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Posted in: Struggling Legoland Japan will shut down for two days a week starting in fall See in context

Didn't expect it to last long honestly..Super pricy, iffy location, too niche. No reason to go there over Disney Land/sea or USJ if you're spending the money.

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Posted in: Australian government demands answers on Minneapolis police shooting See in context

Nothing will befall the officer, it can't; if the ethnic officer is brought down, blm will torch American cities and there will be an outcry from the sjws who now dominate the west. I'm sure they'll risk further fallout with the world rather than take the alternative. Lose-lose situation, basically - but at least the police force is more diverse, eh?

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Posted in: S. Korea probes N. Korea celebrity who 'returned home' See in context

Wouldn't be surprised. But oh boy she's the last person on the planet I'd want to be right now, assuming she's alive. Or perhaps the entire thing was set up by NK secemret service from the beginning as a just a fancy propaganda stunt - gotta try harder and harder to make sure their citizens know the rest of the world outside is absolute hell compared to the promised land.

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Posted in: Japan says time for pressure, not dialogue with N.Korea See in context

Looking at this picture again I noticed something: it seems NK's tech capabilities are improving not just in rockets - that is a flat screen display. I would've expected the old crt type.

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Posted in: Pub owner arrested for allegedly injuring patron with 'flamethrower' hairspray See in context

Since I started getting back into 2chan I know exactly what stories to expect on my daily perusal of JT. Dumb thing to do but I admit I did have a chuckle..Glad I'm incapable of falling asleep in public places.

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Posted in: R&B singer R. Kelly denies holding women captive See in context

Likely a money grab as it always is with has-been celebrities. On the positive side, his transformation into Morgan Freeman is nearing completion.

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Posted in: Japanese vessels leave for minke whale hunt off northeastern coast See in context

Time to prepare my grill for some delicious minke steak.

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Posted in: Skeletonized body found in apartment closet in Niigata See in context

Must've smelled something awful for a good while..Was that a hermetic closet or something?

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Posted in: JR to build team of robots to help travelers, catch criminals in its stations See in context

Destroy all humans.

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Posted in: The name's Bond - but could it be Jane Bond after first woman becomes Doctor Who? See in context

Doesn't make any sense given the premise of 007, yet I know it will happen because there's an all out assault on men and male institutions in the West. Why can't we make some new IP and make them female instead of continuing to attack anything that's male (or white or straight for that matter)? Look at Ripley from the Alien franchise - we want more of that.

At least with Dr who it kind of makes sense. But Thor and 007? Yeaaaaah...

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Posted in: Is it OK to take your girlfriend to Yoshinoya on a date? See in context

It's definitely not ok - we all know that Matsuya is the king of gyudon, so no cheating with bland yoshinoya.

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Posted in: Fukushima’s most popular beach reopens for first time since March 2011 disaster See in context

See the post I made on the related article - the 'radioactive' water dump won't change anything. Didn't think it'd take long for the objective fact denying anti-nuclear crowd to show up, though.

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Posted in: Japan to help farmers impacted by EU trade pact See in context

do you really believe the average 80 year old farmer will get a cent? it will all go to beauracrats.

Yeah the agricultural coops are the problem. Farmers get shafted pretty bad. If they didn't maybe more young people could be attracted to the industry and bring that 'out of the box' thinking, which would also help with the aging of rural areas. Japanese are easily capable of making produce that is just as good as that in Europe, as we've seen with other things like whiskey. I think the same potential is there for the nascent craft beer boom in Japan atm.

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Posted in: Chinese gov't ships enter Japan waters where never seen before See in context

Japan needs to stand up and stop these Commies from running over asia

I do agree with you, and I'm also concerned that in 10-20 years China will be stronger than the US and its allies militarily.

But at the same time you call Abe a disgrace, yet he is the one who is trying to make it so Japan actually can protect itself (which I support).

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Posted in: Japan's major airlines to toughen explosive checks from Tuesday See in context

It still amazes me that people are so paranoid about privacy that they'd rather have a higher chance of being killed by a terrorist. I for one value my life enough that I don't really care even if they were somehow miraculously able to magically scan my company's secrets or photos of my family.

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Posted in: Enjoy morning coffee at your barber in Japan See in context

Meant few positive views, not complaints. I have many complaints lol.

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Posted in: Enjoy morning coffee at your barber in Japan See in context

Barbershops are a fantastic experience and I'm glad it's a traditional men's hang out that has been coming back. And the haircuts are far better than what you'll get at a more expensive salon/hair dresser, and you get to know the staff and other clients. One of my few complaints about the US is there the barbershops will typically provide alcohol as well.

