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Posted in: Man admits fatal abuse of 5-year-old stepdaughter See in context

These stories of child abuse are so painful to see. Something must be done to stop this. To identify the cause and attack that cause.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


Racist comments are not okay. And I do not make racist comments. But to say that a person of color can present themselves as a Caucasian, and the opposite is not true is inequality. In fact, it could be considered discrimination in reverse.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


That’s a good excuse!

Sun damage to skin is relatively recent ( decades) news. Japanese women have been trying to look white for most of the past 100 years.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


I depends if there’s racist intent or not. And if a black person is making up as a white person, it won’t draw criticism.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


How about Japanese women trying to make themselves look white - parasols, makeup? You okay with that? I’ve always thought it’s ridiculous.

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Posted in: 'Joker' not a hero, says studio, as Aurora families voice concern See in context

I think there‘s nothing wrong in showing the shaping of a character who turned bad - on how he turned bad. There are two issues here - it’s about guns, and the killer is white. The left is always deriding white males and it is afraid this will influence some whites males into copying these atrocities. Note: mass killers in the US are usually marginalized, lonely young white men who grew up feeling rejected.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl stabbed to death at home See in context

Child welfare should be very vigilant and that many young women - not meaning THIS case - are capitivated by some forceful guy who mistreats the child.

Not saying THIS father.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones get a little piece of Mars to call their own See in context

These guys are all older than Donald Trump. Just consider that. Actually, as a person who enjoyed the Stones in their heyday, I think it’s almost a kind of insult to their own legacy and to their great music that they still continue to “perform” that music today. My God, leave it alone! Are young people attending a Stones concert now expected to believe they are experiencing anything whatsoever of what the Stones or their contemporaries were 40 or 50 years ago?

Just awful.

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Posted in: Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left See in context

zichi, he said nothing in any of those cases that could be defined as “racist”

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Posted in: Trump's fake accent angers Asian Americans as they veer left See in context

We know all about his locker room humor which he can’t keep there.

But that’s not racist. In fact, Trump criticized Harvard and Ivy League schools in general for setting higher admission standards for East Asian applicants - and setting lower standards for other minorities.

On that, East Asians can claim true racism on the part of those liberal universities. Because that is where it really is. Trump would never do anything to discourage East Asian applicants, and they know it.

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Posted in: Defending champs Osaka, Djokovic are No. 1 seeds for U.S. Open See in context

A lot of pressure on Naomi Osaka to prove that ranking.

A world no.1 ranking should mean you can generally be counted on to win. But right now, there are lots of women out there who can beat Osaka.

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Posted in: 'Easy Rider' star, 1960s swashbuckler Peter Fonda dies at 79 See in context

Yeah, I remember Easy Rider. I liked his father’s movies too, especially Grapes of Wrath from depression years. So, it was sad for me to learn from this that Peter’s mother had a nervous breakdown from learning of Peter’s father’s extramarital affair. And that she later killed herself with a razor blade to her throat. This was more shocking than the news of Peter’s death. He was only 10 when he lost his mother. Not sure if he knew why.

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Posted in: In three shaken U.S. cities, Lady Gaga tries to channel 'fury into hope' See in context

It would also be great if people like Lady Gaga came out against all the violent action movies that make billions of dollars for Hollywood. Movies that are ablaze with blinding explosions, high-power weaponry killing “alien forces” amid casual joking one-liners by the “heroes”.

But that’s okay? You don’t think that desensitizes young people to violence and firearms??

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Posted in: Man arrested for second time for secretly filming women in toilets See in context

Norman Goodman

Yes, I think you analyzed the fantasy pretty well. They don’t really want to see the toilet products, but other than that.

And, yes, sexual frustration is a major problem. You can see in the U.S. where the news outlets that happily parade hyper sexual culture are the same ones that express shock and anger over crimes resulting from sexual frustration.

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Posted in: Matthew Wolff a PGA Tour winner at age 20 in 3rd pro start See in context


Well, calling any pro athlete a hero is a bit much. How about the hero worship of NBA basketball players, like LeBron James? Awful.

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Posted in: Pussy Riot performing in Alabama to protest 'ridiculous' abortion ban See in context

Why are they even IN Alabama? If Alabama is such a draconian state, don’t they themselves think it’s strange that they can parade themselves and their opinions there? They know that America - even in Alabama - is so far to the left now that they can do what they’re doing.

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Posted in: Uniqlo to switch from plastic to paper bags worldwide from Sept. See in context

So, if I buy a pair of pants at Uniqlo, how will they be covered? I hope you’re not going to tell me in a paper bag. I hope you’re not going to tell me not covered at all.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga leads surge in women to become Oscar voters See in context

”The organization is becoming less and less American”

Well, not really. Just fewer and fewer white men. Which in the globalist agenda means “ white men “.

