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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

Man, doesn’t get more bizarre than

In case this news happened to be true (which I doubt, since after checking the sources quoted by JapanToday it was not possible to find it there, and also there are no names or pictures provided), cases like this are extremely rare in Japan.

In fact, even more messed up stuff happens in every other single nation every day. Why does only Japan get so much flak, being one of the countries with the lowest crime rate? And also the gaijin population commit many of those criminal offences (go to Roppongi any night and you will see for yourself what expats do). If all gaijin in the country were to be deported, Japan would become the nation with the least amount of crimes on the planet.

So many foreigners with an inexplicable, unreasonable bias towards Japan. Sure, there are Japanese evildoers and nutjobs as well, but in a much lower ratio than people of other nationalities, so it is hard to understand such unfairness.

Maybe you should check the news of your country, because you seem to be willfully oblivious to everything that happens there. I guess it makes you feel better to focus on the "dark side" of other countries so as not to see what happens in your own nation.

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What annoys me particularly are those who have the nerve to claim that Japan never apologized for the crimes commited by their government more than 70 year ago.

It just takes some quick Googling to be proven otherwise:

Still, nowadays we live in a world where people seem to genuinely enjoy hating others...

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Tell me another country where, while riding my bike home in the dark, a neighbourhood Koban cop standing outside his tiny booth, flags me down and points out that my bike light is getting dim. He then proceeds with the assistance of his partner, to replace the batteries in my light, and satisfied with their work, send me on my way and with a suggestion of an alternate route that would be shorter and better lit. Slow night at the Koban? Maybe, but get lost or need help anywhere in a major city and there will be a police officer somewhere within walking distance. I went back a couple of days later and gave them some extra battery packs and some snacks as a thank you. They were all smiles and of course as polite as they always are.

Indeed you are right, my friend. Japanese in general are the most civilized ethnic group you can find.

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The problem we've seen with foreigners and Japanese police is that many of these foreigners think they are above the law and act like they are back in their home countries, thinking nothing of acting aggressively and hostile towards Japanese police. And then after the fact, crying about it on social media and using the 'foreigner card' to absolve themselves of any blame for their situation, and hoping the world readily sides with them against those xenophobic and 'racist' J-cops.

Couldn't agree more, Sir. While some foreigners are mature and try to comply with the Japanese society, most gaijin are extremely arrogant, petulant, and think they are doing Japan a favor by staying in the country. Those folks have the typical ultra liberal attitude of being offended by absolutely everything, calling "rayciss" anybody who does not do things the way they expect, and play the race/victim card in order to feel like they have the moral high ground. No wonder most Japanese prefer not to associate much with that kind of gaijin.

Two houses in my Tokyo neighborhood on the main road leading to the station have signs on their property saying "this is not a toilet." The signs are written only in Japanese .

Most Japanese are not fluent in any foreign language, so no surprise there. If you travel to China, you will see mothers placing their toddlers inside public sinks (in theory to be used for washing hands or face) so that they can urinate or even defecate inside.

Also, urinating in public places happens in the said country, but also I've seen it in India, South America, and of course Africa. Not trying to defend the Japanese who do that, since it is gross, but it happens almost everywhere.

In the U.S., in addition to being racially profiled by the police blacks have to deal with the miserable legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, and redlining.

I'd say it's been the opposite for years. Not only in USA, but also in Europe, it seems like whites have to apologize and feel guilty for being so. The so-called "positive discrimination". Western countries are going nuts, seriously...

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There is not one soldier in any branch of the services who respects this man.

False, like everything liberals say.

There is a platform named "Veterans for Trump". Get your facts straight.

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Japan was hardly behind any big invention, it was like China today, being good at producing in volume and at lower price technologies that it copied from somewhere else.

But Japanese didn't just copy and produce in mass. That's typical of the Chinese, who by the way, don't make high quality products. Japanese inventors/manufacturers produce not so much in mass, but articles of superb quality.

Japanese were the ones who invented DVDs, and co-invented CDs, among many groundbreaking advances in information technologies. Also, Japanese products tend to have superb quality, which is something they should be proud of. Sure, people from Europe and the U.S have invented many more things, but it is necessary to give credit where it's due.

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Posted in: U.S. experts urge Japan to get strike capability over N Korean threat See in context

one must question why you were down-voted twice for suggesting Japan have the ability to defend itself.

Because most readers of Japantoday are extreme liberals who always look down on civilized countries and feel they are morally superior when they defend evildoers (like our "friend" Kim Jong Un).

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Can't believe some of the people commenting are so disingenuous as to claim that they have been bumped by people who were reading the newspaper or going out of a building in a rush. Those cases are about 0.1%, while the cases of smombies bumping into others, or suddenly stopping in the middle of a street while texting retarded messages through Line, and blocking the way is 99.9% of annoyances. Not to mention those twats (mainly dumb girls) who ride their bikes really fast while they check on Facespook the posts their fake friends have posted because they are attention whores. Seriously, most people nowadays behave like extremely spoiled brats. They are extremely selfish, hedonist megalomaniacs who don't give a damn about others and who think they are the center of the Universe.

This doesn't only apply to young people, since old farts do it all the time too.

And of course it's not just a problem of Japan, but it's a serious issue worldwide. South Korea and China seem to be, according to statistics, the worst countries in terms of smartphone addiction, by the way.

Anyway, as a conclusion, just say that we can just expect people to become more selfish and retarded generation after generation.

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