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I was visiting my parents in Japan last year with my boyfriend and a friend, and at the end of our trip I saw what must've been a 15-16 years old girl being felt on her skirt by a guy. My boyfriend and his friend saw it too and quickly went over and slightly nudged the guy in the back as by accident, he turned around and then quickly left.

Could've just been because he'd been spotted, or that both my BF and his friend are over 6.2 feet tall and relatively bulky built.

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Hope you're not advocating for murdering your elderly s/o under the the circumstances. That is in fact illegal in Japan and could get you deported. :)

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Funny that you would put it that way. Maybe history is a bit warped in U.S school since there seems to be vast belief over the pond that it was the U.S whom liberated Europe in World War 2 as well.

Russia (Soviet Union) however you wanna look at it, had some of the heaviest losses in WW2. Not only did Hitler's invasion nearly cripple Russia entirely but they moved almost all their forces from the far east and ramped up production tenfold to try and push them back, which they did all the way back to Germany.

Russia was almost on its knees when it focused its eyes on Japan after Germany's fall. So yeah, unlike the U.S who went into the war with an isolationist mindset, way over the Atlantic, somehow, very oddly, had more troops and equipment to mobilize at the time.

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I see a lot of people here blame Hirohito for what he did and did not do.

I wasn't born before the mid 90s so excuse my lack of knowledge. But having grown up in Japan and having a grandfather who fought during WW2, though only as a reservist.

I do not think Hirohito was completely innocent by any means. But my grandfather told me many years ago that Prime Minister Tojo had a lot of power back then and the emperor consulted him and his part about almost anything that he did.

This was a different time, almost a century ago. Do I think he "regretted" his actions during World War 2? No. In the years following, yes.

Hirohito was seen as somewhat a god by his peers, but he was still under the control of the PM during the world war. What Hirohito did and did not do is all speculation apart from what documents show us these days. And I won't say that he was a good man, but I won't say he was a bad man neither. Like how all the soldier who fought for Hitler, were bad men at the time, but later on as time progressed and the truth came out, their minds changed.

Hirohito was an emperor but he did not control Japan, especially the military during that time, at least to what I learned in school and from my ancestors.

Hirohito died an old man 40+ years after the end of WW2. Whether he felt remorse or not will not change peoples opinion about him, humans are herd creatures. But to think he held onto the belief that what Japan did was "for the better good" until the day he died. I think not.

He visited the U.S after Japan's defeat and he more than likely heard more than enough sides about the war. How he felt like a person inside is unknown. But to think held onto the belief that Japan's part in WW2 was "good" till the day he passed, I don't believe. And more so, even if the people revered him, he was in the under, a puppet, PM Tojo was the main antagonist in Japan at the time. A lot of People wanted to stop Hirohito's message of defeat, if you guys read about it. But only when that broadcast got out, did Japan decide as a whole that enough was enough.

I do not believe Hirohito is all innocent, but I do not believe he held as much power as a lot of people may think. And in 1940 and in the early years his mindset may have been different from his later years.

Hirohito is long gone, and villain or not, whatever memory is left of him should not be remembered with hatred nor reverence, but as a learning. His son dedicated his entire life to Japans good, so did his grandson. And when Akihito was young, he was heavily influenced by the royal family. I do not think in the end, Hirohito wanted his son to make his mistakes.

Hirohito may have embarrassed his nation and been blame goat for a lot of Japan's bad deeds, but he was not the main man in charge. And wherever he may be now, I hope he is proud of the work his son has done (akihito) to his country and that he mourns for all of Hitler's and Japan's victims.

Like I said in the beginning I am too young to know a lot nor care too much about that far back, and I am not saying he is all innocent. But I do not believe Hirohito deserves all the blame. He may have been the god of the people, but he was the PM's puppet during the war.

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I feel so bad for the Koreans.

I know they're supporting their own nation first, like any citizen would do. But they don't realize that their own government is lying to them.

Japan won't be the one suffering from sanctions, because even though most outside countries outside of Asia (and some in) stay neutral on this issue. We're all aware that Japan has tried to make amends but Seoul just never accepts it and wants more.