You know, like Joe Biden said was a good thing. Great, Joe. Such a courageous Politician. Let’s make sure that fade out includes you.

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

Extanker. I don’t understand what you mean by “not the subject at hand”. What do I have to do? Express my (obvious) sorrow about these kids who were hit before I can write my idea?

I’m not going to let that take me away from my belief there’s a hit job on old drivers. And I almost never see articles about other accidents unless they’re runaway maniacs.

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

Tourism is a land mine waiting to explode in Japan. It will take just one major incident involving bad tourists to get the old “This is Japan!” reaction from Japanese. And it will be a voice in unison.

Japanese should think very carefully about immigration too. Tourism is a heads up signal about over population of foreign cultures,

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Posted in: Japan sets carbon-neutral goal by 2050 See in context

JonathanJo. Right. And that’s why it’s hopeless because west will not interfere. The left would consider it racist or neo-colonial mindset. That’s the irony because they’re the ones screaming about climate change.

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

Speed. Telepathic thinking? I was thinking so at the same time this morning when I made my comment. Yeah, media project to go after seniors. Japan hates old people. And this will, of course, only get worse.

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Posted in: Car hits preschool children, injuring two in Nishinomiya See in context

Extanker 69 is old? How about all the accidents caused by teens and 20s? Teens and early 20s can’t even rent cars in the U.S. often because of the stats. on them. But they don’t even get in the news here. Very suspicious. The media is part of a project to get seniors to give up their driving licenses.

Japan is a very conservative country. Wants retirees to dutifully sit at home with grandchildren and die off.

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Posted in: Mother suspected of killing 3-month-old by dropping her on floor See in context

Commenters are talking about post-partum depression, happens everywhere etc. etc. etc.

Did post-partum depression kill that 2 year old girl in Sapporo recently? She cried from her apartment for months. When she died, she’d had no food in her for 2-3 weeks. Beating wounds all over her body. Cigarette burns all over her body. Neighbors called and called for help. Child welfare, police passed the responsibility and took no action while she cried for help. Child welfare’s excuse: no night visits to homes. No night visits after all those calls and cries from that little girl.

I was sick - sick! - reading this case.

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Posted in: Heat wave deaths climb to 80 as authorities weigh preventive measures See in context

Yes! As stated by commenter above - Daylight Saving Time. To save energy and maybe lives, and certainly a more comfortable life. But the clock is sacred in Japan. All bow down before the clock. To alter the clock is to go against nature itself here!

So, pack your Eco bag and do what looks good. And never mind if anything is accomplished.

Have fun in your Alphard vans!

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Slightly cooler air backing into Kanto area from the northeast today. Not sure why. Not reaching the Gifu- Kyoto area however. Not yet anyway.

I'll go out on a limb and say the heat wave has maxed out. That doesn't mean pleasant, just a few degrees down on the way.

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Posted in: At least 11 more dead as heat wave continues to grip Japan See in context

Trouble is, kinda early for typhoons. Is only July.

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Posted in: At least 11 more dead as heat wave continues to grip Japan See in context

We need a typhoon!

Typhoons can break it. This is an entrenched pattern but when a typhoon comes in it breaks up the pattern. Afterwards, the pattern may try to re-organize but usually can't do it. Of course, I know we're supposed to say typhoons are terrible. That's PC requirement in Japan.

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Posted in: At least 11 more dead as heat wave continues to grip Japan See in context

Accuweather, which gives professional international overviews, believes the Japan heat wave has already killed, not 20 or 30 as reported in newspapers, but hundreds. And that before it ends, maybe thousands. Much higher than the west Japan flood.

Why so many unreported? Apparently it's difficult to say definitively how attributable deaths are to heat waves because many long term health problems are worsened. Even traffic deaths increase because drivers' concentration and mood are affected.

This will never be reported in the news, because Japan only considers immediate and direct causes. But heat waves always involve an enormous loss of life. And this heatwave, maybe especially in Kyoto and west central Japan, is the worst ever in Japan. Worse than 1994 for extended 38-40 degree days, although deaths are probably higher in Osaka and Tokyo because of high pop.

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Posted in: Heatstroke sends over 10,000 people to hospital for 2nd week in a row See in context

I'd be interested to know heat stroke stats for other places in the world with hot summers. I think here are more here than other places. You hear ambulances all the time. I agree with many comments here. Nuclear plants are off so the fear of electricity bills is high, so the subtle message is don't use air conditioning at home. Sit in the bathtub. Of course trains, supermarkets, convenience stores are freezing. That's business.

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