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Posted in: Do you think all-girl groups like AKB48 are being marketed as sexualized Lolitas or is it just harmless fun? See in context

I wonder why the question already uses the term "Sexualized Lolitas"....let me think....

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Posted in: To what extent do you think employers should block employee access to online sites, social networking accounts or monitor email? See in context

People should not FaceBook at work or watch porno!! (Unless you are the CEO)

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Posted in: Police detain 15-year-old boy over Agnes Chan death threats See in context

I agree with the boy. Craritable activities are nothing but another distribution channel for marketing entertaiment products. There are other channels to express your opinions, don't thread anybody please.

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Posted in: Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty See in context

The driver is not at fault. Give him his car keys back. He's free. (DOn't bother with a crush course on driving politeness) Having said that, I think the ruling really really sucks. Does the ruling of not "being responsible....to.....ensure........" applies to that same driver when his kids are playing in the drive way? I hope he "ensures" this time. Life comes before traffic regulations (which may change). Be responsible and make sure that you don't kill no pedestrian even when you have the right to pass.

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy drowns in same pond where his sister drowned 5 years ago See in context

I would look seriouly into it if I was a police officer. Sounds weird..

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Posted in: China media mock Japan's luxury lavatories See in context

Yeah, chinese people like to poop the traditional way; in the wilderness among Pandas.

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