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There may be many more Katos in the makings.

Nowadays, there are so very many Japanese, young and old who are either underemployed (working poor) or simply flat out unemployed. The current rates are the worst ever in the history of the nation. The "official" unemployment rate is 5% or so, but in reality, it is much, much higher. This is especially the case for freeters and hakken staff, who now make up over 30% of Japan's labor force. Below are some recently published rates by age groups:

Unemployment rates of non-regular employees:















And as Edward Hugh recently wrote:

"Once Japan has a trade deficit it will all be over pretty quickly, since then of course they will have to attract funds to finance the deficit, and this is where things will start to get pretty tricky."

Indeed, things do not bode well for this island nation. And once upon a time, it was so vibrant and dynamic. These days it is all just so very sad. :(

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It is only a matter of time before the economy/currency here crashes in a massive way. Anyone living in Japan - local or Gaijin - who keeps significant currency assets in Japan, has rocks in their head...

If this happens, it won't really matter where we are as there will be a massive global depression unlike anything ever seen before. God help us all.

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WOW! There are so very many Japanese people who really need help here nowadays. This is all quite surreal, indeed. But, behind China, Japan actually has the second highest account surplus in the world weighing in at approximately 13 trillion dollars. Therefore, in order to help prevent a systemic global economic collapse, it is imperative that Japan provides financial support in Europe.

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I have seen Taro perform all around Tokyo a few times. In his performance, he uses signs and other props for all his portrayals of world-famous artwork. He is, indeed, 'The Living Museum of Art'!

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Taro is an incredible mime artist and very funny too!

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Yes, there are still some things that the Japanese-Government KK could do to prevent a Grecian-style economic collapse, but as my financial analyst friend says, "They won't change anything until the trash starts piling up in the streets." :(

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Well, basically, it all is very simple:

"The US and China: One Side is Losing, the Other is Winning"

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I read somewhere that the NK troops have already started shooting at SK's psycho-war speakers. I expect a firefight to soon breakout on the DMZ any day now.

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Pizza Hut EXTRA LARGE pizzas, KFC double downs, FIVE GALLON tubs of ice cream, Chittos, Dorritos, Twinkies and so on. Hell, just export obesity and finally defeat world hunger once and for all! /sarcasm ;O)

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There's something 'unnatural' about this shot. It's either outright fake (i.e. 'a man'/tranny) or, most likely, it is a posed setup shot to promote a boring bar with way too many full bottles and WAY TOO MUCH LIGHT GOING ON! Nice try Tokyo Reporter Cub. At least get her to go topless next time.

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Does "Aroma" actually mean "healthy"???

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