Seoul put itself in this spot and is stubbornly lying to its nation and continuing to further strain its ties with Japan. It's sad to see that the people elected to be in charge is setting their own citizen on this path for doom.

I don't know too much about South Korea - Japan relations on this front, but I know that in Europe, where I live now. For every 1 South Korean product that I see, I see 8 Japanese ones.

I just can't understand why they're doing this to themselves. Sure Japan isn't perfect and both nations have morons in their governments. But punishing companies, that are run by people whom were, at best, teenagers during WW2, how is that even remotely justified?

I saw a quote a while ago that makes a lot of sense now; "We live in the best timeline of current human society, but in the big picture, we've never been more barbaric or stupid. We are no better than the Primates of the African jungle in the grand scheme of human civilization".

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I really hope he doesn't get sick now.

Poor man. He probably thought about it many times if he wanted to be the first Emperor to abdicate in 200 years, but in the end, he did it mostly for his nation, worrying he couldn't serve it well.

He dedicated his entire laugh to Japan, he went to tsunami struck Hiroshima to talk to survivors, he spoke against Japan's war-crime past, he did everything he could with his limited power and there's a reason he's so well admired.

85 years is already an old age but if one person in our nation deserve to hit the 100 mark, it's this man. If he remains somewhat healthy, he deserves as many relaxing years as he can get outside of the limelight where he can travel with his wife, go to concerts, go shopping, sit down and watch a movie and just be a citizen.

As with most Japanese, we don't worship our Emperor and Empress like we did in the past, but we can respect them. And I truly hope he regains himself and keeps doing his thing along with his beautiful wife.

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Having been born and grown up in Japan I can say that a lot of my friends (most are born in the early to mid 90s) love Korea.

They travel there frequently as it's close, spend money on merchandise, souvenirs, go to KPOP concerts what have you.

Yet the dinosaur government in South Korea keep blaming them, literally shoving them all under the same comb as their ancestors for something that happened last generation.

90% of the people living in Japan today had nothing to do with WW2, yet they all get blamed for it.

That's bad, but let us let it slide. So Japan apologizes and pays Korea at least twice (officially) to make amends to their surviving victims and brainwashed population.

The South Korean government does one of two things; (A. They Squander the donations on whatever Korean business they need funds to. Or (B. They let it sit and rot.

I read a while back the South Korean government reaching out to Japan to "find out what to do" with the funds Japan paid them recently. What kind of moronic question is that? Why did you want the funds to begin with, have all the company adoptions ruined your brains? You wanted it for the surviving Women from WW2, why not give it to them?

South Korea never paid the victims their money once, but somehow manages to boost their hopes that it will be resolved soon, making me think the victims own government are just lying to them.

Soon these comfort women will be gone, all of them, and the only reason they had to live out their last years in some run-down old folks home is because their own government was too busy milking Japan instead of giving them the funds that Japan already compensated. Twice.

Everyone forgave Germany, and though Japan is more reserved at admitting to its war-crimes, they did admit to them and compensate, apologized, but Korea never accepted it. Many asian countries are still vary of our nation, but even China has been more willing on that front that Korea, and that says a lot considering how much China is stuck up with history.

Now Japan, after whom knows how many decades, have had enough and slapped the South Korean government with sanctions, they're still crying foul and trying to report it to the trade organization?

Well news for you Seoul, I love your country and this may sound biased coming from a Japanese.

But even in Europe where I currently live, no one is buying your bull, no one is feeling pity for you.

You're stubbornly digging your grave even deeper. And if you have to really feel a huge burn before you open your eyes, well, that's on you.

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Big words coming from another foreigner living in our country. If you leave there'll be space for him.

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I'm not a fan of Merkel and her politics, especially since her "open border" gimmick put Germany on edge.

That being said and even though 1 civilian matter very little to someone like her, I don't want to see anyone lose their very life over something so I hope she actually retires and lives her old age out in earnest and let someone else take over the reign.

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... "non-Japanese" residents...

They aren't Japanese. If you're born in Japan then you are by nationality, looks, no.

I am Japanese with Norwegian citizenship, people call me Japanese or Asian-European, occasionally Japanese-Norwegian.

I don't really get referred to as simply "Norwegian", because I am not, even if I am a citizen I do not look like one.

