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Posted in: What do you think are some of the worst music group or band names ever? See in context

AKB48, Pussy Riot. Circle Jerks, Dildo Butterfly, SMAP. To name a few.

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Posted in: What smartphone habits by some people bother you the most? See in context

Any usage when walking, especially driving, as well as holding up traffic.

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Posted in: The evolution of 100-yen shops and how they've changed people's lives See in context

Daiso and the like are great places to get all kinds products in one shop. So much less time wasted than going to multiple shops and paying double the cost.

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Posted in: Tokyo shares skid as Japan slips into recession See in context

A sign of the future....Did they ever think it was going to get better?

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Posted in: Electrothermal heated gloves See in context

LOL! 1.5 hrs. What a joke!!! I'll wait for the Chinese version.

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Posted in: Okinawa vote a blow to Japan-U.S. ties, say analysts See in context

LOL Good luck with that.

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Posted in: Actor Ken Takakura dies at 83 See in context

Bummed! Great actor! RIP

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Posted in: Abe calls election; delays sales tax hike See in context

As Long as the voters put up with it, nothing will change. 3rd world country at best.

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Posted in: What do you think of those 100-yen shops in Japan? See in context

Great!!! I've gotten a lot of tools, stationary, kitchen utensils and munchies. They usually have English as well as many other languages describing there use too. Oh, and lots of different kinds of LED lights, great for back up lighting!!! But watch out for the foods coming from China!!!

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Posted in: Gov't may consider concessions on farm products for TPP pact See in context

I thought that this was a done thing, Abe had already sold-out the Japanese consumer and was ready to import western (Monsanto and other soylent-green type foods). Just like what Nakasone did by promising no increase in taxes which he renegged on once elected. As far as agriculture is concerned I would prefer to buy Japanese provided its not the nuclear-enriched kanto agriculture.

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Posted in: Female Osaka school clerk's pay docked over tattoos See in context

This is totally wrong!!! Yardley is so right!!! This woman is clerk, no teaching responsibility whatsoever. Hashimoto, and the complainer need a lobotomy ASAP.

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Posted in: Japan's envoy to U.S. urges calm amid tensions with China See in context

Japan’s ambassador to the United States called for improved relations with China....risk of conflict in East Asia.

Just a little late!

Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae said people are afraid of the consequences....and appealed for a calming of “agitated remarks” from both sides.

But mainly from Japan!

Sasae told a Washington think tank constructive dialogue was needed, but also said Japan would not give in to pressure over its sovereignty claims.

We've heard this before!

U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday on worldwide threats that China will probably continue a “hardline stance” toward Japan over the islands.

Of course, they are NOT going to give up now.

“We have to always remember the history and past, but it’s not productive to only talk about the history and past things, and remembering and agitating the people’s emotions in a negative way. And that’s what I want to avoid,” Sasae said. “So I really hope that this year we could go into a very constructive dialogue with China.”

After everything that has been said and done, Abe should have made these remarks!!! Not some "candy-ass" spokesman.

The immediate prospects aren’t rosy.


Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited a controversial war shrine in Tokyo in late December, angering China and even drawing U.S. disapproval. Among the 2.5 million war dead commemorated at the shrine are 14 class A war criminals from World War II.

This is more why Abe doesn't care.

Afterward, China said Abe would not be welcome in China.

Good! He should be run out of Tokyo too.

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Posted in: Foreign men share their reasons for divorcing Japanese wives See in context

I must be the odd one out....I told her that I was financially set for life and would never have to do any work ever in my home country. So if she wanted to live in my home country and have the same, that would be fine. She said she wanted to live in Japan, and I said fine but I would have get a job and work like every other man. Then I told her that I didn't want any children in Japan and if we have them, they'll be born in my home country. She says fine. So we get married and have the usual ups and downs without children. We argue like anybody else usually over money and when our finances got into dire straits she went and got a job. Recently my work situation has increased and I told her she could quit anytime, she just says that she enjoys her work and the new friends she has made. We've been married for 30 years. All is well.

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Posted in: GM, Ford to recall more than 1.5 mil cars in China See in context

I woulda figured it was the air filters choking on all the pollution.

