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Posted in: Wedding warfare in Las Vegas See in context

Not my type of movie but reading this piece, maybe I will consider watching it.

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Posted in: 'Vintage year divorce' hits older couples See in context

Husbands/men everywhere always underestimate their wives/women - taking them for granted. How many relationships I had to end w/a great guy all because after a while he started getting this idea that he had a good thing to stay that he could have meaningless flings on the side and when he was not feeling at his best he could always crawl back to that one woman who loves him. But sorry men, it appears 20 years seems to be the limit for some - in my case, 20 minutes.

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Posted in: Belly up See in context

Maybe the prices are cheaper now than if sold in winter when they are more in demand?

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Posted in: A Boy Called H See in context

Probably just picked it up to read and thought of sharing it w/those who are 8-years-too-slow? ^^,

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Posted in: Rhinestone Cowgirl See in context

Cute. My cousin has something similar to this but I prefer the ones found on this site: http://www.ifa.philips.com/images.html

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman in wheelchair dies after falling from bus in Hokkaido See in context

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of Mrs. Tamiya.

But I must say I agree with Serindipity. Silly as it might be for an 81-year-old woman on a wheelchair to be wearing a helmet, it probably would have saved her had she been wearing one.

More likely than not, I believe you are right Sarge - if there was no malfunction in the lift then neither the bus driver or caregiver had any experience in getting this woman on board.

I would think again about who you trust your life with - especially at an old age.

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Posted in: Deodorant suits and shirts See in context

ThePro: Haha, I couldn't agree with you more!

I hope they make these available worldwide! I know a lot of men who are not Japanese who need these more! ugh

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Posted in: Pregnant Megumi has to contend with husband's partying See in context

Cammi: Haha, great idea!

But I would have to agree with The Maniac.

Still this is not uncommon. Most Japanese men are like that once their wives get pregnant. Marriage for them is another a contract - making sure there is someone to take of them and a child to carry on their family name. Is it any wonder why educated Japanese women today have decided to remain single even into their late 30s?

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Posted in: Fashion ring See in context

You know for nothing I could make one by bending one of my dad's many copper/metal wires then I can be just as "fashionable" hehe.

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Posted in: Espresso with wings See in context

'Brave the bendy grip'? 'Bring cheer to you in those early hours'?

Cute cup but I would hate to have to concentrate so hard to keep my hot coffee from spilling onto my lap in the early hours of the morning with a rubbery grip for a handle.

Does anyone know who writes these articles? The way the reporters describe things is so unclear that it sends out the wrong message to people. I guess that is why there are more negative feedbacks than positive ones on this site.

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Posted in: Disc protection See in context

LoL at TPOJ.

I know I would definitely buy these. I hate having to lend my DVDs and music CDs to people only to have them return them with scratches. That makes sense now! I bet my friends are using my CDs are frisbees! curses under breath

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Posted in: Sky Aquarium See in context

Can anyone find Nemo?

Jokes aside, that looks really pretty.

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Posted in: Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White See in context

I own the DVD-version of this by Michael Aris and I really liked it. I am thrilled there is now a manga version for English-speakers like myself.

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Posted in: Watermelon See in context

Aww, looking at this photo brings back happy childhood memories.

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Posted in: Green tea ice cream from Häagen-Dazs See in context

Looks appealing. I cannot say it is disgusting if I never tried it. Still Haagen-Daasu might not make the best green-tea ice cream but I am sure other companies would do a better job at it.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty 1-Seg portable TV See in context

I wish the screen was wider (cover the fruits to the left, if not then Hello Kitty too). Still so kawaii!

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