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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context

Out of curiosity.... Separating events... Not counting all the publicity. But what would happen if instead of a US military man - all the same circumstances ... It was a Japanese company man? He would offer apologies, wouldn't he? What would be his punishment in court, if there is one? What about jail time? Reimbursements (bribe/compisation)?

I understand that an example will be made of the US military man. But it should be a separate item to why he is at court - for fairness.

I am sure for breaking curfew, he is not getting away with that either. This man used unwise judgements in his evening out. It snowballed into a life changing event for many because of his choices.

I think each item should be evaluated and taken care of individually. To condense the entire snowball would destroy this man as well as those he is affiliated with - Japanese and American.

-in my opinion-

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Posted in: Romney says his 'heart aches' for jobless See in context

I want to hear the entire speech that Romney did on hidden camera. There is context.

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Posted in: 'Fake' doctor who examined 2,300 patients arrested See in context

I hope none of the 2,300 persons he saw is dead or really sick due to him now. The hospital should be prepared for lawsuits as well. I hope and pray that some of the quacks (&Drs) Ive seen are all legit.

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