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Posted in: We are having tough talks with the United States in the areas of agriculture and automobiles where we cannot make any easy concessions. See in context

I can understand about the agriculture part....after promising not to join the tpp, gets elected then renegs his promise and says ok to tpp. LDP must have lost a lot of support from the farmers. As for cars, Japan has never been an open nation to trade with. The U.S. should just limit the number of cars imported from japan.

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Posted in: Gov't to end production quotas for rice See in context

Enjoy Monsanto!

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Posted in: If you're low-income, here's what you're doing wrong See in context

Jeez, I'm so glad I haven't taken any of their bad advice (Spa/Godo)! ¥3,000,000 a year, I haven't made that in 10 years thankfully! The more you make, the more taxes you pay. I was a worker-bot from 20 - 35yrs old in the city. Now I rarely work more than 20hrs a week, enjoy my hobbies everyday, and just cruise through life like the rest of my friends.

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Posted in: Apple unveils revamped iPads; on sale Nov 1 in Japan See in context

Apple was ok during the late 1990's early 2000's....they still supported previous OSes, had upgradeable computers, batteries that could be replaced, and had no viruses. They were green. Now, Viruses, lack of support for previous OSes, upgrades purchased form / installed by Apple only, non-replaceable batteries, still made in china using crappy, out of date components,and 2 year support if your lucky. Definitely not green.

Still running a G4 tower running OS9/10.4 - for my server, Asus N56V running Linux Mint 13 & Pinguy for work.

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Posted in: WHO agency: Air pollution causes cancer See in context

Jeez, finally something is said about air pollution causing cancer! I'm just happy that in Japan there are a lot of people driving semi-electrics like the Prius, but I'll be happier when they are fully electric like the Telsa. I guess not much can be done about all the trucks on the road though :-( I ride a bike, and have been wearing a mask for the last 2 years because the air here is just getting worse and worse. I'll take the back roads when possible. I thought Japan was gonna phase out having Diesel engines on the road? But then they said that like 10 years ago, so I guess it ain't happening.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes private sector to manage part of its $1.27 tril forex reserves See in context

Goodbye economy!

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Posted in: English Teachers in Japan Expos See in context

My previous employer suggested/requested that I go to one of these so-called "Expos" and "learn" how to be a better teacher. He (my employer) gave me the same spiel.... "The aim is to provide top-class presentations and material displays for every kind of teacher." Jeez!!! What a waste of time! Sure, if you want to be a salesman for their materials and make 15%-30& more money by selling their regurgitated crap-just what my employer was doing! SCUM!!!

Non-members can join ETJ free of charge on the day of an Expo and pay the lower admission fee. If your going to do this, give them a fake email address otherwise you WILL be spammed from every company at the "Expo" and then some!

I certainly cannot recommend ETJ and their cohorts, but if your in a system similar to theirs then you can get info on their publications.

Just my 2cents.

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Posted in: I am really angry to see Abe's lie go unchallenged. See in context

More than likely they were probably bought off, and paid VERY WELL not to question any news reports concerning Fukushima's nuclear troubles.

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Posted in: Perception persists that older drivers are dangerous drivers See in context

"Everyone drives like crap in Japan, young or old, the older ones are just worse." So true, BUT the younger ones eyes are glued to their ktai's making them just as dangerous!

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Posted in: Facebook no longer lets users hide from search See in context

"I guess the NSA and the CIA really run FB. Easier to spy on everyone now...they are watching." Gotta be careful with Google too......our Internet rights are dwindling.

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Posted in: Abe seeks overseas help on Fukushima water leaks See in context

Excellent if overseas help comes! Then we might finally get some true numbers about radioactivity in Fukushima and the surrounding prefectures. No more government secrets/lies to the public and world.

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Posted in: If your income doesn't go up, the sales tax will be a burden. See in context

No it won't if you buy tea, rice, veggies and fruits from local farmers where taxes aren't applied.

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Posted in: iPhone rolls out with 1-km-long line of fans in Ginza See in context

Having dealt with Apple in the past, I know that I don't want to deal with them now or in the future!

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