Also yeah it is a European country but much like Japan, and quite unlike the UK, USA, etc, it isn't That common to see foreigners here (except those illegal migrants who've been dumped here by Germany, etc).

92% of Norway are white and 35% of the foreigners live in or around Oslo, rest spread in other major cities with a huge Asian community in Trondheim (most foreigners there are Asian). Actual Asian, mind you, not British-Asian (i.e; Pakistani).

That's just how it is, if you've lived in Japan for 30 years, you are a Japanese citizen, but you are not "Japanese" by the way you become American as soon as you move to the U.S. USA is built up on immigration, Japan is not.

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Thank you for responding with some criticism, but in a respectful way. I will return the favor to you.

Yes I know the UK has a lot of GDP, it has one of the best trained marines and special forces in Europe, it once held the largest (since the Mongols) empire in the world, and although it was an invader of most nations, I will give the UK some props, it did treat the ingineous(?) with some respect.

Look at Hong Kong, under British rule it became the most influential city in all of China, the HK citizens value criticism and democracy, and even today, they fight to keep the rights they had under UK rule. Funny isn't it?

The UK treated them better than China. I have nothing against Chinese people btw (just an fyi to any readers on here), but their government need some change for the better good.

I do not think the British are necessarily against Europeans, just a lot of them (you?) are against the European Union and the way they're controlling the sovereignty of other countries.. too much.

I have many British friends, and despite their funny accent (to me at least), they are some of the kindest people I've met, and That is why I added that last remark about the Britons. I don't want them to think all of Europe hate Britain because the EU is giving them a hard time, whether you are in the EU or not, to many of mainland European citizens, you are a valuable ally, asset, and to many normal citizens, fantastic friends.

I can not speak for many Norwegians since I only lived here going on my 11th year, but I agree that Europe tries to control more than necessary. In my opinion the EU should be just a military alliance and free border crossings (granted only to naturalized Europeans or foreign Europeans with no criminal record).

Thank you for your input, and if you are British, do know that I value your country and its contributions to Europe.

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Are you both culturally and ethnically Japanese?

Both of my parents are Japanese, I moved to Norway in 2008 to study (exchange student), fell in love with a Norwegian and decided to stay.

My point is this; Japan caused enormous pain in WW2, yet the west forgave Japan, bought its goods and now even defending it.

The least Japan can do is give this man a Fair trial, the Same trial it would give an ethnic Japanese CO.

The Europeans I have met treat me with respect, are kind, some may be bigoted (older gens not used to see Asians), but they're not Mean.

I do not celebrate Christmas the same way you do, nor do I honestly care much for Norway's national day, etc, but I still respect it, I appreciate Norway for letting me stay, I pay my taxes, I work and give back to Norway for taking care of me and I am proud to say, I am born in Japan but I am a Norwegian citizen.

So long story short; Japan should take care of those whom clearly take care of Japan.

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Invading Nowray*

Russia's WEST*

Just correcting a few things in my post above, as I can't seem to be able to edit it (in case you wanted to point that out or got confused), if you read you will probably notice fairly quick what part I wanted to edit :) Cheers!

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To my British friends on here; this is just my Personal opinion. So regardless what you want out of Brexit (in eu/out of eu) know that this is Nothing against you and I respect your opinions.

I am Japanese living in Norway, I have lived here since 2008 and I've seen many times the UK wants Norwegian-style EU deal. That's not going to happen.

The reasons are many, but the most simplistic reason I can think of is this: Norway has Never been a part of the European Union, it was a founding member of Nato, Norway is a VERY important location in Europe due to its seaways and (somewhat) close friendship with Russia.

IDK the Russian government's stance on Norway, but the average Russian loves Norway, and while most Norwegians don't really like their government, we like them. Russians travel to Norway on a daily basis to buy daily goods such as diapers, foods, et cetera. Norwegians go there for cheaper tech (phones, what have you).

And thus the average joe Russian and Norwegian have become friends, so if Russia was to invade Europe that'd really rile up their general public.. Also, Russia has Nothing to gain invading Norway. Despite Norway being a NATO member and a direct neighbor to Russia, we're somewhat lucky because we cooperate a lot with the Russians and they know we, by ourselves, are not a threat with our measly 5 mil population.

