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Posted in: Why do so few young Japanese want to work overseas? See in context

They need miracle to learn and speak in english !

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting off sleeping woman's underwear See in context

only in japan....

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Posted in: 8 reasons why Japanese workers are so slow at making decisions See in context

I guess it's either they don't want to use their brain to think or they're a kiss-a**, just bowing and say HAI to anything the boss say

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Posted in: What lessons do visitors take home from their time in Japan? See in context

Absolutely agree with @thkanner.....Japan is very nice only for visit, not for long stay. I don't want to be like them, that's for sure :)

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Posted in: Housewife wins National Beautiful Witch Contest See in context

I would be ashamed to see my mom wearing any costume like those :(

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Posted in: How religious are Japanese people? See in context

Most Japanese are very "religious" as I can say. They born as Shinto or Buddist, married as Christian/Catholic, celebrated X-mas every year, and died as ???....everything mixed. Forgive if I misunderstand, so far I knew Buddist monks all over the world are not allowed to get married....but in Japan, they are all married and some of them are drinking alcohol and eat meat (????)

Anyway, we can't judge them...it's their relationship with their God (s), that's really personal. Their religions are theirs, my religion is mine. Peace to all :)

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Posted in: Tweeted photo of employees bowing in apology angers Internet users See in context

.....and people say Japanese are polite? hmm

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Posted in: Survey asks: How often do you want to see your boyfriend or girlfriend? See in context


Not a problem in itself, but what happens when they get married? The difference between "once a week" and "every bloody morning and night" must be quite a shock to the system.

I don't think it would make so much difference. After marriage, they are lucky to meet each other once a week...work is always no.1 priority, is it?

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Posted in: Singalong See in context

Definitely sexual exploitation....it's getting worse since they spread their wings to other countries. No face, no voice, no song....they can't even dance....arghhhhh !

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Posted in: Few married women interested in having an affair: survey See in context

I'm very sure that 10.8% is not the right number

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Posted in: Japan and the rise of the male parasol See in context

absolutely weird, as usual !

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Posted in: New school swimsuit in Japan conservative and surprisingly cute See in context

@AKBfan....yes indeed, hahahaha

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Posted in: Don’t like drinking with the boss? No promotion for you See in context

if you want to work in japan, being a kiss-ass is a must !

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Posted in: Tomatoes – Tokyo’s latest fashion trend? See in context

always crazy !

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

The architecture — mmm, it’s not so great. The natural scenery — yeah, that’s not so great either. The people — ah jeez, well, you get the idea. But hey, at least the food’s good. That’s something.

10000% agree with you, ken :)

and if you only want to find japanese girlfriend (s), for most of them....you don't really need english or others. they know exactly what "body language" means hehe :)

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Posted in: Pamyu invasion See in context

another trash :)

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