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I used to be an "Otaku" but as I watched more and more I've grew sick and tired of the same thing they put out. The Japanese never like to leave their comfort zone. I rather kill myself than watch another Junior high school girl late for school, grabs a bread with her mouth, runs out of the house and bumps into the main character showing her panties. And then said character is in the same class as her. Maybe once a year an actual good show comes out. Shows like FMA.

So so sick of the main character being a weak nerd yet having four girls fall for him. I understand it works because most neets/otakus act that way in Japan, and it's like a dream for them to find themselves in the same situation but that's just depressing.

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I have to agree with @Alex80.

I have been listening to Kpop for over 5 years now and I have seen it all. The whole industry is insane. The fans are insane. Anyone can be a Kpop star as long as you are somewhat pretty. If you don't believe me, look around any band and see how they were formed. You'd see that a lot of the members were picked up from the streets. For example, Sana from the insanely popular group TWICE. She was scouted in the streets while shopping with her friends.

Got7 Mark was scouted for his face in California during his high school years...He's not even Korean nor any talent. He had his face.

Time and time again the industry factory produce these bands in hoping that one will randomly make it with luck. They are all made the same way. The more kids you put in one band, the more chances of someone being a fan. The worst part is how they have to pretend to enjoy everything they are doing, always smiling, fake personalities, fake relationships and all. Yet the fans are the main reason. They are so delusional that I cannot stand it myself anymore. Their band of choice is always the "best, most talented, deserving". Case in point BTS. To me they are just another boy band with no actual talent, yet they are the most popular. They do nothing special over the others. If you aren't #1, you'll have fans fighting over each other at who's the best. I'm sure these people don't even actually listen to the music anymore, and they are all in for the fake personalities.

Read interviews by Jay Park. He used to be in 2PM an extremely popular boy band. He talks about how companies kill any unique personality, individuality anyone has, in favor of trends. Read interviews, watch videos of ex band members on youtube, they'll all tell you how sad the Kpop industry really is.

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