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Posted in: Revised cherry blossom forecast for Japan says flowers will bloom early this year See in context

Okinawa is great. And it is a lot warmer than Honshu. But it is not tropical.

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Posted in: Yen set for turnaround in 2023 after slide to 32-year low against dollar See in context

In October, did anyone say the yen would make a comeback? Not a single analyst. I can’t see any reason for it.

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Posted in: 5 dead, suspect killed in Toronto area condo shooting See in context

You can argue about where the guns come from all you want. Main thing is you’re doing that to avoid talking about who’s using them. The vast majority of Canadians are not interested in having guns.

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Posted in: Repent Ye: UK studio helps ex-fans of Kanye get rid of their tattoos See in context

Why the hell would you get a tattoo of ANY entertainment celebrity? Stupid times!

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Posted in: 5 dead, suspect killed in Toronto area condo shooting See in context

Americans who don’t know anything Canada but what they want to believe.

Toronto is a sprawling city of over 5 million with the suburbs.

Toronto has very high immigration.

Toronto has high gang population in certain parts of the city - gangs like in American cities.

So figure it out.

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Posted in: Man beaten, robbed after being lured on a date on social media See in context


Sorry. Sarcasm doesn’t work very well sometimes, especially in Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida says he will include women's views in policymaking See in context

Everyone knows the term “empty suit”, right?

And everyone knows such-and-such term was “invented for” someone, right?

Okay, here he is.

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Posted in: Japan reports 66,397 new coronavirus cases See in context

More foreigners in Japan are setting a good example to the Japanese. To stand up and not wear the mask.

Thank you.

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Posted in: Japan to ask for electricity saving from Dec 1 to end of March to avoid power crunch See in context

I’m sick of watching big business stores, supermarkets and pachinko parlors luxuriating in bright warm comfort while poor families freeze. Dutifully trotting off shopping with eco bags while supermarkets continue to wrap their foods in so much plastic you need scissors to remove it. Living all together in one AC room while the other rooms are freezing cold (or baking hot in summer). This is stupid. People are being used.

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Posted in: Children troubled by parents' religion want 'exit' system, survey shows See in context

Unfortunately, the Japanese, who are known for throwing the baby out with the bath water, will use the Unification scandal to further avoid any spiritual inquiry, and will resort even more to a vapid life of entertainment and tech. interests ( like in modern America) with no shared inquiry into what life is all about. Which is just what the cult of secular humanism wants.

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Posted in: Pro shogi player loses game for not wearing face mask See in context

The foreigners I see in Japan are increasing and many are not wearing masks now. Gradually this will have an effect on making Japanese on the street let go of the ridiculous mask wearing.

Keep it up, people!

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Posted in: Crush kills at least 151 at Halloween festivities in Seoul See in context

Sami Basu

It’s really unlike America where defund ( reduce) the police is a liberal move, not a conservative one.

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Posted in: Kishida eyes launching probe into controversial Unification Church See in context

And all this happening because of the murder of Abe. That man sitting sitting in his cell, I wonder if he feels mission accomplished when his influence has affected even the PM’s policies now.

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Posted in: Japan reports 36,605 new coronavirus cases See in context

Political correctness western foreign visitors still wearing the blue masks up to their eyes. Not going to influence Japanese like some had hoped.

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Posted in: Japan's loosening of COVID-19 entry restrictions may keep citizens wearing masks See in context

What a joke! People from countries with fewer cases than Japan had this year have to be feared now because they are foreigners.

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Posted in: Tourists flock to Japan after COVID restrictions lifted See in context

I think the message Washington Post gave potential American tourists was you have to wear a mask if going to Japan.

Now for most westerners, “have to” means must by law. They don’t suspect the insidious social pressure that drives mask wearing here.

And since most of the early western arrivers will be of the PC type politically, they will mask up, sad to say.

I hope I’m wrong.

