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Posted in: From Tokyo 1964 to Tokyo 2020 See in context

Nice article, thanks!

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Posted in: Panasonic develops new water purification system See in context


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Posted in: Bolt insists he's 'clean' ahead of London return See in context

Not very reassuring. A clean athlete would be down on others casting suspicion on them.

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Posted in: Kuroda blanks Texas for 10th win See in context

Guy's due for some major credit. Seems unnoticed, because he didn't come from a big city franchise or Koshien fame? If they decided pay after instead of before the season, Kuroda would be a prince and bigger names would have a tin cup.

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Posted in: Stressful events often create false memories, say researchers See in context

Tonegawa is rockin' on. I agree that there are moral panics and such where it was suddenly a fad to have been abused. I've known since my youth that memories could be edited, but Total Recall was a cautionary tale.

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Posted in: Mizuho considers making English an official language in workplace See in context

Would be surprised if even MUFG had considered this, but Mizuho! Sure they want their loans paid back, but it shows mainstream J-companies venturing out into the wider world, which will encourage young job seekers in universities that the workplace is getting serious about English.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard confronts Japan in disputed waters for first time See in context

So much for the octopus ink about the various agencies acting independently when they went overboard. They were always cat's paws.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes for Japan reforms, better ties with neighbors See in context

We Japanese could not be more grateful for this patronizing condescension. We also wish the US will develop into a society with social harmony, privacy and other sacred Constitutional values. Of course it would be presumptuous of us to suggest reforms, for example to limit guns or double taxation of our expatriate guests. We nonetheless await further directives from our superiors with bated breath.

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