We cooperate in the seas surrounding Norway and Russia's east, we drill for oil together and while "Svalbard" belongs to Norway, 13% of the people there are Russians, and guess what, they get along with the Norwegians.

So in a sense, Norway may be small and insignificant, but due to its weird (but somewhat close) relationship to Russia and its geographical location, we're too much of an asset to the EU to want to impose too many restrictions on us, not only that, but we usually follow EU laws and pay lots to the EU for benefits.

The UK on the other hand, has no real geographical value, they do not provide Europe with tons of oil like Norway, they're not a last-defense spot for any hostile nation AND (but most importantly) they are the First country to try to leave the EU, so the EU wants the process to be hard and time consuming, making other nations think twice before leaving.

I do agree that a no-brexit deal is bad, Not only for the UK, but also for Europe.

If the UK doesn't get anything positive from Europe, what incentive does the UK have to come to Europe's aid in a war or even invest in Europe's market? In my opinion the EU has proven its point making the UK struggle to leave, but they should meat half way.

Sure the UK may not be part of mainland Europe, but they're still Europeans, and I'd much rather have the average Briton looking favorable on Europe than thinking we're all a bunch of dimwits.

Europe should stick together, even if not under an EU-established system, we should treat each other as friends, family and allies. Europeans aren't that strong by themselves, but together, we're almost untouchable.

I at least hope that no matter what happens or how the outcome of this will be, it will benefit both mainland Europe and my fellow UK citizens as best as it can.

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Japanese courts are very weird to outsiders on any occasion, but I will agree that this does not happen to Japanese executives of such large companies maybe.. 8/10 times.

So yeah seems to be a race thing. Maybe not Only race, but a bid to avoid being eaten up by France's car company, which, considering that in sales Nissan eats Renault for breakfast, but then add to that a Brazilian born company leader.

What I find more amusing is that Japan owes a lot of its success on white people or westerners in general, it wouldn't been diddly squat in WW2 if it wasn't for the west forcing it open and selling them arms and teaching them how to build weapons.

Considering Japan not really having any valuable resources, its economy would also only be a fraction of what it is if it wasn't for western consumption. (Yes, I know Japan has a lot of its Best food and niceties in Asia), but expensive stuff.. Nintendo, Sony, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, check their sales and the West accounts for most of it.

Japan is a populous, rich and highly advanced country, but they still.. In the long run (especially without nuclear weapons as a deterrent) stand much of a chance against China, but the U.S is there for them, and with the U.S, arguably Europe (Nato).

So for Japan to treat people from countries who have done so much for them tells me, NO. Japanese are not superior, if anything you are INFERIOR because of your deceiving ways, seems to me the lot of us are still very stupid despite our intelligence and progresses.

France should have balled up and told Japan that if they don't give Ghosn a fair chance to defend himself, then Japan would not be welcome in Europe, that'd make Tokyo sing a different tune really freaking fast. But no, France and their White proud flag.

Also before you point me out as a "racist", I am 100% Japanese living in Europe and NO ONE here treats me like crap.

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

Only morons didn't see this coming.

Day 1 after launch: Only a helicopter carrier guise!!

Stupid people: Well okay then.

Rest of us: Wait for it..

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"South Korea has said it will discuss with Japan what to do with the balance of the fund, which stood at 16.08 billion won($14.2 million) by end-October, including Seoul's contributions."

Why not give it to the Women? That's what its for, isn't it? Both Japan and South Korea are rich as heck, can't afford to give dying women their deserved wealth so they can live their final years as queens? Nah, waste huh?

Completely ignoring the original cause. Wow.

Japan apologized in 2015, accept that.

FUN FACT: Japan apologized twice (at least) officially. Korea paid the victims their donations 0 times.

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What could possible get someone so upset that they have to Beat up another patient, an elderly man too at that?

Did he use a stool or something since he fractured the poor man's ribs? I mean, I doubt he used his bare fists, since according to most girls in polls and interviews, the birthrate is falling because Japanese men have become too feminine.

The above was a pun solely directed to this douche.

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To be fair, even if Trump is, unusual to say the least.

You got to be an equally unusual leader to honestly believe you stand a chance against the U.S.

