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Posted in: Weird but cute: Japan's capsule toys play big in internet age See in context

Borders on child porn and illegal in several countries

Christ, give it a rest already. Don't you people get tired of policing the world with your needless sjw crap? Surely it must get tiring.

It's harmless little plastic toys, no relation to any kind of porn. Give it a rest, you might find you enjoy life a bit more.

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Posted in: Ruling camp finalizes plan to introduce departure tax from Jan 7, 2019 See in context

@Goodlucktoyou: Just fly ANA then! No fuel tax, No seat allocation fee, generous baggage allowance (all classes) and FREE beer!

And the newest planes, better food than similarly priced competition, good in-flight entertainment options, and most of all the hottest young stewardesses in its price range. There really isn't anything to dislike about ANA.

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Posted in: Actress accuses Dustin Hoffman of molesting her offstage See in context

She clearly wasn't traumatized or hurt by the event, if it happened, as she was totally fine living and working normally for decades since she decided her career in the biz was more important, so screw her. No sympathy for such 'victims'.

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Posted in: Social media companies to ban suicide solicitation on SNS See in context

TIL mixi still exists.

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Posted in: Japan’s most popular pub chain rolls beer price back to what it was in 1980 for celebration See in context

Hub could give away beer for free and I still wouldn't go.

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Posted in: Japan’s Unique Skin Girls bring their brightly colored complexions out to streets of Tokyo See in context

Much better than that 90s ganguro thing. Need to meet some of these gals..for research purposes.

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Posted in: Safe stolen from Tokyo store abandoned on street See in context

Don't​ tell Reddit...

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Posted in: Ed Skrein pulls out of 'Hellboy' film after casting backlash See in context

I wonder if the same backlash would happen if the next Bond we're cast as a black or Asian? I think we know the answer to that.

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Posted in: McDonald's plans to nearly double restaurants in China See in context

Actually the Chinese diet is already terrible so more mcd won't harm anything. Chinese food is really unhealthy and it's partly why china is a key diabetes, heart disease market for pharma.

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Posted in: Trump says transgender people barred from U.S. military See in context

I'm glad at least a couple people here get this. Military duty isn't any old job, it's a life or death. It's important that every member of the team on the front lines have the physical strength and mental fortitude to perform life threatening tasks, as well as being able to protect team members. Would you want someone covering you in battle who may not have the strength to carry you from danger if needed? Even flat footedness, or asthma as mentioned earlier, can get you barred from service, but no one speaks up for flat footers. In something like the military, safety and the ability to perform at peak for the task at hand override political correctness.

Why don't we get rid of physical exams and strength and endurance tests for special forces too? That's discriminatory towards fat people.

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Posted in: Osaka restaurant chain fined for overwork by foreign students See in context

Same punishment Dentsu got for killing a young employee. How bout that.

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Posted in: Indonesian maids working in Hong Kong lured by Islamic State recruiters: report See in context

Goodluck, I think you misunderstand militant islamists like daesh; everyone is their enemy, including godless capitalists in HK. and yes, I would keep an eye on the philippina maids, so hopefully increased surveillance and the new kyoubouzai law can help us stay safe.

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Posted in: Women in focus at Toronto film festival See in context

Today's announcement cements that the future is female

The problem with feminism, right here. You don't want to work with men or be equals, you want instead to take everything and dominate. So don't be surprised if the other side offers up resistance to such sentiment.

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Posted in: Tokyo must step up now, 3 years from Olympics, Mori says See in context

Step up, folks; if everyone committed 200 hours of overtime like a brave young warrior I knew until a few months ago, we'd get this done, you lazy sods.

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Posted in: Japan launches telework to ease congestion, reform work culture See in context

Agree about the silliness of this. But really, the working environment at companies needs to change first before worrying about things like teleworking, led by more widespread use of annual compensation schemes rather than wage based salaries.

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Posted in: Next James Bond film set for November 2019; no word on title or 007 star See in context

Idris could certainly pull off the Bond roll. But we all know the next Bond is gonna be a chick to keep with the trend of pandering to the SJWs, and unfortunately for Idris and Craig they're both men.

