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MeLuvULongTimes comments

Posted in: Sirens blare as Japan, fearing N Korea, holds first missile drill See in context

If there is another war in Korea, it will be catastrophic for North Korea, South Korea, China, and Japan. The damage and bloodshed from the war will be extensive and the clean up effort afterwards will be astronomically expensive. Indeed, all four nations' economies could go bankrupt altogether all at the same time. And that, of course, would trigger a global depression.

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Posted in: Trump blames Oscars chaos on show's political tone See in context

Hollywood can't even run its own Oscars but it thinks it can run America. LOL! :D #MAGA #TRUMP2020

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Posted in: Kyoto Board of Education administers English test for teachers with disheartening results See in context

Looks like it's time to restart that 'ol Eikaiwa gravy train one more time! :D

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reportedly plans to propose a major economic cooperation package meant to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. when he meets with President Donald Trump on Friday See in context

Within the past 100+ years, time and time again the United States of America has come to the aid and assistance to more countries more times than any other country anywhere else in the entire world. Of those countries, Japan has been the biggest beneficiary by far. This is indisputable. So it is now time for Japan to stand up and come to the aid of its benefactor and pony up some serious long-term financial and jobs related projects. Furthermore, these negotiations between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe will be very beneficial for both countries in many great ways long into the future. #MAGA #MJGA

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Posted in: Smokers face tighter rules as Tokyo eyes smoke-free Olympics See in context

Then don't wait for 2020, do it now - nationwide.

But why? Za Olympikusu izu noto heru yetu desu ne! ;D

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO tweets Trump move to ban refugees makes him cry See in context

The temporary ban is based on the countries that present the highest terror threat levels as previously determined by the Obama administration. It is NOT based on religion as Mikitani claimed. Also Japan Airlines is supporting Trump's ban and are to begin screening passengers from the seven countries on the banned list. Officials at Japan’s second biggest carrier will contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency when passengers from those countries check in at the airport before departure to confirm whether they will be allowed entry, a spokesman for the airline said. If JAL is informed that the passengers in question are subject to the entry ban, it will advise them before boarding. The airline is requesting that passengers booked on U.S.-bound flights arrive at airports well in advance of their departure. #MAGA

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Posted in: What do you think the Japan-U.S. relationship will be like after Donald Trump takes power? See in context

It will improve because when Abe asks Trump "How high should I jump President Trump?" The Donald will then hold his arm up higher than Obama did four years prior and that will be the difference in improvement in the US-Japan relationship. Next stupid question. Go!

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be a safer place with Donald Trump as U.S. president? See in context

President Elect Trump is exactly what America and Japan need right now in this time of history. The real enemy is radical Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism. President Obama and Killary Clinton can't even say the words but they are guilty of creating these terrorists and are actually even more dangerous as they want to keep going after enemies that they created by selling heavy arms and weaponry to years before but now want to cover it up. So they are the war mongers not Trump! They became good friends with Qatar and Saudi Arabia and got stabbed in the back just before the election because of it! :) Oh well, too bad. But one thing is for sure and there will never, ever be another black president in the US ever again and there will never be a female president in the US within the foreseeable future. Like everything else that she has ever done, Killary trashed that prospect quite well indeed. Oh well.

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Posted in: Bach proposes holding 2020 Olympic events in disaster area See in context

As the Japanese government and Japanese contractors continue to prove their inability to plan, construct and manage the Olympic Games in 2020, without a doubt the IOC will finally come to the conclusion that it will be in everyone's best interest to move the games to Beijing, China.

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Posted in: Michael Moore announces surprise Trump film See in context

Michael Moore lives a luxury lifestyle in Beverly Hills riding in limos, private jets and eating gourmet food etc Then at the same time he makes these ludicrous "documentaries" that, he claims, are for the downtrodden people of our world. What a hypocrite! Vote for Donald Trump 2016!!!

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Posted in: Despite harsh reviews, Trump resists new debate approach See in context

Let's Make America Great Again! Vote For Donald Trump 2016!

