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He probably has mental issues and if anything should be locked up in a ward. I come from Europe and it never ceases to baffle me the primitive mindset of Americans. - Lock up and throw away the key.

Perhaps not listen to someone that comes from the country that has the least amount of free people per capita, that has some of the highest re-offending rates as well was violent criminals.

I don't blame Japan for being vary of immigrants when people like you wander around. There's many flaws with Japan, but bringing in more of that kind of mindset will just degrade the overall safety, trust and way of life that Japan has enjoyed for many years.

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Posted in: Hyogo Prefecture to give 320,000 fans to restaurants for customers to cover mouths, dine 'safely' See in context

I wonder how many unnecessary trees have to be cut down for this.

More people should realize it's not the planet we need to save, it's ourselves.

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Real tough guy, bullying and hitting women with sticks. This went way beyind sparring, and became physical abuse.

Good riddance, old loser.

Whether it was a man or a woman his actions were unacceptable and wrong. I don't like how You need to belittle women so much though. She's a martial artist. If I was a woman succeeding in a male dominant country, I would feel very upset if a guy said oh she's a girl, don't hit her. Even though it is part of my sport. I'd feel less than worth.

I'm a woman myself. And the whole feeling offended, or upset on other people's behalf need to stop. Just stop it.

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