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I remember watching the original anti-Mubaraka protests early January 2011 when I started working at a startup in LA. I said to myself "Stupid Egyptians..." over and over knowing full well that this would happen/ Why? Egyptians (like all Arabs) have no vision. They thought they would implement democracy today that they would be better than America the next. Yes, there were protesters at the Mubarak protests who thought Egypt would really be better than America thanks to democracy.

Big mistake Obama and Co did. Forcing democracy on the Arabs is like putting a gorilla from the jungles of Africa in a tuxedo and inviting him over to the Queens ball in London and expecting him to fit right in. What works for John Smith in New Brunswick, Maine, will not work for Achmed in Alexandria behind the camel. What works for Olga Guttenheim in Dusseldorf, Germany, will not work for Amira I never had a life outside the kitchen.

I can say this folks with absolute certainty because I grew up with such a people. In fact, my uncle, Hossam El Gheriany, was the then constitutional judge of Egypt when the MB was drafting their constituion.

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There is a popular book titled "The Facebook Effect" where the author had extensive access regarding Facebook operations and even access to some of it's top brass including Zuckerberg himself. The author claims that Mark viewed FB much like Microsoft, just as the vast majority of all computer programmers build their software around MS platform which guarantees MS dominance in software (and profits), Mark wants all social users to build their life around Facebook to ensure Facebook's status as the #1 social media. The "Timeline" is akin to Windows for Facebook! NOTE: Microsoft owns a minor (2-3%) stake in Facebook.

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@ elbuda caltech is in Pasadena northridge had csun

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Agree with shufu, their mothers were to F & F. And I'm pretty sure American fathers who have now settled down and maybe have a family of their own, last thing they want, is to be remembered of these one nighters that should have Forgotten. I'll let you figure out what the other F stands for :)

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