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mgwilder comments

Posted in: American students pledge future salary to avoid debt See in context

"...I owe my soul to the Company Store"

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Posted in: Man arrested for opening door and jumping off bullet train in motion See in context

Tuck and Roll, Tuck and Roll.

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Posted in: Japan eyes imposing departure tax ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

This is less than I had expected. At the end of the day, for all the monies that are paid out on a trip, it's the cost of what, two packs of cigarettes. If the tax is spent wisely, then it's far better for you than two packs of cigarettes. IF, the tax is spent wisely.

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Posted in: Astros' Gurriel makes racist gesture toward Darvish See in context

Improper home training. Sad.

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Posted in: Panel falls from plane in Japan; 2nd such incident in a week See in context



Whether it is a reliable source, I do not know.

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Posted in: Koike to push for smoking ban before 2020 Olympics See in context

@Schopenhauer, truth be told, cigarette smoking related deaths exceeds gun violence deaths in the United States. That being said, I understand your point. There is a large number of US citizens who would like to see stricter gun control laws, but the gun lobby is very, very strong and this makes any change in gun laws very, very difficult. Politics over human lives.



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Posted in: Japan's inflation ticks up again, but spending remains weak See in context

I know of 2 guys running around Tokyo with 6 kilo's of gold. Maybe they can help?

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Posted in: 3 gold bars worth Y15 mil stolen from woman in Ginza See in context

Oh, I am looking forward to the follow-up story on this one!

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Posted in: BOJ policymaker praises Hitler's economic policies See in context

I am not a highly educated titan of business and/or society, but I feel there may have been a better way of making the point, whether it was about monetary policy or political history during the 30's and 40's in Europe.

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Posted in: Prostitution ring operating out of Tokyo high-end apartments netted Y420 mil in 28 months See in context

That's a lot of sumthin' sumthin'. Just sayin'.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

This is all a smoke screen.

In the United States, as I'm sure anywhere else in the world, power creation and distribution is extremely big business. Is the POTUS saying that the US government is getting into the power business? Oh, I can see the queue outside the White House right now of all the Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear energy lobbyists. You know, the one's that helped him get into office because he went to the rural states and told the voters that he was going to put all the coal miners back to work. And how can we forget the Paris Agreement. If he was that excited about solar, he could have easily said he would help in the transformation of the coal, natural gas and nuclear energy industries to an alternative energy industry, but he didn't.

I would love to see a transformation of the power industry in the US, but I do not see it occurring during the current administration.

And to the point of curbing drugs, the biggest issue right now is Opioid abuse. Opioids are manufactured by big Pharma. Much like Power, this will not change during the current administration.

And as far as to the why/why not of a wall, the United States was formed by immigrants on the basis of inclusiveness. If you are American and not 100% Native American, you are from a familial line of immigrants.

This is all a smoke screen.

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Posted in: Iwate high school teacher arrested for indecent exposure at convenience store See in context

I wonder what the distinguishing feature was that allowed the police to identify this person?

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Posted in: Red Sox announcer says Tanaka shouldn't get interpreter See in context

Once again, I am embarrassed to be an american.

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Posted in: Police launch campaign to eradicate groping on trains See in context

Is a ten day campign really enough?

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