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@YongYang: i'm calm, don't worry. maybe you should know that the total sum paid by Japan for U.S. military bases in Japan reaches 7 billion dollars in 2011. 7'000'000'000 USD. OK? what the US supported to Japan was the minimum they had to do. and second, sorry i said wrong, since Toshiba has overtaken Westinghouse, Japan is the world second biggest builder of nuclear power plants. not the second biggest user of nuclear energy. Japanese are just human, however unique in the world is, over several centuries the japanese have been sensitized to such natural disasters and they are handling this situation as good as possible. if there was help from outside of Japan, japanese government would not hesitate to accept help.

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WTF, this is ridiculous. A year on and no semblance there was any contingency planning (plan A, plan B Plan C) no modelling, no scenario formulations, etc. WTF, is this amateur hour or something? I wouldn't expect them to have a solution the week or month after, but a year out and still look like a one legged man putting out a brushfire. That's serious disaster mismanagement. It's the worst kind of incompetence. It's not treason, but it should be.

Do you know how to manage the situation?? Why don't you write a mail to TEPCO or the japanese govrnment and tell them what they should do. Because they're just waiting and playing cards together.

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When will the J-government realize this is out of control and beyond their abilities. Is it not time to call in for international help?? Where is Captain America???

America?? WTF will the americans do what the japanese can't? you might not know, Japan is the world second biggest nuclear power producer, they don't need to be teached from america how they solve this problem. no one in the world had ever such a case before and for those who don't know, since the beginning of the disaster Hitachi and Toshiba were supporting Tepco. The comments here in this forum are so naiv, if you really just thought about all the politicians living with their familys in Tokyo, if you were just a little bit more intelligent, could it not be that especially these people who decide about Japan have biggest interest to make the very best to save their country? do you believe they would not care if their familys life were in danger? if Japan can't solve the problem, no one can do it. 90% of foreigners living in Japan just don't understand about the way Japan is handling this situation, and those people will never understand japanese's mentality. be thankfull such a tradegy does not happen in the usa, otherwise tousends of people there would have been killed because of panic, chaos and disorder.

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