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't panel to propose 3 Olympic venue changes as costs mount See in context

This is obviously spiraling out of control and may involve outsourcing some of the 2020 Summer Olympics to China (LOL! :D) or the outright cancellation of the whole thing. Otherwise, it will probably involve a significant increase in taxes in order to make it all happen. It's really sad to see this happening with so many Japanese citizens who are still stuck in temporary housing because of the Fukushima disaster. Maybe they will be able to move into the vacant Olympic Village luxury condos after the games are finished though, right? :D

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump debate fiercely over taxes, race, terror See in context

Trump won the debate in a landslide. Here are the poll results:






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Posted in: Increasing number of women leave rice behind at revolving sushi train restaurants See in context

Such a waste. This needs to stop as there are many starving African children who would love to eat that rice. Japan also needs to stop wasting the Amazon Rain Forest by using wooden chopsticks one time and then throwing them away. If you insist on eating with primitive sticks, then please make them plastic and wash and reuse them.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki headed for second divorce See in context

She's irrelevant, probably burning up thousands of dollars everyday on this new tour promotion, has no "quality" original material for a new album, wants a baby (but husband does not because he knows that she could simply vanish one day with his child never to be seen again), and with so very many gorgeous and available women in Los Angeles and the doctor having been there and done that, he has no physical desire whatsoever for Hamasaki anymore. It's over.

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Posted in: Trump tells black churchgoers in Detroit his visit is 'to learn' See in context

Today's Reuters national poll shows Trump in the lead! Vote Donald Trump 2016! Make America great again!

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Posted in: Getting along See in context

This photo could become historical. After President Trump walks away from next year's US-Japan SOFA agreement negotiations, the US military will exit Japan. What then will happen?

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Posted in: Exhibition puts Japan's child prostitution in the limelight See in context

This kind of sex for debt repayment extortion is quite common in fact. It is found throughout the Japanese entertainment industry and there are so many "talento agencies" that are guilty of it. I also heard that in the past even Avex Tracks was involved in it too.

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Posted in: Edward Snowden talks about film dramatizing his life See in context

I can't wait to see this movie. I would not be surprised if Snowden was also behind the recent DNC email leaks that have seriously damaged the DNC convention and forced the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This latest round of corruption exposure has really hurt HRC and yet another round is expected soon according to Julian Assange. Most likely that will come from Snowden as well and Assange says it could be strong enough to indict Clinton on new criminal charges. Either way though, she's already finished.

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Posted in: Fitch cuts outlook on Japan over sales tax delay See in context

In order to avoid recession or depression, the government must spend what the central bank prints. Not spending is not an option. However, over spending and spending on unnecessary public projects is also just as ludicrous. Also major corruption and scandals negatively affect the world view of national governments and the value of national currencies.

So as long as the yen stays "strong" or at least is viewed as "strong" then things should be OK in Japan. But the key statistic to watch and hope to not see increase is the JGB long rates. If long rates on JGBs were to suddenly rise really high, then you'll suddenly need a big bucket full of 10,000 yen notes to buy one bag of rice and the world economy will flip again. And it would be much worse than 2008. Or if there were some major scandals uncovered in the Diet or the BOJ, the outcome would also be catastrophic. We're still in a very fragile 'recovery' period, let's hope that none of the above happens.

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Posted in: GPlus Media launches service to help foreigners find high-quality rental housing in Japan See in context

Are there really so many foreigners who are actually insane enough to continue living in Japan to make this a viable business model?

Also, of those maniacs, are there actually enough of those so stupid and insane enough as to pay from 200,000 - 900,000 yen per month for a small concrete box prison cell in the downtown area? There are many, many better deals that can be found by looking and dealing directly through Japanese realtors. There are so many empty apartments all over Tokyo now, and they will deal with foreigners if you can speak Japanese and have the yen.

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Posted in: Obama tells Trump: 'This is not a reality show' See in context

"Obama you're fired." Donald Trump, November 8, 2016

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Posted in: Obama urges Asian-Americans to stand up to bigotry See in context

"Obama, you're fired." - Donald Trump 2016

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Posted in: U.S. places Japan, 4 other countries on trade monitoring list See in context

This is all coming from Donald Trump and the GOP party. Why? Because it's an election year and he who has the most carrier groups wins. And as much as you may hate him, Mr. Trump may become the next POTUS. Likewise, Hillary may go to prison but if not her vote will be split between Bernie Sanders' upcoming independent POTUS campaign and Clinton's Democratic run. Which could give Sanders or Trump the Oval Office but it will not be Clinton. No way.