Most wars the U.S has fought in in recent history, has also been while providing for overseas troops.

I hardly doubt any single country on this planet stands a chance against the full might of USA, and I'm not even a military loving American, but they've been pumping $500-$600 billion into their military for god knows how many years, and although salaries for some are high, that money doesn't just go under the carpet.

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Posted in: U.S. told to see sense as Mnuchin pushes for EU, China concessions See in context

I am not too into the current trade conflict, especially the one going on with Europe. I do know the European Union is very manipulative, but I am pretty sure the U.S has more of its foot in the salad in that dispute than with China.

China limits investments and all other stuff (movies screened, facebook, etc). And 'as far as I know', they require a Chinese national / company to have a certain percentage of ownership in a company for it to have full access to their market, essentially allowing them to have shares and say in a lot of American and other foreign companies.

Not to mention they've, up until now at least, had more or less free reigns on what they can buy and invest into in the U.S, while the U.S has been restricted from China.

China is very manipulative, no question about it, and I hope the U.S doesn't back down.

But the thing with Europe I just don't get, from neither side, they're as close allies as allies could be, and if the world goes to crap, I am pretty sure the first "foreigners" the Americans would seek for, are the Europeans, and vise-versa. They gotta stop f*ing with each other and sort their differences out, because this is ridiculous.

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LagunaJuly 11  08:29 am JST

Googling "average house size, US vs Europe" will bring up telling statistics. The US has a trade deficit because many there tend to overconsume; that is, it is a choice, one which could be rectified immediately if Americans simply chose to consume less - but I don't see that happening

That's not entirely true.

Norway is the size of Japan with 1/20th of its population, yet an astonishing amount here live in either apartment or one bedroom homes. Usually farmers are the only ones who've got huge properties.

Europe is thousands of years older than the U.S and obviously way more urbanized.

Small cars (us cars look like tanks), might be why the sale of huge American pickup trucks just don't catch on in Europe, same with Japan.

Not everyone has the primitive mindset that bigger is better and small is feminine. European men are also more feminine than Americans and generally more lucky with women.

Not having a Napoleon complex and adapting with time is just something the developed world does, but I'm sure USA will develop at some point as well.

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@Ganbara Japan!

Sadly people ares till primitive in 2018 and believe in fantasy figures, such as Allah and "God".

Whatever their comic books of blissful lulling stories tell them, need to be forced even upon other countries dignities.

Such is the complex human mind and that we, as a race, 80% of us are still too dimwitted to understand and grasp all aspects of life without having some prosperity and comfort to hold onto in times of uncertainty.

That is how religion was born, forced upon others, and still kept alive by the overwhelming majority of unintelligent people in 2018.

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Posted in: FamilyMart relaxes customer service rules for sake of foreign workers See in context


This is one aspect of the language that I have always disliked. Forcing overly formal speech to me comes across as overly robotic, utterly lacking in any real warm & in fact comes across cold & sterile MOST of the time.

Some simple language & a SMILE however does the trick!

To each their own, I personally just prefer an employee that pays attention. A fake smile means as little to me as their "robotic" words. I don't smile back anyway as, why?

Most Norwegian store clerks have normal facial expression, unlike I know American ones who always have those huge fake white glaring teeth in my eyes.

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for killing older sister See in context

This is why I moved to Europe.

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with a closely knitted family. But there are a lot of crazies in Japan, and altho they do exist in public too, its crimes like these that make you wonder.

Killing his own sister because she wants him to do the dishes. And Japanese men complain about foreigners taking their women, well, they don't have any other men to choose from..

I had 1 boyfriend at home before I moved, he was occasionally affectionate in public, I'll give him that. But he didn't do much to keep it going otherwise.

Japanese women aren't saints neither, especially some mothers.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

On one side, ABE did deserve to hear this. Mainly due to the way even hardworking Koreans are treated in Japan to this day.

On the other, he's a bit off with Europe. Sure Europe has a lot of immigrants, but even if you exclude Russia, Europe is almost twice the size of the U.S in population and remains 90-93% white to this day.

Europe's problems aren't immigrants, nor "muslims" per se;

We've got a ton of Asians here who work really hard and assimilate, we also have native muslims in Bosnia whom you never see any hatred for.

