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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

EDIT on the above: that's supposed to be 12 a disk, almost 200 a month.

*need more caffeine.

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Posted in: Man secretly videos 2,000 women in public toilet; sells DVDs of footage See in context

Or 4 disks a week for 2 years.

Thing is, even if you put the DVD at 1 hour recording, and 5 minutes per peep session, that's a whopping 48 females a disk, or almost 200 a week!

In most small businesses, the store staff are also the cleaning staff, and they sometimes just do a quick scrub-a-dub around the toilet and change the rolls. Almost no time to do a scan for suspicious devices.

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Posted in: British anti-fraud watchdog launches Olympus probe See in context

To the SFO: we don't need prosecutions, just findings ... the truth is a very rare commodity (and often scorned)

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Posted in: Olympus shares gain 18.51% as delisting fears ease See in context

From 3000+ yen per share to 640 ... it's still a big loss for the major stockholders.

I'm with Goldan here, wondering if Olympus can recover from this mess (not saying that it would clean up the mess ... maybe just cover up some that the investigators fail to notice).

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Posted in: Tough times See in context

Are not there any Homeless Shelters in Japan?

There are many government housing projects in Japan, but the thing is, some of these homeless were actually businessmen or executives in some big companies until they made a big mistake in their careers. And instead of killing themselves, they just "die" in the face of the government -- which means no records as to where they are living and that they are indeed still living. No properties (even cars), no taxes, no juuminhyo, nothing but the clothes and other resources they have (bicycle to carry those cans, cardboard boxes to sleep in, etc).

It's still a matter of honor.

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Posted in: Japanese viewers tuning out, turning off their TVs See in context

I agree with most posters here, the TV business is indeed getting boring.

Specially the breaking news, which repeats the same lines, video coverage, interviews over and over again for several hours.

Now we have other sources like JT here, where we can choose what to read, and when.

We don't have a TV at home since the change to chi-degi, but we are still hounded by NHK to pay up.

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Posted in: Australian court ends Qantas strike, fleet grounding See in context

Edit: 1000 ... I guess posting without coffee makes me a lousy typist.

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Posted in: Australian court ends Qantas strike, fleet grounding See in context

Meh ... I have a solution for the 100 jobs that are going to be cut: don't fire 'em, assign them to an overseas airport that Qantas flies to, and give am a supervisory role there. Everyone happy, end.

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

This case reminds me so much of the automatic revolving door child accident a few years back.

We can see the mother or father crying in front of the camera, and as always, the blame goes to the machine, driver, operator, manufacturer, designer, owner - and not the mother or guardian who is supposed to be responsible for bringing the child in the first place.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl's skull fractured by paraglider in Nagano park See in context

So ... these paragliders don't have any safety practices, like having a lookout for ones who are landing?

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Posted in: Japanese man among 19 killed in Nepal plane crash See in context

"while attempting to land" ... "hit the roof of a house in the village"

Um, why would the plane attempt to land in a village?

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Posted in: Radiation found in rice from Fukushima Pref; more tests planned See in context

So the government has finally released this fact ... what about the other produce being circulated around Japan? What are their levels? I hate to be the doomsayer here, but there are a lot of things that the government and TEPCO are not releasing to the public.

@gogogo: what if the rice is already being used by the ones who make onigiri distributed to convenience stores as their part of the "support fukushima" campaign?

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Posted in: Japan air traffic controller leaks Obama flight plan on blog See in context

I vote to put him in jail, but let him keep his cell, so he can blog his experiences in there, and let his friends know ... that's all he wants right?

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