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So they are OK with driving 300 km/h in two wheels but not taking a shower in Japan? Priceless.

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There are several companies doing this already in market. I have been using Shipito for two years to do exactly the same.

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I am in Oota-ku too and this is by far the biggest that has hit us in Tokyo in the last 10 years or so.

Still a delivery guy from a supermarket brough us our order. He had dropped the eggs and was worried that some are broken but we told him not to worry. He wanted to bring us new ones still today! :)

Tamagawa seems to have swolled quite big but that was to be expected. I just hope the trees behind us will not decide to fall down...

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Uwe: I think you have misread as in August 21st Tepco said all thermometers in Reactor 1 showed readings under 100 C but that Reactor 2 and 3 are still over it. In August 22nd they said the Reactor 2 is at 114.0 Celsius so unchanged.

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Uwe: they probably did not mention the Fukushima as it did not have any relation to this quake and moreover the temperatures are not going up but are staying at 114 C as before.

Strange thing is that I did not notice the quake at all in Tokyo. Normally I am the only one who notices even the small quakes and gets scared...

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Must be this one:

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Posted in: Japan beats Yemen 3-2 in Asian Cup qualifier See in context

Beating Yemen should be no news for Japan so the situation before the World Cup does not seem so good. On the positive side it is nice to see Hirayama getting back to his level after several years of substandard play.

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