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Posted in: 8-year-old girl killed by truck while crossing street with mother, sister See in context

Same thing happened to my wife's aunt, killed crossing the street on a green light at 7 am. 18 year old driver, no punishment, no fine, no time, no apology. I was almost arrested when I tried to get him to at least apologize. Watching his mother and father totally break down during their apology was heart wrenching

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Certainly it is to no one's benefit for Abe's revisionism. Honesty is always the a best policy. That said, a number of apologies have been offered up in the past (google it) which don't seem to be given any standing.

But, being castigated by South Korea over war time issues, even if true, ring hollow coming from a country at war with itself, possessing one of the most, if not the most dangerous place on earth wiht it's "fellow Koreans". If it can't play nice with it's own people, who can they play nice with.

Regarding China, I agree they have some genuine grievances. Their 9-dash line, with each neighbor in a territory dispute, they are not a model of peace, and seem hardly the country to give advice regarding such. Still, a one more, final, genuine apology seems to be necessary. Make it big and loud, for the whole world to see, and what will China and South Korea be able to do after that. Nothing but appear bitter and immature, and will lose a great deal of face internationally. Everyone understands grandstanding politics for the local electorate. All three countries are quite guilty of this.

Regarding today's news that 20% of all children in China are raised in single parent homes, along with the growing number of billionaires, China would be well served to improve the lives of it's own people rather than creating fights with all of it's neighbors.

Or how about South Korea's government instructing it's companies not to give in to an $8/month raise for North Korean workers at the Kaesong industrial park. Present day slave labour is good enough for Park and her South Korean cronies. How would the South Korean economy be doing if it were not for this incredible gift that only they benefit of basically slave labor in 2015? How would the economies of Japan or the USA be doing if it licensed itself this below poverty slave labor wage. Like I said, Park and her cronies are laughing all the way to the bank. But, Japan is bad!

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to lose its conscience over WWII guilt See in context

We have heard this enough already. Why do you continue to print stories like this? Want a scoop. China will say something very similar this coming Thursday afternoon. You heard it here first.

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Posted in: Why aren't sunglasses as popular in Japan as they are in Western countries? See in context

My student is an eye surgeon. He told me my green eyes would be more sensitive to the sun than brown eyes. I really don't know but I really need to wear them in bright light, cool or not. Inside the station, on the train, I wear them rather than squint. Fashion statement? Not if you saw what I look like, with or without them.

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Posted in: China will never use force to achieve its goals: Xi See in context

“It is China’s long-standing position to address peacefully its disputes with countries concerned and territorial sovereignty and maritime interests through dialogue and consultation,” he said.

Was wondering if Mr. Xi could tell me just who it is in Japan he is having such dialogue with?

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Posted in: Echoes of WWI battle in China resonate over Japan ties See in context

my bad, thanks for the correction

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Posted in: Echoes of WWI battle in China resonate over Japan ties See in context

For the sake of finding a resolution to this issue, it is necessary for Japan at the very least to consider and respond to China's point of view, even if they disagree with said view. My question is, "Has China ever been the aggressor against Japan? Why doesn't Japan fight fire with fire by bringing up past cases of Chinese aggression against Japan? I learned the meaning of "Tsunami" as the divine wind, when it sank thousands of Chines war ships off the coast of Japan. Why not put Chines officials on the spot and have them have to explain China's past aggressions, and maybe have to acknowledge, much like they presently do, that these past Chinese aggressions against Japan influenced Japan's anger and feelings of victimization like China continuously does, and does very well.

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I think everyone above has added well thought out positions. My question to all is, " Do you believe that China will remain passive towards Japan in the future, and that no national defense is necessary?" And if not, is it reasonable to offload this responsibility for our children's safety upon the US military?

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Anyone who drives in this country has watched as motorcycles have passed them on the inside, between the two lanes of traffic, or run red lights at T-intersections. My son witnessed a motorcyclists death as he passed on the inside and was hit by a car crossing a double white line with a yellow! Police have no interest in having motorcyclists observe the laws of the road. Sadly, an innocent woman is dead and her family is devastated. Is it too much to ask the police to police the road according to the laws of the land?

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Posted in: China 'fully prepared' for currency war: banker See in context

I think it goes without saying there has occurred some currency manipulation. My question is what do you call 4 years of quantitative easing in the US, or the bond purchases by the EC. Where was China's concern when the Yen went from 125/$ to 75yen?$? How did South Korea express its opposition to this? For how many years has the US Congress debated the issue of China manipulating its currency. How many time has Obama spoken on this very issue. Sure, Japan is doing it, my question is, who isn't/hasn't?

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