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Posted in: 6-year-old boy falls from jet coaster at Fukui theme park See in context

Poor kid. I wish you a full and speedy recovery, little one.

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Posted in: Obama in Mexico to discuss security, drug trafficking, immigration See in context

That is "bankruptCy". Sorry, I had a brain glitch.

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Posted in: Obama in Mexico to discuss security, drug trafficking, immigration See in context

"The Mexicans are just doing the jobs that Americans will not do"...what a load of BS!! I suppose some will try to maintain that there are only 11 million illegals here too, right? LMFAO!!! That is the same headcount they had back in 2002. Let's get real people. I can go just about anywhere and take a look around to know it is a perpetuated lie. And that number only represented the ones they knew about at the time, which I am sure was a very conservative estimate. How can one place a number on an unknown quantity in the first place? Illegal immigrant advocates believe if they tell a lie a thousand times some people are naive enough to drink the Kool-Aid. Sheep hearders and sheeple. Most of the illegals that I have been seeing around town are working in high paying construction jobs with Mexican contractors operating right under our noses. They also work at warehouses, manufacturing plants, or have started a new business in town. Some of these jobs pay upwards of $17 an hour or more. And most include benifits. And they are growing every day in my town. Futhermore, they are competing with local businesses and are given a leg-up with many unfair advantages. I wonder if most people know that the highest rate of bankruptsy in the USA is caused by latinos? If broken down by ethnic group that is. More specifically, iilegal immigrants from latin America take first place in bankruptsy. That kinda gives one the idea of how many loans must have been given. Truth is, they are handing out more grant programs and special loans to illegal latino immigrants than any US citizen regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. This is for small to large businesses. This is to further their education. And I have seen many produce Food Stamp cards in the grocery store. And our hopspital waiting room, at any given time, is dominated by Spanish speaking people who don't speak a word of English. They recieve more help getting started in this country than anyone else. And they didn't even have to wait in line. BTW, Mexico already recieves the lions share of LEGAL immigration as well. Talk about double dipping the system. This is doled-out by our government, numerous special interest groups, and the Mexican government itself. Anyway, I apologize for being long-winded but many around my state have lost all faith in our representatives and the federal government in general.

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Posted in: Thousands march for gay rights in Japan's first 'Rainbow Week' See in context

I would not say that homosexuality be stringently discouraged and morally demonized. However, I see it as an unnatural act. I'm not trying to offend or be hateful to anyone, I'm just being honestly candid. I do not believe in perpetually glamourizing celebrities through every possible media outlet for a public announcement of "coming out". Again, I'm not saying it is "morally wrong", just that it is not the optimum in my eyes. Here's my line of reasoning. Nature is the best teacher. Nature is the real Mother of Invention. My belief is that our behavioral patterns should walk hand-in-hand with natural design. That is the optimum. So unless one is a hermaphrodite, the intended pairing of male and female is a self evident truth. Not for the sole purpous of procreation but to strengthen and reinforce the bonds between life mates. There are cases of homosexuality throughout the animal kingdom in species other than human, we all have to admit. But of those homosexual relationships, I know of none that were of the type of species who monogamously mate (for life) outside of captivity. So to me, marriage honors that natural teaming of male and female for life. Anything else is a Civil Union (in my opinion).

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Posted in: Most Muslims want sharia law, but divided on interpretation See in context

When the entire world is governed by the axioms of empirical science, rather than that of religious mandates, we will have arrived at a new plateua in human evolution.

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Posted in: 17 crows, 1 pigeon found dead on Yokohama street See in context

Is it possible that this is a natural phenomena relating to fluctuations in the earths magnetic field lines that made these birds fall out of the sky? Many animal species possess a built-in compass that locates magnetic north, often demonstrated in the migratory patterns of birds. My question is: Can highly localized disturbances in these fields confuse birds in flight? Some witness accounts in North America suggested something along those lines (at least in my reckoning) like one last year in Arkansas for instance. Some witnesses reported seeing a flock of birds fly straight into the ground at full flight velocity. As if they were all following an invisable median right into terra firma. Very odd indeed!

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