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Posted in: Tokyo tightens security for Abe's funeral See in context

Nothing bad will happen. The reason is that anytime Japan prepares for a tragedy or disaster, it never occurs. But when they don’t prepare, then it occurs. For example, earthquakes occur in places where they have no expectation. Or with Covid - As usual the last out of the gate. The list goes on and on throughout the country’s history. And then after, the country creates massively inconvenient and expensive drills and rehearsals for something which, of course, never happens.

This is the fateful result of something wrong in the culture’s way of thinking.

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Posted in: Italians vote in election that could take far-right to power See in context

It’s good. Let it move right. Other Europeans too. It will never go as far right as wokists make out. But it will keep Europe away from wokist self-immolation.

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Posted in: Putin escalates Ukraine war; issues nuclear threat to West See in context

I think it’s inflammatory media to say he “issues a nuclear threat”, if he says he will do whatever is necessary to protect Russia from what he considers Western aggression. Stop trying to scare the world into thinking he actually wants to use nuclear weapons. This has been a ploy of western media since the start of this war.

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

When Japan forecasts disaster, it doesn’t happen. When Japan ignores danger, disaster happens. Unfortunate fact of Japan. You can see it over and over. Especially with earthquakes. Then they prepare after a disaster so as to avoid a recurrence. But by then it’s too late. No second chances. It’s the Japan story.

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

Yeah, northern Kansai folks. Kyoto and the like. This thing is gonna whip through here fast today, so don’t bother carrying an umbrella because it’s just going to get broken.

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

Well was I right or not? I mean, about this “unprecedented” typhoon that everybody on here was drumming on about? It’s just another Japan typhoon. Windy.

But I’ll make this forecast now. Expect some beautiful fresh days this week, like you haven’t enjoyed since spring.

Again, see if I’m right again.

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Posted in: Thousands in shelters as powerful typhoon hits Kyushu See in context

I predict this will not be so bad. It’ll speed up and blow quickly through western Japan. By mid-week, I think people will be commenting on the usual other topics again. Let’s see if I’m right.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

It’s nice to be ready for possibilities, but really what one sees on this comment board is the same as those who wore masks all the time on an empty street.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

Has lost its Category 5 status and is at 4 now. It should continue to weaken as it runs aground.

Yes, it’s a strong storm but be careful of fear-mongering. Today is Sunday. See if people still remember this storm mid-week.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context


In fact, many, many more people die from heat than are reported. It’s incalculable. It just doesn’t generate the excitement that the word “typhoon” does.

If you’ve lived in Japan for many years, as I have, you’ll know that generally the day after a typhoon goes by, nobody is even talking about it anymore. That’s because they weaken rapidly over the Japan archipelago. Of course, there have been historical exceptions. And of course, people do die in landslides, which can happen in any Japanese rain event. But for the average person, it’s a day at home, in which I suggest looking at the dramatic typhoon sky’s nature demonstration instead of staring at your phone with friends, gossiping about “sensei”.

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Posted in: 'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan See in context

Typhoon Jebi in 2018 was the only typhoon that lived up to the media hype here in my experience. Smashed through Kansai.

Usually, typhoons weaken rapidly as they approach Japan’s mainland. This might be rough for a while in coastal Kyushu, but will speed off, weakening quickly over west Japan after.

I don’t expect any disaster, but a typhoon sky is beautiful to gaze at it with its dramatic cloud formations.

And be happy everyone. This is going to basically end the terribly torrid summer of this year which has killed an inestimable number of people.

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Posted in: 72% of survey respondents say border controls reason for not visiting Japan See in context

Japan will never recover the popular luster that it had internationally before the coronavirus.


It has been permanently stained by the cowardice - yes, cowardice - of politicians, led by ( did I say “led”?) the current prime minister.

Japan’s cowardly lateness in thinking has always lead to tragedies, both natural and otherwise.

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Posted in: Fun with fans See in context

Wonderful to see women’s pro golf catching fire. More interesting than men’s - in Japan and internationally.

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Posted in: J Lo and Ben Affleck hold lavish estate wedding See in context


Isn’t that lovely. And so original.

Certainly deserves to be a lead story on news headlines.

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