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Posted in: 'I Am Woman' singer Helen Reddy dies at 78 in Los Angeles See in context

She was a beautiful singer in the 1970s. Australia’s most famous.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

This is a case of Japanese saying what they don’t really believe to be true. That is tatemae. Japanese can do it. Westerners cannot do it - If Westerners say something, they’ve a pressure to actually believe it. That’s why political correctness is not as dangerous in Japan as it is in the US, for example.

It’s still disgusting, though.

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Posted in: F1 champion Hamilton pledges to boost diversity in auto racing See in context


Oh yeah. And let’s get more black sumo wrestlers into sumo in Japanese tournaments. And let’s have street demos until they are represented ( even if they aren’t really interested!)


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Posted in: Japan may see resurgence of coronavirus cases, experts warn See in context

Yeah, hype it up. Scare people in case they get happy.

In Canada news ( also a country with low incidence), they like to show an interview with a person in a hospital warning people. I’ve never once seen an article interviewing someone who has it explaining how they’re making their symptoms better and keeping their chin up.

Never once!

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Posted in: Nearly 36,000 Japanese firms shut down business due to COVID-19 See in context

The continued destruction of the economy and of small business around the world.

By the pandemic? No! By the people who are handling the situation. Handling our lives. And if you criticize, they’ll say you’re only interested in money - as if you were sitting around counting banknotes - and not about people’s families and livelihoods being destroyed.

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Posted in: Osaka’s aged idol group Obachaaan still on fire, also helping prevent fires See in context

Average age of members is 66?

That’s just middle age in Japan.

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Posted in: Tropical storm heading northward toward Japan See in context


” I wonder how many down with COVID vs. how many down with heat stroke”

Exactly right. Such huge numbers of those heat stroke victims in ambulances that we saw and heard all summer. Taken so casually.

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Posted in: Osaka to face Azarenka in U.S. Open final See in context

How did Serena Williams blow a lead of up 1-6 after the first set? Anybody see this and comment?

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Posted in: Spike Lee launches pandemic-hit Toronto festival with online premiere See in context

From being a great movie maker, Spike Lee went to total self-consumption by his anti-white racism. I’m sorry. I really did enjoy his movies - She’s Gotta Have It, Do The Right Thing and others. Sad.

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Posted in: Two Australian state leaders defend COVID-19 restrictions as cases ease See in context

Yes. It’s so disgusting. No surprise Tom Hanks can get into Queensland to “complete a film” ($) while ordinary people can’t. We know where this is going. You leaders are disgusting.

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Posted in: Trump revels at Michigan rally as thousands defy coronavirus safety rules See in context

Further to my above post:

And this number of COVID deaths is not permanent. It will decrease or disappear someday. However, the other deaths are from causes that will not disappear, even though there are many things which could be done to decrease them. But nobody complains about it.

So get over yourselves and live your life and let others live theirs as they want to.

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Posted in: Trump revels at Michigan rally as thousands defy coronavirus safety rules See in context

There would have been 200,000 dead anyway. It’s the nature of dynamic America to have high numbers in its 335,000,000. Ask yourself if Biden could do anything to lower deaths/day. Anything?

Anyway, how many people die every day in America? You don’t know. Well, I’ll tell you. Over 6,000. We’ve lived with losing 6,000 a day up to now. Well, so now it’s 7. And probably many of those are actually dying from their original ailment anyway, but happened to be COVID positive at death.

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Posted in: 'Avengers' and 'Game of Thrones' star Diana Rigg dies at 82 See in context

She was the very classy tough-sexy secret agent in The Avengers with the older, crispy but humorous agent John Steed.

She just called him, “Steed”

He called her, “ Mrs. Peel”.

I liked that.

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Posted in: Koike lowers virus alert; Tokyo to be included in Go To travel campaign from Oct 1 See in context


I guess you are fine by yourself and don’t need human company.

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Posted in: Tokyo to end shorter hours for bars; virus alert to be lowered See in context

Having fun spreads the virus. So bars etc. are out.

Laughing spreads the virus. So, socializing is out.

Mask covers my smile. That’s half communication. They can’t cover the eyes. Well, they could force goggles, I guess.

The living dead.