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Posted in: Agency to Hawaii residents: Don't hate tourists See in context

Living in Hawaii is actually even worse than living in Japan. Even smaller islands that are all even more crowded and even more expensive. The only good things about living in Hawaii are surfing, weed, and getting a suntan. Everything else sucks. Everyone knows that. Especially the Hawaiians. Most locals who have a home, are forced to live together in very depressing and overly crowded multi-generational homes for their entire lives. Many just crack and can't take it and turn to alcoholism, substance abuse and homelessness. It's like a paradisiacal nightmare to many Hawaiians - it looks beautiful but it really is so truly horrible.

On all the islands there is a housing shortage because of so many moratoriums of building on "sacred land" etc. So, because of that, so many people can't afford anywhere to live! If one is wealthy enough to be able to build a new place, the building quality is generally much cheaper than even Japan and the mainland US and following that the buildings are severely punished by more harsher weather and have to be repaired more often. And then the new homeowner from the mainland will face local dislike and racism at some point or another. Many people end up leaving Hawaii because of that. And Hawaiians are even worse than Japanese about that. I know I use to live there and in Japan too. Back on the mainland now.

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Posted in: LDP to tackle 'taboo' of expanding foreign labor force See in context

The only way for "Japan" to continue to exist is to surrender its sovereign status to the United States of America and become an official territory of the USA. The Japanese language, it's ancient meaningless culture, and it's archaic naming system must be completely abolished and replaced by the superior American English system. All Japanese Government officials must be immediately terminated and replaced by American Government officials and their assistants. American contractors and their employees will then be given priority to all construction projects throughout "Japan". English will become the official language of "Japan" which, in time, will be renamed. This is the only solution.

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Posted in: Japan's looming benefit cuts an unspoken, unsettling election theme See in context

@Reckless I would suggest that you call the US Embassy and ask about paying into US Social Security. I'm sure that they will be very happy to help you with that. As for getting out of the Japan Pension Service, it may be possible but I am not sure. It should also be noted that the JPS is the world's largest retirement fund with over one trillion dollars in reserves. It may be best for you to stay in it.

As for your concern about the US and Japan going broke, this will never happen. Trillion dollar economies don't go broke, they adjust. I'll probably get heat for this, but IMHO what Abe and Kuroda are doing now is best for long-term growth in Japan. I know they are not popular, but it is exactly the same for Obama and Bernanke in the US. Abe and Kuroda are two radical leaders that Japan has needed for a very long time. That said, some like myself, feel that they should be doing more in terms of societal reforms as well as economic reforms. You can't have one without the other.

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Posted in: Japan's looming benefit cuts an unspoken, unsettling election theme See in context

I agree with you mr_jgb. It's more than just economic reforms that are needed to help Japan, it also involves wide scale societal reforms. To start with, opening the doors more for immigration of experts and professionals, the legalization of gambling (which Abe has proposed), the legalization of marijuana (which actually is deeply rooted in the mythology of Shinto) and the legalization of prostitution (which, of course, already exists throughout the nation) would all greatly benefit the Japanese society and create rivers of tax revenues and jobs for everyone. Just those four changes alone would enable Japan to become a really true economic power once again.

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Posted in: Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees on 190-km coast See in context

Instead of trees, it would be more fitting to build a statue of Albert Einstein. And they should build the statue as big as The Statue of Liberty! And they should have this well-known quote inscribed on it very clearly: "Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water."

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Posted in: Sea of masks See in context

The mask - a "badge of honor" to wear to work as it shows your fellow coworkers that even when you are sick, you still come to the office and "work". Meanwhile your coworkers in your section all get sick and, of course, they start to wear masks to work. Then in a short time, the whole company gets sick, then the whole company wears masks. Then the whole building and the one next door and then on and on and on. But it's OK because if you keep smiling and wear your mask then the hot particles of radiation and cesium deposits already in your body won't do anything. Amiright?

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