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Posted in: Singing sensation Susan Boyle taken to clinic See in context

First of all, the show put her to under spotlight to gain rating (more viewers mean higher ads revenue). Now, to make the show has more even higher rating they put her to second place. Poor Susan, she is used by the media for money.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific launching new range of travel kits See in context

I got the agnès b kit a couple month ago when I travelled in business class. The bag is nylon and health products inside are pretty normal...yeah it's hard to believe agnes b has toothpaste as well.

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for filming up high school girl's skirt in Ibaraki See in context

He is allegedly "filming up the girl’s skirt"....okay what is the proper name of the crime that this firefighter committed ? I don't think Japan has a law called "girl's skirt filming ordinance"....

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing woman during overnight bus trip in Shimane See in context

This incident is pretty ... strange, in my opinion. Did the lady type the message while the men was kissing her (it would be a long kiss)? Okay if she typed the message in her seat, or in the washroom, she could simply sent the message to police. Why she needed to pass her phone to another passenger ? What would happen if this passenger gave a cold shoulder to her ? I understand why she didn't shouted out loud (because it would wake up the other passengers, as modesty is the norm for Japanese society), but I simply can not understand the texting and phone part....

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Posted in: Hillary Clinton See in context

She still wear her wedding ring...maybe she just can't take it out ?

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Posted in: Amazon yanks Japanese rape simulation computer game See in context

I'm not sure anyone has played these Hentei game before. I played these kind of game since long time ago (The first game I played is under Window 3.1). I don't see any problem with these games because: they're never ever target for non-japanese customers; you cannot play these games in non-Japanese version of Windows. All interfaces are in Japanese only. What it means is that if you know Japanese language that well (these games are very verbal), you should know the Japanese culture -- this kind of sexual content is acceptable and normal in Japanese standard.

Possessing Marijuana is legal in Netherlands, but illegal in Japan. Do you blast Netherlands' government for legalizing weed ? If not, then you should not blast Japanese government for allowing to sell these products.

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