But online life supporting mega-billionaires.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for kidnapping 9-year-old girl he met via online game See in context

I said “No” to two men in a car that pulled up beside me. I was a boy of 6 years old. I almost went, but I knew something was wrong. And in broad daylight.

That’s a long time ago. I sometimes wonder what would have happened.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for beating 20-year-old wife to death with fishing rod See in context

Why do they put the ages of the two people? Because they want you to be more enraged because the man is much older?


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Posted in: Super typhoon heads toward southeast Japan See in context


Yes. Old Japanese men who go up on the roof to fix tiles in a typhoon: I would like them to get less news coverage. And little children who die from parental neglect should get MORE coverage. That should REALLY be big news.

JMA online weather site: This is the best weather information site that I have seen anywhere. I’m from North America. Nothing there is as good as this site. Too bad it’s only national. I wish it were for all countries worldwide.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after daughters, aged 6 and 3, die in overheated car while she goes drinking See in context

Stories of neglectful single mothers, out drinking, slaves to their obnoxious new boyfriends. Their little kids dying as a result.

This is happening in Japan all the time. I’m so disgusted. DISGUSTED! And we have to hear that Japan is such a safe country, but why do these crimes go on all the time!

Somebody, DO something! This is so sickening.

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Posted in: Super typhoon heads toward southeast Japan See in context

Stay safe, everyone.

Typhoon is coming to Kyushu. They’ve had typhoons lots of times before, but need reminders to stay safe.

And in case, you’re thinking of going out in the storm, please remember - stay safe.

And coronavirus is around and you may forget about that.

So, I just want to tell everyone one thing.

Stay safe.

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Posted in: Maximum caution urged as super typhoon approaches southwest Japan See in context

Re: “stay safe”

People don’t resent this. It’s just that it’s such an obvious thing. They are not little children.

Also, people are irritated by the constant “stay safe” message associated with the virus.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context


Michael Wood is a revolting scam.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context


Preparedness is not bias. Of course, with 1) the high incidence of black crime, and 2) the politics and violent protesting associated with it, they HAVE to consider the ramifications. They are forced to.

But - again - return to the fundamental problem: Why do black men commit so much crime? And other black people are usually the victims - Sometimes helpless, elderly black people alone in their apartments or walking. Do you care nothing about them?

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context


No, they are obviously being polite and patient. Check it. Can’t be faked and rehearsed. Check the videos on YouTube.

Look, it all starts with this: Blacks are far more likely %-wise, to commit crime. I know it. You know it. I don’t know if you’re black or white, but you know it. Jesse Jackson knows it. He said how he’s afraid on a street with black men possibly following him.

Start with that fact. All the problems stem from that and people’s refusal to admit what they know.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context

Wow, so sad. Naomi Osaka was so simple and “ Japanese” in deferring away from controversy. But they got to her. Expect her head to be the size of a tennis court within a year, That’s what happens to the egos of celebrities that “speak out“. And don’t talk about how she’s “free” and “has the right”. The question you should ask is if she’s free to NOT speak out.

I liked Naomi. And a great talent. But - to be honest - not what you’d call a very smart girl.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context


In nearly all the “famous” shootings of blacks by white police, it starts with the white cop trying as much as possible to be patient and polite. Then the black guy flips out and trouble follows. Check the famous cases of traffic stops. Or the guy killed in Atlanta who parked in a drive-through zone. The cops are really polite.

However, I’ve seen cases where they were not. And that was when white guys were killed by the cops.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context


In the body cam recordings I’ve seen, police are always seen as polite to blacks unless approaching known criminal - despite their treatment by protestors.

As far as being more ready for problems if stopping Blacks, that’s quite likely. But who’s responsible for that? High black crime, high likelihood Blacks will flee ( usually because already have criminal record on file).

You just proved the point yourself.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context

You don’t have any proof that police kill or injure Blacks because they are black. You have no proof that it’s based on racism.

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Posted in: Trump visits Kenosha, calls violence 'domestic terrorism' See in context

“Militias” have to take action if governors and mayors too weak to control their streets. Police have been made inactive so the rioters can surround and beat up any white person walking down the street in downtown Portland who’s not Antifa. Of course Trump has to take action on that.

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Posted in: CBS Sports examines racism with 'Portraits in Black' See in context

Yes, to above comment. This topic should stay out of sports - although I think it’s already too late. Also, this article is lacking examples of what the programming here is about.

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