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Posted in: Japan, S Korean FMs vow further talks after rare meeting See in context

It would be really nice to see Japan, Korea and China getting along and working together to solve some very serious global problems. There is a lot of work to be done, and they should stop wasting time on this fighting. It only makes them all weaker on the global scale. And, all of the Asian people are paying for their failure to work on and resolve more serious issues. The time to do that is now. Stop bickering...

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Posted in: Chinese ships sail in disputed waters after Japan warning See in context

A friend told me he was watching Chinese tv and saw a General in the military on a talk show. He was fomenting hatred towards Japan, and claiming that China will someday retake "OKINAWA" from the Japanese. He and the crow were yelling hateful words about Japan. I found this story hard to believe, but when I saw the bus loads of young Chinese throwing rocks at Japanese and anything Japanese, and walking down the street yelling "I want to kill Americans and bomb them", etc., etc., then I really believe that Japan needs a strong army. And, I believe that the Chinese NEED Japan to have a large, strong army, to dissuade them from doing something they will certainly regret. Mutually assured damage is a great deterrent. If the rest of Asia had been stronger, perhaps WWII would have never happened.

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Posted in: China says it will defend its interests in South China Sea See in context

This map is very surprising. It seems something is going on in China behind the scenes, perhaps something else that is more distressing than this map. Why would they take these actions? Is it really to get oil, fish, islands and salt water? Me thinks probably something else going on here. Perhaps trying to show its muscle for domestic purposes. I hope it is not really trying to start a war with these countries or their allies. That would truly be a shame that could not be erased, and which would certainly end in defeat and losses on both sides. Accordingly, I think that is unlikely too.

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Posted in: Chinese ships sail in disputed waters after Japan warning See in context

Japan obviously does not want a war. That's stupid. Japan wants to be respected and prepared so that when any government loses control of its people, and they begin to foment hatrid towards Japan and its allies, Japan is not left unable to defend its men, women, children, businesses and allies who depend upon them. Any normal country would want that, and would owe it to its citizens.

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