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Posted in: Abe says Japan, U.S., S Korea must have unity on dealing with N Korea See in context

I tend to think DPRK nukes are inevitable. Obviously many people think otherwise and so there is a lot of hyperbole in these discussions. But if you accept the inevitability of DPRK nukes, the strategy changes. Nobody knows the best strategy, but clearly it should involve both positive and negative pressure (ie. dialog, sanctions) applied to both DPRK and any country they interact with.

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Posted in: Osaka restaurant chain fined for overwork by foreign students See in context

If they were students, then they should be focused on their studies and not on making kushi katsu all day long. End of story.

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Posted in: One year after mass murder, culprit retains hatred of disabled See in context


"I'm sure even now, after a year has passed, they still haven't hired a single one. Lesson learned for sure"

I agree that it would have been better if a security guard had been present. But this would not have stopped a determined killer who is obsessed with his "hatred of the disabled". Unfortunately, this is one of those things we can't perfectly protect ourselves against. We have to fall back on the policy of keeping society as healthy as possible overall.

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Posted in: Injectable AIDS drug may work as well as pills: study See in context

I did not know that!

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Posted in: Injectable AIDS drug may work as well as pills: study See in context

If compliance is a problem, wouldn't ills be preferred over injections??

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Posted in: College student arrested for attempting to kill ex-boyfriend See in context

"beaten about the head with a hammer, stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife, and shot with a stun gun"

Lord.... Did she bring all that gear with her? This is one seriously disturbed 20 year old.

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Posted in: Pub owner arrested for allegedly injuring patron with 'flamethrower' hairspray See in context

It gets pretty wild in Susukino. I've seen stuff there that I've never witnessed in Tokyo or Osaka. Probably the guy learned his lesson. Probably.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for stealing customer’s bag in Ginza restaurant See in context

Yeah, it could be a sting. The thieves seemed to have a routine rehearsed and may well have been known. Bad for the reputation of gaijin so I too hope they are deported.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for adding dishwashing detergent in her family’s tea See in context

If they really were divorced but living together, I agree that this info adds a layer of context. But I still can't fathom why a mother would put soap in her 11 year old child's drink. It's one of those acts that's so bizarre that you start to think the mom was delusional. Poor kid.

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Posted in: New Zealander's death puts mental patients' restraint in Japan under spotlight See in context


"for the most part, i think what the hospital did was by the book and appropriate for this situation."

except for the part where he died

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Posted in: Packed Japan-U.S. agenda for Trump's meeting with Abe See in context

domtoidi Is right. I don't know what else to say.

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