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Posted in: Japan marks 3 years to go until 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

Yep I agree about the surfing event..Too bad cause it's what I'm most interested in, as a surfer.

Anyway, I too plan to not be in Tokyo during that time.. It's gonna be a mess, and there's no way I'm commuting in that on top of the usual crowds and hot weather.

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Posted in: Japanese employees show almost unanimous support for in-office romances: survey See in context

No matter how tempting, it's best avoided, gents. One slip up to piss her off in the relationship and you'll be getting a very nasty summons from HR. Don't screw the crew.

Maybe if she's a contract employee though.

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Posted in: Japanese company produces organic miso powder in collaboration with model Miranda Kerr See in context

Wow so she already dried up her capital acquired from a successful modeling career and fleecing Orlando in divorce? Wish I could say I feel bad for her. Well not really.

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Posted in: 6 dead in worst Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed for years See in context

Something I'll never understand is that people will condemn terrorism, ISIS, etc. and stand beside places like France when there's an attack. Except when it comes to Israel, when the same people fully support murder and terrorism committed by paledtinians against Israelis, citing that they shouldn't be there in the first place (coincidentally, a certain German guy said something similar about Jews in Europe at one time..) so the attacks are justified and terrorist organization ls like hamas are poor victims. And on top of that, these same people will get angry at a famous guy wearing a funny shirt depicting Hitler on TV. Funny world we live in.

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Posted in: Fujitsu estimates workers' heat stress levels with new AI-based algorithm See in context

Pretty much dude. Just like big data and the like. And the army of overly paid consultants from the likes of MBB will keep make even more money offering vague, not really helpful or informative but really pretty powerpoints based on these silly buzz words to managers who don't know any better.

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Posted in: Labor shortage poses challenge to Japan's economic growth: report See in context

Excellent comment Disillusioned. You hit the nail on the head. The two other guys on my team wait obediently every day after lunch bell until our boss is ready to go to lunch with them. Then they all three rush to brush their teeth together after. Astonishing but true.

On the other hand, at my last company I knew a couple full timers who ducked out to the office cafe for an hour a day and did lunch on their own time. Sometimes decorated the office in hidden places with silly pictures they printed from the internet. Those are my kinda folks.

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Posted in: Thief returns stolen bicycle, includes written apology and edible gift to say sorry See in context

Special preview of tomorrow's edition of JT: Tokyo Man Dies After Ingesting Poisoned Watermelon.

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Posted in: Surf's up! N Korean tourism agency tries to woo foreigners See in context

Hey I enjoy surfing. This North Korea place doesn't sound too bad!

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Posted in: Students complain of stomach pain after eating bad cheese during school lunch See in context

Hammerhead is correct here, as he seems to be with most things on here, so not sure why he downvoting. I got you bro.

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Posted in: Cat-and-mouse game continues in underage schoolgirl dating services See in context

Here's an idea to help: raise minimum wage perhaps? The best way to fight something that stems from economic incentives is with..economic incentives.

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea bankroll Indonesia's coal despite Paris pledge See in context

To add, since everyone is so anti-nuclear that leaves very few options for the short to mid term, so of course Japan needs more coal. Developing renewables to scale takes time, it's not some switch you flip.

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Posted in: Narita airport police find 30 bullets in U.S. plane crew member's bag See in context

Yusuke that makes sense. FAs don't get paid too well, and a side business like that would be relatively easy and profitable. I wonder how many bullets the next person from the us will try to bring in.

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Posted in: Security cameras to be set up on bullet trains in southwestern Japan See in context

There's no anonymity in public places anyway. Your fears are unfounded, just like with the cameras on normal trains - unless you're planning to do something wrong. No one is stalking you through those cameras, and if anything it might end up helping you if you get falsely accused for groping.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for stealing customer’s bag in Ginza restaurant See in context

Pretty soon even in Japan we will no longer be able to leave things unattended, it's quite a shame. The large flocks of girls who go to the restroom together leaving their LV bags behind at izakaya are gonna have a hard time...Also no more staking out a spot with your things at a cafe and then getting in line.

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