The issue is the huge amount of recent arrivals that are forced upon a small amount of nations, and the overwhelming amount of these new arrivals (90-95%) are of muslim faith, which does bring a huge strain on integration, thus leading to conflict.

Europe as a whole is a lot more welcoming than the U.S. There isn't a single "anti black" or "anti asian" party in Europe that I know of. Because, we don't have the issue with them. Its the religion, and the huge influx, that causes the issue.

Europeans have dealt with both world wars on its soil, and the last thing they want is terrorism, and more uncertainty, and definitely not another war (or a civil war for that matter).

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Posted in: U.S. expects Japan to play significant role in N Korea economic aid: Hagerty See in context

No doubt Kim wants to remain the supreme leader. While also keeping a status to his country similar to that King Bhumibol held to Thailand.

Kim doesn't have to force worship though, his citizens may be brainwashed, but they're not Stupid. If he becomes the reason for North Korea to open trade and allow his citizens to prosper, they will have endless gratitude for that.

Kim has done a lot of crap, but he didn't start the state North Korea is in, in fact, after his rocky start (which may have been to claim his leadership internally), he's increasingly done more than any of his ancestors did during their reign. He's met with South Korean President, US President, traveled to Singapore and really put an effort in.

Let's hope he doesn't stop now. Keep going Kim while you're on a role. The horrid things you've done (your brother) won't be forgotten, but, if you pull 25 million people out of misery, You'll sure as heck done your part to making right.

Yes Japan, South Korea and China will definitely need to help getting NK on its feet, but realistically. North Korea couldn't have been placed better. Its placed between two economical powerhouses (China, South Korea): And its Southern neighbor, despite their rivalry, does have somewhat a soft heart, at least for the North's citizens, they're brothers after all. Truly the same people.

I hope for prosperity for the North Korean people, even if they don't reunify with Seoul anytime soon.

Heck, Trump was even labeled "supreme leader" of his country on NK national TV. Even if many disagree if Trump is worth of such a title, that's the highest praise a U.S president has ever been given, ever, in NK.

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Posted in: Gov't to step up efforts to tackle child abuse after death of 5-year-old girl See in context

Her mom and stepfather should be executed on the day, 1 hour trial, no waste of money.

Tell them in advance and throw them in a dark room where they can wait in agony for their worst "personal" nightmare.

Send a strong message to those other half assed, lazy, too proud and dumb to ask for help parents in our country.

You kill your child, we kill you.

Its harsh, but NOTHING else has worked.

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@Do the hustle

Wow! That shows how little you know. You cannot buy a video game or DVD, rent it out or play it publicly without the consent of the maker. Have you ever read the warning at the start of a DVD or video game? I’m pretty sure you haven’t.

Thing is, outside of Japan, USA, UK (USA jr), no one really cares.

At least not in Northern Europe, Italy, Eastern Europe and most of Asia. (Japan being the "main" exception).

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Posted in: Abe pledges zero tolerance on sexual harassment See in context

If ABE meant business he'd set an example and bury that bureaucrat under the prison, that'd make the others think twice. Until he does that, its just words and nothing more.

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Posted in: Canadian man goes to court alleging paternity harassment See in context

Kind of ironic that it is a white man that did this. And just like in Europe/America, goes to the news for 'support'.

I'm not saying what he did was wrong, but, I don't know what he was expecting, having lived in Japan for 30 years he should be aware that this could go both ways, earn support, but also, make it harder for him to find a job in the future out of fear he'd be a "burden".

I commend him for his effort thought, and while Japanese men (yes, men. I assure you us Japanese women't don't want to be groped men whom are more female than us, nor do we like to be told "don't get pregnant"), while Japanese men are the main root of Japan's issues, they can just continue go about their ways, but their international image will just continue to tarnish itself.

Japan wants respect, it wants to be included and it want's to evolve and remain a force to be reckoned with in Asia.

But unless they get their head out of their asses, they will remain no more than an embarrassment in the 21st century and they will eventually, with time, dwindle into obscurity being surpassed economically and potentially, even militarily by Korea, Indonesia, and others.

Shame really. To think Japanese are so smart yet so short sighted.

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