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Posted in: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water See in context

Folks like Dom and Willib are correct. The tanks appear to contain in total under 4 PBq/ltr of tritium. Some quick googling has taught me that the annual safe limit of tritium radioactivity in drinking water in Canada, to use a country with perhaps the lowest limit, is 20 PBq/ltr annually. It's already a trivial amount, and even more so considering the scale of the ocean. And oceans have water and currents, which are fantastic at dilution - deserts not so much, and as folks have pointed out shooting it into space is economically unfeasible (and absolutely unnecessary).

But the media uses language along the lines of contaminated water measuring 770k tons, knowing it sounds scary and that no one is going to think rationally and do some research. Don't call out the jgov for North Korea fear mongering if you fall victim to the same fear mongering yourself.

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Posted in: Former daycare owner arrested for poisoning baby with sodium See in context

The language filter is too strong on the site.

Considering half the posters here are SJW PC crusaders who will get ultra butt hurt at the sight of a 'bad' word, it's probably necessary lol. I completely agree though.

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Posted in: Japan 'Black Widow' confesses to killing husband No. 4 See in context

Would like to see the og Church of Misery come back with another album featuring a song about her. Best Japanese band.

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Posted in: Killer or creepy: 5 Japanese bugs to avoid this summer See in context

I still have flashbacks of the first time I encountered a huge house centipede in my apartment in college -which I hadn't even known were a thing before that. Luckily that wasn't in Japan, but I'm too terrified still to look up whether they live in Japan as well (I know normal centipedes do, but they're not as horrifying). Now, I have seen some of the biggest spiders imaginable in Japan, which is why I'll never live outside of urban Tokyo.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches campaign to ease overcrowding on trains See in context

I quite like that tiered pricing idea reckless, not sure why you're being down voted (oh yeah, this is an anti-capitalist forum..). Western firms actually enforce their flex time and telework initiatives, and those that don't will subsidize the cost. Japanese firms are getting more on board with these initiatives as well, and if they don't enforce them, well, it's really hard to get fired from a Japanese company so just do your thing and don't worry about your stubborn boss.

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Posted in: Islamic State chief dead, Syrian Observatory says See in context

laid down in the Haddith and the Koran,

That's where the head-in-the-sand libs shift their argument to 'weeeell I mean those are just texts, I mean it's all symbolism and metaphor and therefore Islam is still the most peace-loving religion on the planet lululul'. Can't win with against the circular logic.

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Posted in: Copyright watchdog files lawsuits over background music in stores See in context

Lol damages? Yeah, the music publishers are losing millions because people are going to these establishments to listen to this music and perhaps record it instead of buying or streaming it. Makes sense to me.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy temporarily relieves commander of ship struck in Japanese waters See in context

I may not be a huge US supporter, but let's be honest here: every country acts in its own interests, not just the US. States are rational selfish actors, just as individuals, and won't take any action unless it is to their own benefit. And sometimes this happens to benefit others as well, when interests are aligned - which is what altruism is. Just want to put that out there.

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Posted in: Time-traveling samurai spectacle 'Alata' opens at Yurakucho’s Alternative Theatre See in context

sigh here, have your upvote.

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Posted in: Cruise through Tokyo on a traditional 'yakatabune' See in context

These are pretty fun if you have good company (read: reserve with friends rather than for office nomikai). Nice atmosphere for some cold beer and/or shochu on the rocks on a hot summer eve.

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Posted in: Personalised vaccines hold cancer at bay in two early trials See in context

Speak for yourself, I've been training for the zombie apocalypse since I was a wee initiate in the Zombie Defense Initiative back in college.

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Posted in: U.S. deportations of Europeans on track to exceed last year See in context

american indians have the sole right to america

Oldest hack 'argument' in the book - btw, American Indians aren't even native to the US either, as they came from Asia via the Bering land bridge, originating from the Indian subcontinent..So I guess we could say Indian Indians are the ones who lay claim to America?

Anyway, it's daft to be in a country illegally and not expect deportation at the very least, no matter whether you aren't a criminal. Every country has immigration laws and enforces them, yet people only criticise the US for starting to finally do what every other country does. Get a visa if you want to live abroad - that's what I've had to do. Takes effort but it's worth it.

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Posted in: FBI arrests Hawaii-based soldier on terror charges See in context

If you associate with the likes of daesh and even entertain such thoughts you already have no conscience.

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