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Posted in: For those of you who work for Japanese companies, what are some of the best or worst things about it? See in context

Best: Everything seems nice Worst: Everything "seems" nice.

You're gonna hate my comment, cause it's highly offensive, even if I don't really mean to be. Yes it's all tidy, it's all pitch perfect smiles with excellent verbal usage with the kindest ethics, bowing your heads like bobbers off a boat. And clients come with the simplest problems or bragging that doesn't matter. But ask for a raise, health coverage, or perhaps a computer that works; maybe an update on the old windows system that keeps breaking down? Oh maybe a firewall application to keep the virus out. Or perhaps a headsup week in advance that they're shaving my hours in half, and that there's no raise after 3 months training, and that your boss is leaving and the company provides no visa's for your co-workers. Co-workers; maybe some team playing for once? Not "I can do this stop helping me" type of bullshit. We're in this together! and I'm not arguing when I give an opinion, but giving an option! Just because your older, and experienced doesn't mean you can do everything! Your can't even pronounce their own "Rice" correctly! . proud to not be a Japanese, getting tied down in a crappy system that'll anker you to the bottom of the Japan sea. If you love Japan, go to Kyoto, eat your sushi, find a cute Japanese girl, show her the world, have lots of half Japanese babies who will growup to be great citizens outside Japan. Just don't live in the Japanese system. It's safe, but goes no where; it's a ship at dock waiting for a Tsunami. The economy, the population, the safety of the country, it's all going south and everyone knows it; they know it, and nothing changes. I don't mean to be offensive, but it's the damn truth. Some people like me live in denial of it, tolerated the school system, tolerating the pathetic work system. It's just surviving the quakes, and making dumb ideas like cellphones a huge deal. I was surprised when I worked in a Canadian company for once and they made sure I got health coverage and good pay, asked for problems upfront. Sure, work is work everywhere, but know what excels your life the best. I don't believe Japanese culture is positive in with human growth. It's just hammering down nails that stick up. It's a generous disciplined culture but it sure takes pride in that 'island' mentality. Somehow I got influenced in it one way or another cause i keep applying for Japanese companies in North America and I get no satisfaction, cause it's just the same anywhere. Have a great day.

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