See in context

A former pop singer had an affair with her ex-boyfriend, then confessed on her blog and her husband forgave her. Do I need to know that?

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Posted in: Kremlin says talks with Japan over territorial dispute could take years See in context

Abe pledged to pay 300 billion yen of taxpayers’s money to develop the Northern Territories and now this. Japan has nothing to lose if it takes years to solve the territorial dispute with Russia. Take your time, Putin. You won’t be around forever.

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Posted in: Court turns down Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting on Tuesday See in context

Looks like Ghosn has taken to wearing a baseball cap. It kind of suits him.

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Posted in: Ghosn case makes Japan's 'hostage justice' system more visible See in context

The prosecution has a 99.9 percent conviction rate simply because prosecutors only indict cases where they are 100 percent sure they can get a conviction.

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Posted in: Ghosn's lawyers hand dossier to U.N. human rights office showing violations See in context

It’s Ghosn ‘s family, not his lawyers. who submitted a document to the UN working group. I hope this tactic will not backfire.

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S.-Japan alliance impediment to peace treaty talks See in context

Abe has met Putin twelve times and nothing was achieved. But it may be a good thing for Japan that Russia has stiffened it standce on the territorial negotiations, since Abe , in exchange for an immediate return of the two bigger islands, was on the verge of selling off the rest of the Northern Territories to Russia.

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Posted in: Trump-Kim rift over nuclear weapons underlines threat to Japan See in context

Acquiring the Aegis Ashore is money down the drain. The exorbitantly pricy defense system will not be an effective deterrent against North Korean nuclear threat. Why doesn’t anyone say the obvious solution—-a nuclear armed Japan.

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

I’ve never seen anyone eating with chopsticks in one hand and a cigarette in the other. You’d have to be a really dexterous person to be able to do that.

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Posted in: Trump touts rapport with Kim at summit; 'satisfied' with talks See in context

It’s beginning to look like Trump is going to recognize a nuclear-armed North Korea in exchange for Kim’s promise not to develop ICBM’s capable of reaching the mainland US.. The biggest loser will be Japan.

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Posted in: High risk of powerful quake in northeastern Japan within 30 years: panel See in context

How can they predict another powerful earthquake when they couldn’t predict the quake that hit Hokkaido last year ? Earthquake prediction is a quasi science and the government should stop wasting money on it.

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Posted in: List of Japanese female POWs held in Soviet labor camps after World War II discovered See in context

Being held in a Russian POW camp is about the worst thing that could happen to you. Of more than 100,000 Germans who surrendered after the battle of Stalingrad, only six thousand returned to Germany alive after WW2.

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Posted in: Couple indicted over death of granddaughter bitten by their dog See in context

The elderly couple must be devastated over the death of their grand daughter. I suppose the dog had to be destroyed.

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Posted in: Video of Ootoya restaurant employee exposing himself posted online See in context

From now on, I’m not going to eat oden at convenience stores. You never know what’s in it.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

How could Abe refuse Trump’s request? After all, Japan is a country that depends totally on US for its defense.

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Posted in: Japan to recognize indigenous Ainu people for first time See in context

The LDP has been taken over by globalists like Mr. Suga. Recognizing an ethnic minority as an indigenous people could undermine the Japanese national identity and divide the nation.

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Posted in: Global coal phase-out raises viability questions about Japanese plants See in context

It’s obvious that the only viable option is restarting the existing nuclear power plants. We shouldn’t waste time on such hoaxes as solar and wind powers. They won’t get anyone anywhere.

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Posted in: Deer-related injuries in Nara reach record number already this year See in context

The deer may have been frightened and upset by too many tourists visiting the Nara Park.

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