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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 84-year-old mother to death over breakfast dispute See in context

Hitting your mum is one thing. But accidentally killing her is another. Honestly, rage emits for many different reasons. He could have had a mental clinical condition which enforced the idea that violence was the solution. Surely, one wouldn't immediately think that punching someone would kill them. Unfortunately, this man didn't know or think that it would kill his mother.

Does he deserve prison for the rest of his life in an act of accidental first degree? I'm not entirely sure.

Because if, let's say, you got mad and punched someone at a bar or at school. You don't expect them to flop over and die. So should you be charged with murder, or assault?

They should asses his mentality, check in case, to see if he might have bipolarism or borderline personality disorder. Because people don't launch into a fit over missing breakfast to provoke violent behavior unless their's some sort of chemical imbalance in the brain.

So before you heartfelt individuals throw your hands up in cheer, think of this mans probably mental state. He might have something clinically wrong. And it all seems to be an accidental outcome.

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Posted in: After Psy, S Korea dreams of conquering music world See in context

Ah, and thus the Japan fan elitists sigh in contempt. It's great, really, when anti-kpop pro-jpop individuals step up with something insulting to say against another countries music.

Personally, I feel that pop has been a European/American influence for far longer, and the artists in Asia who follow that style are the ones who are mostly noticed because they mimic the western music style. Like it or not, Hollywood is the most recognized dream and talent home. Therefore, music that mimics the style found in America will be noticed by a broader audience.

PSY did just that, with its pulsing beats that somewhat sounded like a dubstep beat. So even without the video, it achieved that appeal to the ears just with the way it sounded. Of course, it's funny to think that k-pop will soar in other countries, but it's true. Has been. If you look up their videos (like Big Bang, 2NE1, DBSK) on youtube, you'll realize that the viewer count is high. Of course, people from the East contribute those views, but plenty from other countries do as well. So I feel that as far as popularity goes, k-pop achieved that long ago. But yes, PSY did bring out k-pop, not only because of the way the music sounded (because not everyone who likes it understands Korean) but because of the visual representation.

Here's a man who's seemingly short, who's chubby, looking a bit older than what he might be. He's not like those muscle built lean young k-pop boy band singers, so it's not an attractive appeal that he achieved. He's like The Lonely Island (as made popular by SNL casts), and you'd notice this in PSY's music. He loves to make himself the comedic spotlight, in style, dance, lyrics and video plots.

So yeah, he made himself famous with his comical achievements. But isn't that how it usually works in other countries as well? Especially if the audience doesn't entirely understand what he's going on about?

But I'm not sure as to how this will achieve greatness for K-Pop music as a whole, even if their rap groups and pop music style is more appealing than the Japanese attempt (J-Pop is too sparkly, cute and high pitched, fast and overly dramatic- not western at all). I feel that PSY and only PSY will be recognized over other groups. Sure, they'll try, but when it comes down to it, it'll be PSY fishing in all the attention.

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Posted in: Man arrested for biting 'snake-possessed' son to death See in context

So they were both equally mad. To think yourself possessed by a snake and being bitten to death by your own father would have landed both in a ward. Now, instead, one's dead and the other's in prison. What stupid outcome...

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