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Japan cannot count on US power in a confrontation with China because the foremost security threat for the United States is its financial deficit.

US Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, acknowledged as much last year. China currently holds nearly $2 trillion in US Treasury, agency and other securities. In any serious confrontation, or in the lead-up to it, China would naturally sell or demand repayment of its US debt holdings. The disastrous consequences for the US economy are now being factored into the US Defense Department’s scenario analyses. The military power of the United States cannot be relied on to turn against its Chinese banker.

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Posted in: Oji Paper says China waste water claims 'groundless' See in context

If pollution claims is “groundless.” why don't your company set up factory in Tokyo! Developed countries always move their dirty factories to underdeveloped and developing countries. Shame on you dirty ugly Japanese.

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